Daniel and Depression

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100 thoughts on “Daniel and Depression

  1. Literally the earliest time I went to sleep in a month was 12. The night before that I stayed up until 8 am. 🙂 I was wide awake the whole time

  2. My aunt told me I have no reason to be depressed because there are people sleeping on the streets and I live in a house🙃 She later told my mom that it’s her fault for raising me wrong…

  3. I don't really know what's wrong with me, but I finally told my mom and she said that she's putting me in counseling or something when she gets back from her trip. She thinks it might be my anxiety causing it, which is ALSO doing weird things to my breathing along with my acid reflux sooooooo…. Yay

  4. It's so nice but heartbreaking how can Dan talk about something sad and at the same time make jokes about it 😢

  5. I have voices in my head and it absolutely SUCKS and not the normal voices that a person has in their head. Like the kind that tell me to kill my self

  6. I understand and I watch this video when I'm in a depression wave, it helps with the anxiety. Like dan says depression frains your energy anxiety make you feel bad when you dont do things. Your feeling contradict each other and you fell worse about yourself but your videos help me forget temporarily so stay strong and I will try too.

  7. You're strangely really charismatic.
    I might also suffer from mild depression every year around June-July

  8. this is kinda weird, but I thought id share. So I have generalized anxiety disorder and persistent depressive disorder and yes it is diagnosed by a psychologist. (my anxiety is way more severe than my depression is but I've been depressed longer) I created a persona for my anxiety and made friends with him. Basically, I talk to myself in my head and work out why I am literally dying and I'm still trying to understand my depression too, so I think it helps a lot by understanding the ups and downs of your mental health. Anxiety has kept our species alive since the beginning of time and makes us aware of potentially dangerous situations and people as a powerful instinct. Depression makes you more open-minded and more understanding of others feelings and health and for me more empathic. You really tend to think of others feelings and overall can better yourself by helping others while working out your own. Plus, helping others and know you made a positive difference in their life can help ease the self-deprecating thoughts and anxiety to me. So i hope this helped somebody and thanks for reading this to the end and have a nice life

  9. The part that I hate about my mental health struggle is, not only how it affects my life, but how it holds me to some sort of standard of behavior in the eyes of others. When I'm feeling genuinely good, people who know about my disorder are suddenly on the offensive; questioning my truthfulness about my own feelings as if I use it to my advantage somehow. And then I'm thrown back into that dark and anxious headspace and panic slightly because I still need their support to stay afloat in the muddy waters of my mind.

    My advice for anyone else in this situation is to let go of the people that make you feel this way. If they won't take the time to understand your illness and lack the compassion to see your illness as a burden to you and not themselves, then you absolutely do not need them.

  10. Why do I feel that Phil sees you lying on the floor will sit there with you, I mean one really good friend of mine gets depressed I do that, and pat him in the head

  11. That movie on Netflix I’ve been wanting to watch for literal months:

    Me: I wanna watch Dan’s video about depression for the fourth time this week instead

    The movie: *surprised pikachu

  12. I would say that I don't have clinical depression but if I'm too stressed, anxious or if everything gets too much. I have mental/emotional breakdowns or depressive episodes. I found by venting to my friends these breakdowns lessen but if bullying gets really bad or I can't deal with how I feel there is nothing I can do.

  13. what if even after exercising I still feel depressed. I do gymnastics almost everyday and during gymnastics I feel sort of better, but it usually doesn't last for more than an hour.

  14. At the time I saw this video, I enjoyed it but I didn’t connect it back to me directly and strongly. Not in the sense that I fully saw myself in this, or thought I deserved to see myself in it. I didn’t think I was depressed because I didn’t cry, and I didn’t think I needed medication because I didn’t cry. Because I could get up and do things functionally, and because I had friends, and because I laughed and smiled genuinely at times. But after I left the toxic household I lived in, and started living in community residences, my life got more hectic and I started facing ideas and feelings that I buried before to cope. I’ve considered depression a few times this year, a few of my friends are depressed and have helped see it in a more accurate light, but not until recently, this month, did I consider genuinely asking for help and possibly asking medication for it. And I sought this video out for comfort and only now, do I really connect to the experience you expressed. And I know depression is different for everyone but. Idk. I’ve always seen clinical depression as something fixed that I had to fit all the criteria’s to be considered as so. My self-hatred kept me from wanting to seek anymore help beyond what I thought I deserved, and it twisted ideas like depression to that. At least, that’s my theory. And the last thing I want to do is do this for attention seeking or to put myself in a mindset that medication will make me work on my studies. I know it doesn’t work like that. So seeing you express your experience and see it out of the box I created for depression, and having me relating to that experience heavily… you can imagine how it sort of clicked in my head. These last few days had a few realizations scattered through them and this is one of them. This is probably a nonsensical comment, but still, I want to thank you for putting this out there for people like me to seek out when lost and confused. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me from here, but I do think you helped in confirming things I have been suspicious about for a while. I’m grateful for your existence. I won’t forget you. Thank you.

