Developing an Allergy

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How common is it for someone that was
having seabass for years and years on end and all of a sudden or
shrimp and developed an allergy how common is that? So unfortunately it’s
becoming more common because what’s happening and what we were talking about
the modified food so a lot of these processed foods we don’t know what it’s
doing to the lining of our intestines but we have been noticing an increase in
allergens and all this you know even people being diagnosed with celiac
disease why why is this suddenly occurring more and more so the the way
that we’re processing foods and changing the foods it seems to be linked with how
it’s affecting our body so you might not have a reaction you might not have ever
had a reaction to shellfish and now suddenly you’ve developed one so again
it’s just following up with that and seeing and making sure that we’re eating
more of those Whole Foods instead of the process ready-to-eat foods. We have some
quick tips when going grocery shopping so let’s show you that real quick and
hopefully it’ll help you out always check the labels of products you
purchase. Avoid buying any products from the groceries bakery because again
there’s that cross-contamination issue if you have allergic to wheat avoid
eating from the grocery store salad bars because again if you’re doing like a
buffet style somebody might have grabbed the spoon from one place that had an
allergen and then dipped it into another one so that one tends to be very
high-risk and then again you want to try to make your own food so you have that
control over what those ingredients are because you’ve done your part on
checking the right products.

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