Day In The Life Of A Mom Of 5 Kids!

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I am able to bring to a casual day of the
life so you can see a peek into our day and I want to thank LG for sponsoring
today’s video I can help my own frustrations is what our morning looks like fun stuff
we’ve had a really successful day two good grades some little baby
mistakes super proud of the girls for just hard work their grades in math have
continually just increased and gotten better if you guys want to see a home
school with me I’m gonna link my like this one down in the comments below in
case you guys want to check that out so we’re gonna finish Language Arts we’re just about to do lunch but I
wanted to show you the new barstools we have so it makes the kitchen looks so
cool I really like this oh I’m in love with it we just cut down a bunch I’m gonna go
ahead and get started on laundry this week has been such a challenge we’ve had
a lot of kiddos that are really sick on the weekend so I’m so behind on laundry
and also I have tons of things that I just want to like disinfect and kind of
get all of the germs gone like I said I do not know where it came from but we
have being worse stomach bug and I’m glad that everyone’s feeling for the
most part pretty good I’m a little still a little congested but I want to go
ahead and get caught up on laundry because normally I do my laundry
on Saturday and Sunday and with everyone being sick I didn’t get to do my typical
routine for laundry and so I might have to do a couple extra loads but let me
take you in here and I showed you guys in my laundry routine I’m gonna link it
down below if you haven’t seen it but we did a laundry makeover and turn it into
the ultimate laundry makeover it looks so good
if you haven’t seen it let me let me show you what I’m talking about so this
is the LG styler you guys might have seen it in my last video this is so
amazing and one thing I’m loving about it
I’m gonna go ahead this is jeans shirt that we just used it for I may go ahead
and put that up there and honestly I have a bunch of toys that need to get
disinfected that probably plays with all of the time cheers to these I’m pretty sure what he
even got a little bit of puke on him but he is all clean now and I wasn’t about
to get extra clean another really cool thing is they have this creasing area
for your pants you can actually press your pants in there and they will make
sure that their crease and wrinkle free before you go which i think is amazing
you don’t even need an iron I’m gonna go ahead and disinfect these bad boys I
love it because it like refreshes clothes and kind of get the wrinkles out
and makes them look super ready to go kind of looks like they just came back
from the dry cleaner but one thing I really like is they do tons of fabrics I
think they I think you can cover over 15 fabrics like denim sequins will you name
it and this has got you covered and then these are my new washer and
dryer and it’s been good a nice like I said laundry has been so badly
it’s been a really backed up but I have been loving the washer and dryer one
because I’ve been high I’ve had it for quite a while now but one of the reasons
why I love it the most is it has such a big barrel and every single time on my
phone it’ll let me know I can let me know via Alexa and go hey Alexa how many
minutes do I have left on my watch or how many minutes do I’ve left on my
dryer and if I’m on my phone upstairs it’ll say hey your watch I just ended
the cycle so I know to come down and refresh it so that it doesn’t get nasty
and moldy because that’s something that happens to me quite a bit or it did
before I got these items as I think I forgot about the wash and then it kind
of just lets me know because it has a lot of smart features like I said I
mentioned all this stuff in my last video but that one smart feature has
been amazing because it just lets me know hey your watch just and neuter your
dryer just ended because I really like to get the clothes out of the dryer
before it gets too messed up because I like I’m super fresh one of the other
things that they have is a rain and snow cycle so if you go outside and you get
snowed on or you get rained on and you want to go freshen up your piece you can
just push this in the rain and snow and it can freshen up any of your garments
or outside wear which is really cool because I know that season it’s just
around the corner one thing that is really amazing about the washer is it is
certified asthma and allergy friendly which is so amazing LG is like the first
ever to have this distinct gym I have horrible allergies and so do two of my
kiddos like we are just an allergy mess if you know which kids I’m talking about
comment down below so I can see if you’re right or wrong it is powered by
LG’s direct drive motor and six motion technology cold wash is ideal for most
clothing settings so that’s kind of what I’ve been doing one of the best things
about the washing machine is it has a load sensing technology which is just
