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Hello did you get to the asthma clinic on time? yes mum! get the doctor to show you how to
use your inhaler oh I think it’s my turn now One Two Three Four Five Inhalers are important, Let me tell you why Whether you’re a nurse or doctor, especially a patient Inhalers save lives
So pay attention! Reliever work when you’re out of breath After exercise cold weather or times of stress But they alone don’t keep asthma stable You need a preventer which has a different coloured label. So if you wheeze in the day
Or cough at night Check with your asthma nurse that your routine is right But for an efficient technique when you pump it Let’s the music and the trumpet- A Little bit of shaking and breathe out Place between your lips, finger and thumb, Now breathe in, push down after you do Inhale slowly all the way through Once you’re done inhaling, then hold your breath around ten seconds and then rest if you’re supposed to have another puff then repeat all of the above take your inhaler out and shake it up
and down take the cap off the front and remember to breathe out Make a good seal and gently breathe in Push down complete the breath, and count to ten! Take a puff once, or take a puff twice- But if it looks like this, then you’re doing it right! One Two Three Four Five, everybody in the house……

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