Dietary Cholesterol and Cancer

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“Dietary Cholesterol and Cancer” In 1969, a correlation analysis
performed by a Dr. Gregor (no relation, and he spelled it wrong), found this rather tight correlation
between animal protein intake in countries and intestinal
cancer mortality. In the ‘70s this relationship was
extended to breast cancer too, and animal fat implicated as well, but it all kind of travels
together in the same foods, along with dietary cholesterol. “And there is significant correlation
between high consumption of cholesterol-containing food items and the world-wide distribution
of colon cancer” as well, a large and highly significant correlation even after controlling for
other dietary factors such as animal fat and fiber,
supporting the possibility of a cause and effect relationship between
cholesterol intake and colon cancer. So, is dietary cholesterol co-carcinogenic
for human colon cancer? Let’s find out by feeding some to rats. Inject rats with a carcinogen
and cholesterol-eating rats get tumors in half the time and all die off, whereas most of the cholesterol
free group survives. But “the relevance of animal data
to the human situation is debatable.” How would the cholesterol
and cancer link even work? Well, we don’t need to
consume any cholesterol, since our body makes all that it needs, and when we do consume extra,
there’s a limit to the amount of cholesterol the body can absorb. So where does the excess go? Down to our colon, and so
the cells lining our colon, where colon cancer arises, are
therefore constantly exposed to fecal cholesterol. Should a cancerous or
precancerous polyp arise, maybe all that extra cholesterol
would help it grow faster? The amount of cholesterol we eat could “thus be a factor determining the rate of development, growth, or
spread of such a tumor.” This was all just kind of
speculation back in the 70s, but they realized that if it were true, that would be good news,
since a low cholesterol diet, cutting down on meat,
dairy, eggs, and junk— the only foods that really
have cholesterol— would be a feasible, cheap,
safe way to help prevent and treat colon cancer. So, what’s the 40-year update? Country-by-country correlation
can never do more than just inspire studies like this, “the largest nationwide population-
based case–control study [to date] to assess the association
between cholesterol intake and several types of cancer.” And, they found… dietary cholesterol intake was
associated with increased risk of cancers of the stomach, colon,
rectum, pancreas, lung, breast, kidney, bladder and bone
marrow—non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So, the flipside is that
“a diet low in cholesterol may play a role in the
prevention of several cancers.” What does that mean food wise? Cutting down on meat, dairy, and eggs, which may increase risk of
cancer, though eating diaries, would probably just increase
risk of paper cuts— lots of fiber though! “The findings of this study
should essentially be viewed as an indication that a diet
rich in meat, dairy products, eggs… is an unfavorable indicator of
the risk of several common cancers.” Two cancers they didn’t look into, though, were endometrial cancer
and throat cancer. Put all the studies on
cholesterol consumption and the risk of endometrial
cancer together— cancer of the lining of the uterus— and they found a dose-response,
meaning more cholesterol consumption associated with more cancer, 6 percent
for every 100 mg extra a day; so, like a daily omelet might increase
cancer risk by about 20 percent, maybe because the extra cholesterol
is converted into estrogen, or it may just be the
increased oxidative stress reflected in higher levels
of oxidized cholesterol? I talk about that in my Alzheimer’s series. There also appears to be
a dose-response relationship with pancreatic cancer, one of
our most dismal malignancies. The compilation of studies found
the risk increased by 8 percent for every 100 mg of cholesterol; so, that would be like
30 percent higher risk for pancreatic cancer for a daily omelet. And finally, throat cancer. Increased risk was observed
for elevated cholesterol intake. About 85 percent higher odds,
consistent with the other studies. Yeah, maybe it’s the oxidation,
but maybe it’s the inflammation. However, we can’t be sure it’s the
cholesterol itself that’s to blame. “Elevated cholesterol intake could
[just be a stand-in] indicator that a diet rich in meat,
eggs, and dairy products may have unfavorable effects.”

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  2. I'm trying to understand if meat is so bad why don't we have more all vegan cultures on this planet …many years ago in the islands no one had cancer or rather very little people got cancer,as soon as processed for began importing into the country an people wanted to be more like the 1st world countries cancer diabetes and other things went up…

  3. Dr Greger is the most unbiased, hardworking, intelligent and a gift of a person to humanity, I absolutely respect the hell out of you sir.

    The amount of people you inform for a wide range of issues is admirable, and your non profit style and charity work takes it up that much more. This man has dedicated so much for humanity and I have no idea how you can have haters, especially when they can't even provide any compelling evidence except anecdotes and ad hominems.

  4. 22 ways to OBLITERATE a vegan in a discussion: Your step-by-step guide to destroying malnourished simpleton dingbat vegans.

    Their 2 protein deficient brain cells don't have the capacity to acknowledge this, but one thing they are aware of is that if humans have been doing something for thousands of years, it must be acceptable. After all, there's nothing worse than moral progress!

    Everybody knows that killing animals and killing plants is the same thing. Be sure to castigate a driver if they swerve onto the grass to avoid running over your dog… they'd have only taken one life if they'd have just headed straight for the dog, but no, they had to take out an entire family of blades of grass instead.

    Vegans are routinely stranded on desert islands. This is why many of them have beards. Stupid hippies.

    If politicians think something is okay, then it must be!

    Vegans have never heard of this product. This will disorientate the vegan. I once put a vegan into a coma this way, we shortly had to put him down, vegetable lives matter.

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    Many vegans are unaware of the fact that they are actually dead, or about to be clocks gun

    No vegans are aware of this, since none of them have ever eaten meat in their entire lives. Make sure to remind them that it's not the spices and the texture but the actual meat itself.