the water levels and wash times so that you don’t have to wash as long if you
have less clothes or something like that it’s able to sense all of those things
to make sure your clothes are extra clean and it also has that for the dryer
too which has been a really nice feature so if for some reason you put it in the
wrong setting in it senses the clothes aren’t properly dry it’ll actually
readjust and fix for you so one of the things I love
about the dryer is you can open it like this or if you want to make things a
little bit easier they have an easy load door for dual up spinning options to
make things a little bit easier like if you’re just wanting to grab it as
quickly as possible you can go ahead and do that all you have to do when you want
to do it there’s like a little button right there
just push down on that and boom I love that feature for me the laundry room
never really did much for me because it was a place where I had to go do some
chores and it wasn’t something that I always got pumped up about but lately I
feel like this is like the ultimate laundry room if I’m gonna do as much
laundry as I do let’s at least make it fun JJ I just came up here and made a book
for me I am really proud of her like I know the spelling is not correct
on everything but for JJ this is really really impressive I’m blown away I don’t
think it’s the cutest thing ever oh we got a pen we actually got two of
them I think I’m only gonna need one I’m trying to use a darker pin so that I
know that this is the Halloween stuff and then I have red and green for
Christmas I got that tip for my girlfriend brie
actually but I need to put all of those things and the bin so that I can get
ready for the holidays so let’s do this okay I got a good workout in let me have
a real mom moment with you for a minute things just aren’t the same after you’ve
had birth for babies um even if I ever really compressed sports bra like my
lady bits just like fly around like bubblegum it’s just a thing that
happened some women probably have like the most amazing elasticity so the
workouts choked up but I’m like I need it duct tape these suckers down not
because they’re so big and so amazing and so voluptuous but because literally
we have a bubble gum situation going on and it’s like there’s bubble gum for one
you see what are you keep in here good for you man
don’t let anybody steal that money is there anything in there what you’ve got
no money do you keep all your money in the bank no in your wallet you’re rich
man I wish I had some monies oh I like this car revs maybe the hell it’s really
cool oh really that is so cool well you got some stickers look at that
for when you go on an airplane I was so proud about the last time you want an
airplane to go to Texas he was the first one to bust out his headphones like he
packed for the trip I was like okay cool I’m glad he packed and I was really I
never even looked in his bag and I was so surprised like he knew exactly what
to pack you were just like dad you’re awesome high five
James is honestly one of the best Packers in the entire house like his
natural instinct is to be like a prepper like I think it would be a doomsday
prepper and do so well at it but that’s just like its natural personality and
for me I’m super I don’t know if we’re gonna use the word lazy or if we’re
gonna use the word hippie but I’m just like real chill
League bring a couple things that I’m thinking of but I’m not gonna like sit
and write like 10 lists you know I mean keep a real simple if I got what I got
it don’t and if I don’t have what I need I’ll just improvise like I’m not a big
stressor I really worry so that’s kind of my way of doing things but I’m really
glad that I married James for a million reasons but one of the big reasons is
like he always does knows or has whatever I lack in life if that makes
sense maybe it really is just because I’m a little bit lazier our every natan
struggle is what we need to do like hellofresh or something to get it a
little more organized girls quit fighting I think maybe post me and stew
being honest with you is your ally let me see oh we all feel better let me kiss
that mmm Hey how was therapy mwah um how was therapy is it good yeah it was oh
you wanna eat you’re hungry okay what do you want to eat do you want noodles or
do want a smoothie what do you why yeah you don’t know you
want chicken yeah or salad candy good jobs Huxley’s favorite thing to do is watch
simple songs for kids so he’s getting a few minutes to watch his Jam before
dinner do hango see google alright now I’m
gonna find everybody go ahead there’s the one thing we tried to do in the
evening let’s get the kids to play I see they love it you go ahead yeah go get
the girls you all water you don’t want to go play go play no you don’t want to
what do you even do yeah you’re really ready to eat not a smoothie but we’re
gonna have a pizza amazing so sound good good show me good yeah oh
can you say okay hey say okay mama yeah the girls are hiding right now
