Découverte du dénominateur commun aux différents environnements pro-allergiques

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The World Health Organization predicts
that, in 2050, one kid out of two would suffer from allergies or asthma so
that’s really something we need to understand from
an immunological point of view to be able to prevent the disease
or cure the disease definitely. My research interests rely in understanding how asthma disease develops
so we are trying to understand how our immune system would react when
the asthma is actually initiating or when the asthma disease is developing. We can define asthma as
an immune mediated disease of the airways so it results from a dysregulation
of our immune system that reacts against pollens, against dust
mites, against pollutants as well. Through our research,
we are trying to have an integrated picture of how
our immune system works in the lung. In the lab, we are trying to model this environment, this Pro allergic environment and we
found that one particular cell types was actually very important in promoting
development of asthma and these cells are the neutrophils. And what we found is that
some drugs are available on the market already which targets neutrophil processes
in the context of other diseases so it opens new therapeutic avenues
for the business. I often think about
the next generation of humans and they will be facing huge challenges including health challenges
and I’m convinced that together, researchers like me, like the community
here, can actually contribute to a better world for the next generations.

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