11 thoughts on “Diabetes and Dioxins

  1. That makes sense.  That is why childhood diabetes has skyrocketed.  All of the toxic ingredients in the vaccinations are destroying the pancreas.  Any toxicity is going to cause multiple diseases. 

  2. Can you do a update video on fermented foods and intestinal cancer? This is confusing me. 

  3. Just an FYI: You have a 60-cycle hum in your audio equipment you use for recording your voice-over. I thought a motor was running but it was simply hum from your video. Otherwise awesome video thanks for sharing.

  4. How would you suggest cleansing your body of any toxins you could be potentially carrying around?

  5. Could living in a small town with an oil refinery in it cause autoimmune dissorders in a family?

  6. Don’t miss this video on how the majority of industrial pollutant exposure in the general population may come from animal foods.

    Watch the video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/diabetes-and-dioxins

  7. Dioxins collect in the fats of animals including animals, so yes we are walking around with pollutants inside of us.

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