usually when the girls hide it gives me like three minutes to get someone who
put away may sound really bad thing that’s usually what I do it for three
minutes I like hurry up and do something for three minutes really quick clean up
something really quick and then go wait water doing huh no it’s fine these
regrets messy closet nope anything over here
where are you no dad and a baby definitely not under
the couch because that’s where all the spiders are okay I know we’re there
there’s always somebody in here let’s check Oh mom is wrong hiding spot
but you know oh my gosh tricky I would have never looked under there great job
thanks for the help Roca I’m sorry I must have been your toe
Katie Torico vezh you do I need a little help yeah thank goodness is she you
gotta put our backs under I’m sorry hon let me close these curtains I’m grateful
I’m grateful she helps me though okay one two three there you go I think we got a sneak peek
of what they were doing we cheated a little but pizzas gonna be here coming
sat on a good round i hide-and-go-seek you want a drink or water okay I
understand thanks for letting me know I’m so proud
of him guys he’s like definitely starting to communicate his needs more
than ever there’s been several times he’ll look at
me and go it’s my turn or he’ll just tell me no he’s been saying no quite a
bit and like there’s times I’m like no we’re doing this but at the same time I
have to remember but that’s really typical for even ohok says for
developmentally he’s like a little bit older than like to a two-year-old says
no quite a bit you know the no-face so I feel like keeps going in that phase with
sign language so I have to honor the no to a degree but also still parent if
that makes sense what do you think yeah huge mom fail I ordered paste postman’s
last time I got my hair done because I was in the chair for too long so I
ordered lunch so I ordered pizza to a salon that is closed so we told the guy
we’re like you know what I just have a pizza on us man I’m really sorry for the
mistake we still are kind of craving pizza so we figured why not have a
little pizza night when I was a kid we used to go to this place it’s called
Enriquez I always mix them up Enrico’s and our icon does its Enrico’s in dublin
ohio and we’re gonna go there it’s a really small mom-and-pop place order a
couple pizzas enjoy a drink calm down we’re gonna go there have a Pizza calm
down Jim is so frustrated cuz he has work to do tonight I still have some
laundry to do I want to tidy up the house but he’s like I’m so frustrated
with you but you know what this stuff happens and I think it was supposed to
happen because we were supposed to go out as a family and kind of step back
and take a minute and I think hug so appreciate that because he loves going
to restaurants the only thing is it’s really tricky to go to restaurants when
onyx is so little tell you when I was a little girl my mommy and daddy is to
take me here all the time yes to have pizza it’s the same exact place all of
the time this was our Friday night all the time even though it’s not Friday
tonight I still thought it would be kind of special so these people remember my
mommy and daddy quite a bit you come in you need some help
teddy bear teddy ruxpin oh this is a big jump be careful mommy get you go ahead
Teddy Teddy number two the two little Teddy’s this just brings back so many
memories the smell of this place just reminds me at home Thank You Koba and
the owners are authentic Italian owners so best Italian salad ever it is so
delicious I don’t know wine and some pepperoni
pizza and some cheesy bread looks good and you got juice as a good cover
jayjay Radney as a good thick wine our next me just gonna observe licking his
chops waiting for the day taxi hey so good oh my gosh he is smiling so
much because he never gets juice and it’s his favorite thing in the whole
entire get easy that smile oh wow excuse me excuse me
that’s my button don’t touch it no no no no no no no no oh my god is so yeah why
are you the cutest thing at home well quit the restaurant onyx has been losing
it he’s been really tired and really fussy and last night he was super super
fuzzy he finally nursing all he wants me to do is sit here nurse with him and
just play with it the girls are working on their homework right now the boys are
laying in their bed probably not sleeping yeah that’s a good day it was a
good day I didn’t get as much fun as I wanted because I’ve noticed the more
kids you have the less you can actually get done because you’re tending to each
and every child but it was a good day there wasn’t any big meltdowns no
Tantrums which was awesome no big Fitz I mean yeah overall it was a really good
day so I’m grateful for that and thank you guys so much for watching I love you
so much and I love the people that make it to the end of the video they are some
of my favorites so I love you guys and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day
and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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