Dear to Me Knits Podcast- Ep. 18: BaBam!!

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Hi! Welcome to another episode of the
Dear to Me Knits Podcast. My name is Dearani. You can find me pretty much
everywhere online as deartomeknits and we have a “wavelwy?” *Ravelry* group called the Dear to Me Knits Podcast and
yeah… I am super out of practice so if you are watching for the first time, this
might seem like a really crappy episode, I’m really sorry!
I’m normally with it I’m just ever so slightly more but um I did
take a break *cough* excuse me. Um.. There has been a lot of discussion lately in the fibre
community, fiber arts community surrounding racism and other forms of
discrimination against different… different people of diversity and so I
took a step back briefly to allow those voices to to come to the forefront and
not try and take away from the discussion that needed to be had. And so
I I feel like it might be a little soon to hop back into this, but I’ve had a lot
of people ask me um… when I was going to start recording again, so I decided to to
record an episode today! So um it is Tuesday the fourth of February I think? I
know the eighth is Friday because it’s my birthday! Um, I’ll be 31 years old. Um,
but anyway, um yeah… I want to say at the top of this episode-
and if this sounds a little blunt I do not apologize- if you do not believe that
the conversation surrounding race right now needs to be happening, um yeah,
you’re you’re not gonna like being in this space from now on because I’m not
going to be quiet about it. Um… and I’m not going I’m not looking to to make
myself the center of it. I’m not trying to get attention but um, if there’s
something that needs to be said or attention that needs to be drawn to an
issue, you can count on me to do that and if you have a problem with that then
you’re you’re not gonna like being around in this space from now on.
Obviously inclusion has been and will continue to be something that I’ve been
striving for. Um so… um.. I tried to, I’ve been trying for a while to get a sign language
interpreter back for my deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers and to attract
deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers so that they have a place- you know like a
podcast that they can go to and and feel included
um it’s not happening. It’s- it’s been a struggle.
Um, so I think my next step is I know that I can go in and like edit the
closed captions on my own so I’m gonna try to do that. But that’s still… To me,
it’s not the best option because American Sign Language is not the same
as English- just like spoken word English. It’s not. Yeah, it has a completely
different sentence structure. It’s definitely closer I think to… to like
Italian or Spanish or French. Like you wouldn’t say “a blue
car,” you would say “a car blue.” And just all kinds of different things, so it’s
not the most accessible for those people. And I really I really hate that, but
something is better than nothing, so I am going to start going- from back to my
very first episode- going in and and trying to get the closed captions as
close to what I’m saying as possible. So that is something that I’m gonna begin
doing for that. And yeah, um I haven’t had a problem with this, but I feel like
um, since I’m on this topic of inclusion and diversity right now, I do have some
people in my knitting world who are non-binary- which means that they do not
identify with a specific gender. It is absolutely imperative that you use their
chosen name that you use their chosen pronoun. If that’s gonna be a problem for
you, you’re just gonna have to… You’re gonna have to go. I cannot stress to you
enough: Like you’re not gonna have a good time in this space if you’re not willing
to to keep up. So um, yeah, that’s something that I wanted to get off my
chest right at the top of the episode just so that everybody is clear what
I’m about and and we can move forward- hopefully peacefully and inclusively
and make our knitting community stronger and bring everybody together.
And so, you know, if we do all this, then we can get back to you know peacefully
blissfully knitting and whatever. But there’s work to do right now. There’s
*been* work to do, but we’re finally getting around to it. So um… So yeah, besides that,
over my break I decided to come down with like one of the worst
sicknesses that I’ve ever had. And it kind of started with my husband, and then
went to me, and then went to the baby, and kind of trickled its way through the big
kids… And so yeah, I did a lot of sleeping and a lot of coughing- which I still have
so I really apologize for that. That’s super not fun to watch, I’m sure. But yeah,
so I didn’t get as much knitting done as I wanted to because first I was sick, and
the family was sick for like a week so basically I was just like either being
sick myself or on like “taking care of sick people duty” and then of course the
week after that, the house was a disaster because everybody was being busy being
sick for a week so nobody cleaned anything! So I got the house caught back
up ish, and I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of everything. But I also had some like… Well okay so I’ll just get
into WIPS, cuz that’s the easiest way to explain it- like as I go instead of
making you like an outline and then going back to the beginning. Which I
do a lot! I don’t know, like I think I need to organize my thoughts before I
can present them to you, but I should do that before I start recording so that
I’m all ready to go! Oh anyways… Okay, so I’ll start with WIPs.
