Dermatology at BluePearl

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I’d say probably about 75 percent of what we see as dermatologists are allergy related diseases. They present all with things
like itchy skin, itchy ears, and skin and ear infections and then we have to then try
to come down and figure out what the actual underlying cause is and a lot of
times to allergies in those cases. Ear infections – obviously as a
dermatologist that’s what I see a lot of. It’s usually an overgrowth of the dog’s own bacteria or yeast because of underlying problems and they can be things like
food allergies, environmental allergies, endocrine diseases, autoimmune diseases.
So once you get the ear infection under control, if it’s happening multiple times, then we
have to start looking for those underlying causes so we can try to
prevent or decrease the frequency of those infections happening. Unfortunately, with things like allergies
there’s no actual cure. You basically are managing and trying to make the animals
more comfortable, so you build these long-term relationships. Some of these
patients I’ve seen for years, and you know, by the time they’re under control
maybe just once a year, but it’s really nice to see how they’ve progressed and really
kind of build that relationship with both them and the client. You did good!
Good job!

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