Day in the Life of a DOCTOR: DEADLY ALLERGY

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Since childhood, I’ve always been a planner Organizing my days to be efficient and practical But as a doctor, your time isn’t your own and it can feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions phone calls, notes, medical emergencies, anaphylaxis, a code blue. Walking into the hospital in the morning, you have no idea what’s coming. Morning guys, I’m Siobhan, a second-year medical resident. I just got to the hospital. It’s actually a couple minutes after 7:00 so I’m kind of running a little late gotta hurry and um, I’m just meeting up with my staff physician and we’re going to be seeing the new patients that came into the emergency department overnight and get to know them. [violin music] In the morning, the resident or medical student who was on call last night tells the attending physician all about the patient they admitted, including their diagnosis and then their plan. This is the moment that a lot of us get feedback and teaching and as a medical student I actually found it nerve-wracking, but now this is an opportunity that I really value Ok, so it’s just about 8:00. Why don’t we just go and grab some coffee before we go to teaching? [Grace] That sounds great Ok, it’s my treat because you’ve done such an amazing job. Grace actually came in early to do a consult She’s an elective student. She’s – yeah. She’s doing an awesome job. It’s great to have her here [Grace] Thank you. Ok need sustenance Alright got a coffee or tea You got your coffee [Grace] Coffee! Perfect. Teaching time. This morning we did simulated scenarios focused on how to manage common emergencies we see in the hospital So now, it’s time to meet up with the poor exhausted resident who was on call overnight and hear about any issues that came up with their patients so that we can follow up with them during the day. Oh hey guys are you guys printing the lists? Yeah. Awesome. Ok, perfect. Hey um, how is the night? Oh, it’s pretty busy. Yeah, how many consults? Five. 5 consults seriously. Oh my gosh. How many do – you had to do 5 yourself? Yeah Shoot Ok, the team had like 20 Oh my gosh Something like that, yeah. You guys had a busy night. Yep Ok we’ll get a handover from you soon. so that you can head on home and get some rest. Yeah, I would appreciate that very much. [laughter] Next I assigned each medical student and resident specific patients to see and I always like to emphasize which patients actually need to be seen first So whether they’re the sickest or they’re actually doing well and they’re getting ready for discharge. So we’ve got two patients downstairs who are ready to go home One of them had a heart attack had a stent placed to open up their blood vessel And now was doing really well, ready to go home The other one came in confused and we’ve sort of fixed the underlying cause which were some electrolyte abnormalities because of a medication So I’m going to go downstairs to meet Jennifer, one of our excellent medical students, and she’s getting things set up So I’ll help go through it with her and sign off on the paperwork that she’s done [pager beeping] I got paged about a patient with a new rash. When I arrived to see her, she told me that her chest was feeling a bit tight and then talking to her nurse, I found out she was just receiving her first dose of an IV antibiotic. So we checked her vitals and luckily they were all normal but on physical exam I found her lungs were wheezy, and she had no history of asthma or lung disease, so it shouldn’t sound like that. I’m really concerned she’s having an allergic reaction to the medication. So immediately we stopped the antibiotic and we even took out the IV that it was running into Then we gave her some epinephrine (just like an EpiPen) and we gave her some benadryl and Bernadine and a steroid called solu-medrol. Then I ordered some bloodwork to rule out anything else that could be causing this. I was so relieved when her symptoms started to quickly resolve and her lungs no longer sounded wheezy. Okay, so the situation is resolved But I do want to call family and just update them and let them know what happened and that, um You know the patient is safe and okay, but I’m sure they’d like to see the family Okay, great. Okay. We’ll see you soon Okay, so um really lovely family so they’ve been updated Um, I’ve also got a text my um, my staff physician so that they’re way aware of what happened Um, I make sure that the chart- they know this is an allergy or what were thinking is an allergy and Um, I’m actually gonna move this patients to an obs bed, meaning an observation bed So they’re on closer surveillance and just make sure, um, that their breathing is okay moving forward and we can have attention very quickly if anything happens. So guys I really really want to stress how incredibly important it is to take allergies seriously So I actually grew up with a deathly allergy to milk products and I was fortunate enough that I grew out of it Um, but I used to carry around Epi-pens, but I never wanted to and I parents had to get on me so I just want to say if you have an allergy it is so important to carry it and If you need to use it you use it and you don’t carry around ones that are expired. All of this is critical so Um, yeah, I- I really can’t stress it enough especially when you see someone as sick as this patient was So I just finished up lunch and noon-hour teaching and now I’m heading down to the I guess health and wellness center here and the reason is because I need to get a TB screening test done Um, basically, I have to go on away electives, meaning I go to a different university, a different hospital and I do an elective in an area that I think I may want to pursue a subspecialty in and so I’m gonna be doing rheumatology at a different hospital and they require the TB screen testing So maybe I can show you guys what that’s like. I dunno, have any of you guys had one of those done before? The TB skin test is an intradermal injection So fluid with some purified protein from the bacteria is injected under the skin and it actually raises up like a wheel Then you come back in two to three days to have it read as positive or negative But the good news is that TB is actually curable So the important thing is just finding it if you’re positive so that you can get treatment. [pager beeping] [footsteps] Okay, so just finished up with that code blue Um, turned out it was a patient who was having a seizure So we gave, um, a fair a bit of Ativan stopped the seizure and then sent off a bunch of blood work just to make sure we know the cause. I think in the end this actually, um, was probably due to alcohol withdrawal Um, but we’re gonna just do a full workup or actually the- the team looking after this patient is gonna do a full workup because I was just there, um as sort of the- the code blue, uh, captain, uh, today Um, yeah. So anyway, I guess I get to just go on with my day seeing our patients at this point. Heading to meet the team now to review all the patients that everyone saw during the day I’ve seen most of them so I’ll have my opinion we can see if there are teaching points or, um If we all have the same opinion, I don’t know, that usually doesn’t happen [laughter] It’s almost 6 p.m. I’m having a little bit of a snack I’m on bridge so that I’m bridging the day and the night which means I now have to go down to the emergency department into a consult before I can go home so off I go Just finished the day ended up being actually a pretty simple consult patient came in with a really really high blood pressure and high sugars because Um, the patient had stopped taking their medication for the past year. And so, um we just need to get started back on them so Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos like this. Check out these videos if you want to see more in the hospital on call Um, and otherwise, I’ll be chatting with you guys next week. So bye for now

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  39. Hi Violin Doctor:

    be careful when you shoot the video inside the hospital because it may violate the HIPPA and your hospital social media policy the lead you to loose your job and your MD license even your career!

    And it is NOT acceptable to hold the camera when you run to a code blue or share your shift report and your patient information in front of the camera and post on YouTube ! In addition to violating HIPPA, holding a camera will distract you from your patients and your clinical tasks! Remember: you are a Doctor facing the vulnerable lives but the actress facing the eye-grabbing cameras!

    Meanwhile, You put yourself, your patients, your co- workers, your leaderships as well as your hospital in a vulnerable position by shooting and publishing the real world videos! They suppose to stop this violating behavior right away as our patient advocates! As a professional Doctor, You need to focus on your patients but the camera during your work ! These sharing probably make a lot fun for your audiences but NO FUN at all for a medial professional and any Heath organizations !! !

    As a professional RN with 22years clinical experiences and patient advocate, I urge you to delete all your work related videos ASAP and stop violating our patient rights by shooting videos during your work! I will keep checking your channel and make official report to your licenses board as well as YouTube media platform if you won’t take my advices seriously ! 09/13/2019 5:44pm

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