  15. almost two years ago i was trying to find a way on how to tell my parents that i felt awful all the time and that I thought it might be depression(during this time I was also suicidal).
    a few weeks later dan posted this video and it made me cry because this was exactly how I felt, so I showed it to my parents and they told me they were going to do everything they could.
    now i go to therapy once a week and am on meds(it's been 3 months i think?) and things are so much better…🖤
    I still self harm and might not be in the best place, but it's definitely better and I am so thankful for Dan for speaking up about his mental health, giving me the courage to open up and ask for help.

  16. My two biggest problems (depression and anxiety) are passed on by my genetics on both sides mom and dad so there's no way out it sucks

  17. dan: phil can you throw popcorn on my head and tell me to extend my spine
    phil: ……why?…….
    dan: a video
    phil:………… uhm ok?….

  18. "And getting a good sleep everyday."
    Me: *Glances to clock.*
    Me, tears in my eyes: bUT iT's ALrEADy fiVE aM!!!1!!1!1!1!!

    Edit: Fun fact – it is 5am and, no, I haven't slept at all in the last two days. Send help please.

  19. Thank you so much for this. Although I do not have depression myself, I do have a really bad anxiety disorder. Your videos help me so much,. Whenever I start to feel spacey or anxious, I watch one of yours or Phil’s videos on full volume, and soon, my anxiety usually melts away.

    I’m so glad that someone I’ve looked up to for years is now such a huge mental health advocate. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Now after your latest video, I’m so grateful that you are also an advocate for LGBT youth.

    I’m so glad that you pulled through your depression and are receiving help for it. You’ve given me so much courage. Because of this, I told my friends about my anxiety and self harm.

    Thanks for being there for me (indirectly) for years


  20. Thank you so much for this video, Dan. If anyone needs to talk about anything but are too scared to or can’t, I can talk about it with you. You’re never alone, and there’s always hope.

  21. Thank you for putting it all in words. I've honestly used this video to explain what depression is like to people around me several times.

  22. I'm not depressed. I'm DEPRESSING. there is a BIG difference.
    Depressing: that one person that says that one thing that makes you feel horrible all day. Ex: "hey! I've been thinking… When people say " fight your demons" are there invisible demons surround you? Like if your sad, all the time and everything's black its all invisible."

  23. Weird how basic self care can become so difficult. There are times I haven’t showered for weeks, sometimes you really have to force yourself.

  24. For me personally its like i am out of reality, drowning and feeling that if i dont do anything i will go crazy but i dont have any energy. And i constantly feel like i am overreacting about it when u share it. Your video helps a lot i had a completely negative opinion on therapists and medicine about depression but now i will give it a second chance. Do u have any advice on how to get better and how to deal with it when your parents doesn't know about it??

  25. I love the description -and how I rode the pizza wave out of the hole. 🤣🤣🤣
    Also: you had a really bad childhood, I'm glad you're going better

  26. How is it still possible that dan has no idea all the people he's helped and the lives he's saved? Look at these comments! Also this video made me laugh so much thank you dan your amazing we love you and accept you

  27. who else sees dan in your recommend and freak out because you think it’s a new video?!! plz tell me I’m not the only one

  28. When you said the word "exercise" and I started thinking about it my eyes started tearing up. I guess exercise doesn't make everyone happy.

  29. The best thing for me is music. I recommend listening to Daughter♥️ How, Youth and Medicine are 👌🏼

  30. When he was talking about being a night owl staying up until 3am watching memes i was shook…. it turned 3am exactly when he said that…

  31. I got diagnosed yesterday , I realated for this for a while and now hearing it and knowing I actually have it make me realize I'm okay and it's okay to not be okay

  32. This video has been so helpful for me. I always feel like I’m “not depressed enough” or like I don’t deserve therapy because I’m not suicidal. Hearing you describe your experience and relating to it on a… very extreme level… made me feel so much better 🙂

  33. Thank you for sharing your experiences. As someone with clinical depression and anxiety, it is a balm to hear about similar experiences from others.

  34. 4:58 THIS!!! it doesn’t have to reach a certain degree before you are allowed to seek for help! it still holds you back in life even when you are „fine“

  35. This video, helped me come to terms with my own depression and I wanted to say thank you. If it wasn’t for this video I wouldn’t have seeked the help i needed

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