Diagnosis of Allergies

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>I remember I think years ago I took my
younger one, the skin test explain how it works it’s like a lot of, it
wasn’t a fun experience if we didn’t get through it to be completely honest would
even get through it she couldn’t handle it but it’s a lot of little needles
right explain that process.>There are many ways of doing skin testing, you can
do a scratch test, which they basically scratch you with the antigen that
they’re testing, they say it’s grass or pollen, they can scratch your skin and
see if you react, that’s not as sensitive as that which you just explained which
is the subdermal injection, they basically use a small little needle to
inject some of that antigen underneath your skin it’s like a mosquito bite,
because it kind of yeah, and then they have the multi test which is basically
they have this extent that they kind of roll over your skin, ,and then they you
can tell based on what you react to so there’s different ways of doing it but
this is the one you’d explain is is really the best one.>Yeah she
was very very young and didn’t just couldn’t get through it, the blood test
which one’s more accurate, which one do you like I like?.>The skin test better,
okay I find that the blood test sometimes does not give us enough
information if you have a mild allergy, and the skin is the most accurate we
prefer to do that, we’re not always possible but we try to go for our skin.>
Because it could give you some false positives if you will?.>It can’t give you
false positives but additionally not all patients are cooperative with skin tests
like small kids, people with older sort of skin that doesn’t bubble
up with the injection, and some medications you cannot do this

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