Did You Have a C-section? Did Your Baby Have Antibiotics? ❤️

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In my opinion, this could be one of most
important slideshows for you to watch for your baby’s health, if you had a
c-section or you or your baby had antibiotics. My name is Christian Bates,
and I have been helping upset, irritable, colicky, not sleeping babies for 18 years
in the Haywards Heath area. My two top causes of a colicky, windy, upset baby, are
exposure to antibiotics, and after a c-section delivery. It’s actually much,
much more important than just the cause of the problems you might have now,
although I know how hard that can be. Let me tell you why the information I’m
going to share with you is absolutely vital to the health of your baby. It’s so,
so important, because it’s linked to the future health of your baby. You will not
have been told this by anyone, but it’s a scientific fact. The reality is, more and
more babies have been exposed to antibiotics close to birth, and more and
more mothers are having c-section deliveries. Yet, I have not seen a single
mum who has been told how to lessen the side effects of the antibiotics or
c-section, let alone protect the future health of their baby. I want to tell you
more about why you must know this, and how you can help your baby. But first, let
me give you a very simple introduction to the health of your baby’s tummy. we all have trillions of bacteria in our gut, both good and bad. On simple terms,
you want your baby to have a healthy balance – basically, more good than bad.
However, antibiotics kills the bad and the good, and a c-section stops the good from even developing in the first place. Babies pick up good bacteria from the
birth canal, so in a c-section they miss out on this completely. Having more bad
than good bacteria in the gut causes problems. Colic for one, but what I’m now
going to tell you is possibly even more important and incredible. Changes in the
good v. bad bacteria balance in your baby’s bowel profoundly affects their
future health! Scientific research has proven
that antibiotics and c-section change your baby’s gut bacteria. It is also
proven that a changing gut bacteria like this causes future health issues for
your baby, including food allergies, eczema, asthma,
immune system problems, and even obesity. I’m not here to say you shouldn’t have
had your antibiotics for a c-section, but have you ever been told you can do
something to help afterwards? I doubt it. In fact, you’re probably told
antibiotics don’t even pass through your breast milk to your baby. This simply
isn’t true. They do, and research has proven that. So, onto the good news. A simple, yet specialist friendly probiotic supplement,
given to your baby, can correct the good v. bad balance of gut bacteria, both
safely and effectively. Right now, it will help them if they are colicky. And in the
future, it may help against the other issues I’ve just mentioned. I
personally use a probiotic called Biogaia ProTectis for my baby patients. It’s
super easy to use as it’s drops. 5 drops, once per day, in the formula feed or if
you’re a breastfeeding mother, you take 5 drops, once per day, and this passes
a friendly bacteria through your breast milk. That’s it. At the moment, this is the
best way known to protect your baby’s gut health.

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  1. If you or your baby had antibiotics at birth, were you told about it, and were you made aware of the negative implications on your baby's gut health? Please leave a comment below. Then, for a FREE infographic, download at:

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