Device and game helps children, adults with asthma – Aluna

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We’re developing a respiratory
management system that’s used by adults and children with chronic lung
conditions like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary fibrosis. For both
asthma and COPD, there’s about 60 million people are affected by it in this, the US, alone. And globally it’s over 500 million people. We have a device that people just
blow into and our app alerts users on whether they’re fine need to take
medication or go to the ER. What we’re doing right now is translating something that’s found in the hospital to the home setting. We’re leveraging gamification to
be able to coach people on how to do the procedure. And then we’re
implementing machine learning through the help of the National Science
Foundation money, actually, to be able to interpret the results as if a
pulmonologist were interpreting it. You have a whole bunch of different planets and then so like, for instance, you go click on the planet and then you try to reach up to the top bar so… And then it tells you how many points
you collected. And they do it a couple of other times. And then, after that, you can
see your scores over time. And then we recommend that you clean it every once in a while. it’s removable and you can just clean it and even stick it in the
dishwasher. And then yeah let it dry. The NSF has greatly supported the
technology behind this and without it actually we might not even be doing what
we’re doing right now.

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