This WIP you’ve seen before… No, I’ll start with finished objects, what am
i doing?? Okay, so my other WIPs that I had showed you kind of came to a…
like full stop. Like, I stopped knitting everything except socks because I had my
kids dye these sock blanks- I think I showed them maybe
last time? Maybe the time before, I can’t remember. But um, so we dyed those and it
was super fun and super cute. So then, as soon as they dried, the kids were like
“Okay, make socks now!!” And I was like, oh okay!
So the the first one that we did was the two-year-old help dye. So, he could only
reach one section of the blank, so I let him go to town, and then I just used
all the rest of the dye and put stripes on the end that he couldn’t get
to on the table. So those ended up being for my husband because of the
colors that he picked which are these. So there’s brown and yellow and green and
red. So obviously this is where I put the stripes on, and then this is how the
section knit up that my toddler did. And I did a heel flap and gusset. These are
totally dirty, so sorry. All the socks that I’m gonna show you are dirty socks.
Yay! Yeah, I totally pulled these out of the laundry hamper, I need to wash
them. I thought that these knitted up super cute! I really like them. I feel like if it were different colors, it would kind of remind me of
like an ice-cream sundae for some reason. Or like a banana split- the yellow and brown and red has like definite banana split vibes for me for
some reason. So I really like those. Really, really like them. And my husband
likes them, and they fit him great. I really like a heel flap and gusset for him. He has a pair of socks with an afterthought heel, and it’s super
baggy on his instep, so I like a heel flap and gusset for him. I
tried to find the toddler socks… Who knows where they are. He’ll
only keep them on for like five or ten minutes before he rips them off- which is
how he does all socks, so I don’t take it personally. That’s just how he is. One of the twins dyed a blank, and he used turquoise, green, yellow and
golden yellow- which kind of comes out like yellowish orange or orangeish
yellow- however you want to put it… So these are how his socks turned out, and I
thought it was really cool how it kind of gradiates!
That was not on purpose like even a little bit
Not on purpose at all. I did a German short row heel on these. That seems to
fit the boys really well, and also I did these toe up. I wanted to use… well
I didn’t want to use the whole thing, because I used the rest of this blank to
knit the toddler’s socks, but I wanted to knit like exactly to 50 grams.
So this is 50 grams. I’m gonna be really sad when they get huge
man feet and I can’t knit them 50 gram socks anymore! That is gonna be
really sad! But yeah, I think they turned out super cute. The
striping here is done- I gave them medicine syringes and cups of
dye. So he would draw up the dye in the medicine syringe, and then just squirt it
kind of in the middle of the blank. And the blank is stockinette, so it kind
of curls on the edges. So the color didn’t really get on the edges very much,
so there ended up being maybe like half an inch of white on either side just
like consistently through the whole blank. So it kind of pooled into this
micro striping situation here, which I think is really really pretty.
I love these very much. So yeah, that is a pair of boy socks,
and my husband socks, and then I can… I’ll post a picture that I took of the
toddler socks here. And yeah, I just I don’t know where he
has thrown them! They’re somewhere in the house. I’ll find them eventually. So
like I said, right after I recorded my last episode, I want to say,
we dyed those. And so then just all knitting except for sock knitting came
to a halt. I have since put- Oh yeah, I’ll show you
the socks that my daughter dyed while I’m… And these are going much more slowly
now because I’ve picked my sweaters back up. This is her blank and if you
can (cough) Goodness, I’m so sorry! I am like the most professional, guys. She only used
four colors, but the way that she, you know, overlapped them, there’s- you know,
like there’s some really cool purple happening, and yeah, some greens… She
didn’t use green, it just came out on its own. So yeah, I think it’s really cool.
And once again, you can see there is this just like half an inch of white
almost consistently up the whole blank. And what that is doing is micro striping
so that it stripes like that. So hers isn’t quite as obvious. I think
there was quite a bit more white on the edges of the boy’s. But I think
it’s super cute! It reminds me of like a cake and sprinkles or like Lisa Frank.
The colors in this are amazing. Like, it’s so much fun because since the spots are so small, the color changes are super fast. So every
couple of inches you’ve got a whole new like colorway. Look at like just a tiny
little section, and you’re like “oh I want a whole skein in just these colors!” and
you knit a couple more stitches and it’s scoots down and you’re like “Oh, I want a whole
skein in just THESE colors!” So like this right here is pink
and blue, so then you knit out of the pink and get into like- oh look at that! All the blue and green, oh my gosh! Then you scoot down some more… I love it! It’s like… It’s like potato chips! So these I
cast on at the cuff… I swear ate lunch, but I don’t know… maybe I drank too
much coffee… I am feeling jittery! Which that’s another thing- like while I
was sick, I didn’t drink that much coffee. So now, I’m trying to get back into my
regular routine, and my body is like “you drink a lot of coffee!” it’s like “slow
down, we’re freaking out!” So yeah, I probably should have eased
back into that, but I like coffee! So yeah, I did a heel flap and gusset on
hers, and now I’m just doing the gusset decreases. Two at a time. Yeah, just been chipping away at those. These are kind of nap time and
car knitting right now so they’ll get done- probably before next episode. The
other thing I’ve been working on is my weekender sweater. And I was taking
this really really slow because Meriah- My friend Meriah was supposed to knit
one with me and she did, she cast on for for one of the hems. I think it’s the
back hem… She cast on her back hem, but she hasn’t done her front hem yet, and I
was like “I can’t go any slower!” I have been watching a lot of Netflix
lately, and I was like “okay I’m sick of knitting socks” Or well,
what really happened was I got to the heel on that sock and I was like “I can’t
knit this heel and watch TV at the same time.” So I got this out, and I’ve been
working on it again. Soy yeah, there’s the split for the hem
right there. And actually, after I showed it on last episode, I was
really worried that it was gonna be too small, so I I joined the hems, which I
don’t think I had done last time… And worked just a little bit of the body,
and then slipped half the stitches onto a second needle and tried it on. And
there there was positive ease, but it was like not that much positive ease. And I
was like “it might be okay, but I feel like if I go up one size it’ll be better.”
So, I ripped that out and recast on. So now I’m knitting… Oh gosh, I think it’s
the medium size? There’s like extra small, small, and medium, and I think I’m knitting the
medium size. I totally could be wrong. I want to say it was like 99 stitches to
cast on? I can’t even remember. But yeah, so this is out of Sweet Skein O’Mine worsted in the… I have a skein right here…
Sweet Skein O’Mine worsted in the “vintage love letter” colorway. She’s
rebranded since then, so this is not what her labels look like now. And I have one,
but I’m not gonna get it. I am not alternating skeins because I’m
lazy, and it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. So yeah… Oh! And I’ve been
showing you the wrong side the whole time, because it’s reverse stockinette, so
it’s knit inside out. So I will show you the right side so that you can get an
idea of what its gonna look like when it’s actually done. So there’s the slip
stitch detail on the front, and it looks really little, but that’s because
it’s on the needles. It’s plenty big, I tried it on
just to make sure. So yeah, I’m really excited to get this done, and I really
want to get it done before it stops being cold enough to wear it because I’d be
really sad if I finished it late. I did that with my comfort fade cardi last year. I got to
wear it just a small handful of times before it was too hot to wear it,
and so all summer long I was like “when can I wear my comfort fade
cardi??” So yeah, I definitely want to finish this while I can still wear it. So
hopefully I can get a lot done on that while I’m watching TV in the evenings. So
yes, this has been on the couch seeing some progress. I have been watching… Well,
I started off watching- there was a new show that came out on Netflix called Sex
Education, and it is so good! I love it! I love that show
a lot, and so I watched all of the episodes they have in like two days. Then I was like “This is so sad, now I can’t watch it anymore!” So about that time, there
started being some lists posted on Instagram of things that you should
watch- Like anti racism education, and like just to learn and
that kind of thing. So I’ve been, um, I have an app that shows
you- like you can plug in like “I have Netflix, I have Hulu, I have Amazon Prime” or
whatever You can plug in what you have and and then type in a
movie or a show, and it’ll go through all of the
websites that you checked and tell you where you can watch shows. So, I’ve been
taking those lists that I pull off Instagram and just plugging in
everything and cueing everything that I can find from those lists. So that’s what
I’m gonna start doing is going through those, so I’m really looking forward to
doing that. I haven’t been knitting on this as much because it
takes a lot of attention right now, and yeah, my brain is just like super fuzzy.
And I’ve been zoning out to Netflix a lot more than usual. I don’t usually
watch that much television or podcasts or anything.
I watch podcasts like while I fold laundry and stuff and do dishes, but lately I’ve been watching a lot more Netflix than usual. So complicated
knitting is tough to do. So I frogged my Birkin
sweater. I finished the yoke, and tried it on, and
it was so, so tight. Like when I tried it on, the yoke was so tight that I had to
like yank it down over my shoulders and then the neckline was like all loose and
like flapping around and stuff. It looked so bad, and I was like, I did not like
knitting this. I don’t want to reknit this. And so, I’m not going to. So, I I just
frogged it all and decided to cast on a different color work yoke. And I’m hoping
and praying that I don’t have the same problem with this one.
So this is the this is the Sinister Catdigan pattern by An Caitin Beag, and I am
knitting this out of… the white is Barrett Wool Co. Here, I have a skein.
I don’t have all my tags anymore, but I have a skein. Barrett Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen Spun. It’s a fingering weight. 100% American wool. In the colorway oats. And
the navy blue and
yellow are Finullgarn Rauma PT 2- which is also a fingering
weight. Norwegian wool yarn. And I don’t know the numbers of the colors, but it’s
like a golden brownish yellow and navy blue and I am doing it as a pullover. She gives you instructions in the cardigan pattern on how to convert it to
be a pullover, so that is what I am doing. I was talking to a friend, and she’s
like “because you didn’t want to steek again?” And I was like, honestly the steek isn’t
the part that I don’t like like. I can cut my knitting.
I did it, and now I’m good, but I really don’t like finishing steeks. So I’m just not
doing a cardigan. I would probably get more wear out of it as a cardigan, but I
just don’t want to bother with it, so it’s gonna be a pullover. But I’m kind
of excited because I decided when I cast this on- I’ve never done a fitted sweater.
I’ve never done waist shaping or anything like that, so I decided with
this sweater that I’m gonna do- not like negative ease, but like
zero ease, and have waist shaping and that kind of stuff. Which should be
interesting, because I have like hips for decades. Like I have
nothing, nothing, nothing, BOOM there’s the hips! And like no butt, either. Just like
hips. So I look like ten pounds heavier from the front than I do from the side…
Because my hips are just like “babam!” There you go! So yeah, I don’t know if I’ll be
able to just follow the pattern or whether I’m gonna have to try it on
every inch or so to make sure that my hips are being properly accommodated, but
I’m super excited. I’m really loving this pattern. I feel like it is laying nicely. My floats are doing
good and everything. There is some three-color work at the top of the cats
before you before you join their little bodies together and I am on the row
where you introduce the second row of cats right now so super duper excited I
love the neckline um here let’s see if I can do it like this there are short rows
to raise the back of the neck so it’s higher but I like how it’s gonna be just
a little bit wider it’s not gonna be like right around here um I don’t like
stuff well which I’m wearing a collared shirt but if it were closed like I would
feel like I was joking I don’t like anything directly up on my
neck I like it to be a little bit roomy so that’s gonna be really really nice
and I I’m super excited to it’s a cat in the next room I was like what is going
on yeah I’m super excited to see how this goes and it’s a lot of fun to work
on like even the even the three the three color part that I absolutely hated
on the Birkin I am I was cool with it so I’m super excited to to keep chipping
away at that and yeah those are my WIPs no nipple
tassels because all three of them are new cast ons from the last time we
talked yeah kind of my weekender my weekender is a recast on but yeah um there’s that I do have some acquisitions
before anybody says anything I am on a yarn diet I ordered them before the last
of the year and then they didn’t arrive until after my last episode and then
it’s been like a month since I recorded that episode so they’ve just been
sitting still in their packages like so do we get to be a part of the stash or
what’s going on so I’m gonna show them to you and then put them away because I
know you guys are so excited to see my but let’s do it so I ordered a grab bag
from casual fashion queen this has been something I like I’ve always wanted some
of her yarn and there’s no good reason why I couldn’t buy it I mean I bought it
I used to buy used to buy I’m better now I used to buy like whatever my heart
fancied so there’s no reason why I couldn’t buy casual fashion Queen
instead of you know any other Dyer that I bought from but I didn’t so I don’t
know but she had a grab bag or this like $25 and you get two skeins to just
mystery D stashing skeins it was like sweet I want in on that action and
actually somebody tagged me I I don’t remember whether it was Mariah or
somebody else but somebody tagged me so it’s all their fault
ah so I got these two schemes these are on her 8020 fingering base this one is
called ruin and it’s super pretty Ascot like this really pale pink and then
white and then navy blue and burgundy speckles in there
Oh a little bit of brown I love this I love this very much these are these are
very comfort zone the colors for me and then um this goes with it like like I’m
sure that she me I like right there those are almost the same color um I’m
sure that that is on purpose like she made them to go together I’m super key
this is called the Winifred I have a cousin named Winifred
she’s a sweetheart um but yeah I love these and I’m super excited she gave me
complimentary skein so you know like it could have been any two skeins but she
she was thoughtful and gave me two skeins that go together so I could do
something together with them I like them so now they are my I I really oh god I
don’t know how there’s mmm there is no there’s no way I
can fit anything in there she’s gonna have to she’s gonna have to go that way
with them I’m encouraged about this is why I’m on the iron diet all right and
then the lovely Shauna of being a BAM hand dyed yarn was having
a little sale a sale um and she does a lot of fandom colorways and I love
guardians of the galaxy my kids love guardians of the galaxy um that’s
probably besides Deadpool probably like in my top favorite Marvel Universe
movies so um I bought some skeins from her and she also was so sweet and sent
me a skein of DK weight yarn as a giveaway prize for that make nine along
from last year so that was sent off this morning so that should be arriving at
its destination in a few days but yeah so this is star-lord and it’s all
perimeter lemon so it’s that one and then
this one is beautiful ah this is Gamora who is star-lord some love interest and
also just a badass chick this color right like I love I thought about saving
these to make Christmas socks for myself because I just feel like um like it’s
not quite Christmas colors cuz this is definitely like fuchsia but it’s still I
don’t know I just am loving it and the depth of this screen is so I mean it’s
like really nice and saturated so awesome I love love love and I love the
little bit of black in there it’s really nice
I’m spending a lot of time talking about this way it is my favorite that came
although this one is an extremely close second she always sends a little cotton
ball with some essential oil on it so everything smells so good um so this is
like just a taupe base I’m not sure she died the taupe or if the yarn is
naturally that taupe color but it’s also tweed which I love tweed loving I’m
gonna get on my knees so cuz I’m sitting like way far back from the camera so I
feel like I’m gonna fall out of my chair trying to do a close-up of this yarn so
um so it’s a taupe base I was tweed tweeted bits and then there’s the green
in here and this is her grouped colorway and I love groups oh he is such a cutie
pie so there’s some green in there I love it love it
yeah you can the it must be died because um there’s there’s definitely some
tonality to to it but it’s so pretty so pretty I kind of wish I had a sweater
quantity of this because these colors are definitely and like it’s just so
subtle it would make such a pretty sweater such a pretty sweater um so yes
I will just balance those up there and guess what that’s all I got that’s it I don’t know see if I had made if I had
written down my thoughts I would have remembered the thing that I was gonna
say at the end of this oh yeah make an idol oh okay so we are going to do the
make 9 along for this year and I am working on my color Ricki oak and also I
could check one off because I made some toddler socks ok um that was on my make
nine and now it is it is chickadee checked so um so yeah so I’m chipping
away at that color work you know technically I’ve knit a color work yoke
already if you want to count my Birkin because I did finish the yoke um it just
did not fit and I really did not care for it so I fraud it yeah so I think I
started chatter thread in the Ravelry group I’ll go ahead and throw up some
finished object threads get your pictures in there you know get get
chatting about your stuff get entered um with your make nine or Ravelry q if you
if you’re if you didn’t do it make nine um but it’s still early enough you could
make one but it doesn’t matter you can just do out of your robbery q i’m not
gonna be super strict about it but yeah so there’s gonna be just as famous last
year there’s gonna be 150 grams or less and 150 grams or more or you know over
150 grams and I will draw a winner from each of those groups and maybe one just
from the chatter shred this year you’ve got the whole year to prepare so and I’m
gonna be going to hopefully going to stitches West in August which would be a
good place to pick up some cool prizes and yeah if you want to post about your
finished objects or your progress or anything like that on social media you
can do that with hashtag make 9 along 2019 and you can also use my hashtag
which is hashtag dare to mean it or you can tag me directly with the at I do
like the hashtag better because it’s harder to to miss things like I can go
to my hashtag and see everything versus if you add me there you know and I have
like a bunch of notifications that day or whatever then it’s likely to get
buried and I would feel so sad if I missed it so I do like the hashtag and
also it’s fun because if you are tagging you could continuously as you progress
through a project and I can see how it grows and that makes me happy I like
seeing the the process of things so yeah I don’t know if there’s anything else
that I wanted to say for for not having podcasted for a month
I have like not that much I’m discovering that I relied quite a bit on
my purchases to provide content for my podcast so now I’m gonna have to be
actually interesting and like come up with things to stay or else my podcast
episodes are gonna start be like five five minutes long just like little
little snippets start calling it the deer to mean it’s snippet cast oh yeah
okay well if you’re as sick of listening to my coughing as I am actually coughing
then um I think I’m gonna wrap this sucker up and I will um do not forget
that on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time you can follow the link in my bio
on Instagram through to the zoom website slash app and we have a live knit night
um usually it’s all its just the same people but you know what I would love to
have some new faces join us um and all of the faces are welcome and and yeah I
hope you guys will all all of you people will will come and hang out and knit
together and or crochet and or spin or leave all the crafts all the faces all
the people let’s do it let’s get all fibery together and okay I think that’s
really is the lasting so I will talk to you all again very soon you’re all very
dear to me love you guys but

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