    It's a well known fact that not a single one of the 20,000 edible plant species on earth or the spices of those plants or other products derived from them are in the slightest bit appetising. It's also well known that the only food vegans eat is tofu. You see all those fat men with titties? those are tofu eating vegans.

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    Make the vegan aware of all the good eating animal products does for animals, the environment, and other humans. Seeing as veganism helps none of those things, this will make the vegan realize which is the cause REALLY worth fighting for. They just jump from trend to trend anyway. What's next? starving kids in 3rd world countries matter? not on my watch.

    Even though animals are God's creation, "Thou shalt not kill" and he gave us the garden of Eden, go ahead and completely ignore that. Take vague phrases from the Bible and quote them with over-confidence, as if that's any better than quoting a Harry Potter book. After all, Jesus has already paid for our sins.

    A tradition like stuffing bread up a dead turkey's ass is a sign of peace and love. Traditions are never immoral and must be carried out impetuously.

    We eat as much meat today as before so it must be healthy for us. The heart disease, cancer and diabetes must be something to do with eating broccoli… or lentils… or beans or something… broccoli kills. Why do you think children hate broccoli? it's their body rejecting it. After all, listening to your body is a proven way to being healthy, my body is craving ice cream right now and we all know that Diary is Scary, damn, I mean, diary is healthy!

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    These vegans are unaware that we're at the top of the food chain. We are the absolute apex predators: tell them about the time when you fought bears, lions and sharks with your bare hands and ate these animals without cooking them. The way your canines lacerated their fur so you could drink their warm blood.

    Humans are ethically worth more than other animals of the animal kingdom. Who says? Us of course! Vegans are unaware of this and are selfishly spreading compassion. They need to be stopped immediately.

    Remind these vegans that rice, potatoes, lentils, beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits and etc are simply too expensive. Be sure to do this on your latest iPhone and iMac. It's not as though 3rd world countries have had this diet for millennia, they secretly eat off the mcdonalds dollar menu.

    Enjoy this? Please sub! 🙂 YouTube:

    (Credit for some of the content George Martin)?

  5. It will take some time until people realise, that red meat is not only cancer causing because of the carcinogenes but because of cholesterol! Cholesterol is in every animal product … that means … yes, you guessed it right!

  6. Cholesterol results or is made by the body to put out/ reduce the inflammation caused by the ACIDS created BY THE ANIMAL PRODUCTS . Cholesterol isn't the problem. It is a symptom of the problem. Therefore taking drugs to reduce cholesterol is idiotic.. The conclusion IS CRAZY as is too much of allopathiic medicine.. Rather, the diet should be a diet LOW IN ANIMAL PROTEIN or ALL PROTEIN for that matter to reduce cancer risk. DUH. PROTEIN IS THE PROBLEM. All we have to do is take a look at how much protein there is in human mother's milk to know we don't need anything except trace amounts of protein. All the protein we need can be found in your average apple. I don't care WHAT the RDA says.

  7. 3:57 "maybe because the extra cholesterol is converted to estrogen…" – dropping another bombshell on us men like it's no big deal

  8. Dear Dairy…
    Apparently excess cholesterol can increase my chances of getting colon cancer. I must stop eating diary!

  9. What’s going on with your pronunciation buddy? Maybe since you have become a huge globally important public speaker, you can stay sharp with some tradition opera singer exercises, or yoga pranayama and facial exercises. Just a thought.

  10. its true that overeating cholesterol and transfat will fuck u up
    but grains and legumes, that stuff will fuck u up even more

    stahp cooked veganism
    its satan stuff (and racist)

  11. These study's are done with people that are not on healthy diets and are not eating enough fruits and veggies, hence the outcome is cancer and bad cholesterol, but, on a healthy plant based diet the consumption of animal products of 30% might even be beneficial. Lots of people who are on a healthy paleo diet(mainly plants) combined with some kind of intermittent fasting are in prime health. Therefore, until such study's aren made we'll never know if animal products are really that bad. This conclusion is kind of mentioned at the end of the study presented last on the video.

  12. How to NOT die from cancer: AVOID PROTEIN like the plague.Don't buy into the propaganda that it is "important". It is important to AVOID. That is all.

  13. There is no way humans would have survived early migrations away from the equatorial belt without animal protein.

  14. What do you suppose the people in these studies were eating alongside their high animal product meals? I would hazard a guess at high starchy carbs, sugars and refined rubbish. I would also suggest that yes the risks will increase when people eat high levels of animal protein along with these other foods and that if someone wishes to continue eating large ammounts of rubbish they would do better to stop eating the animal products.
    However if a person cuts out all the rubbish and high ammounts of starchy carbs and sugars then they would most likely not have these negative correlations with cancers and animal foods!
    Where are the studies that that show people on a Whole Food Low Carb or Ketogenic diet have a high correlation of cancers to cholesterol?
    There aren't any!
    It is the mix of macros that is the problem!
    Get your facts straight Mr Gregor. You are an extremely disingenuous person!

  15. They should do a CRP and and ESR on rats on a cholesterol injected group vs a saline injected group. Then they will narrow down the unknown of cholesterol inducing inflammation and that to be the cause of cancer vs the cholesterol it self causing the cancer.

  16. Cholesterol (from organic, wild or grass fed meats) surely has different health consequences than cholesterol (from conventional or processed meats): these details aren’t accounted for in such correlational studies.

  17. Can somebody tone down the opening and closing jingle? It is too LOUD. I have to remember to turn down my volume every time I start to watch a NF video and again at the end!

  18. So… This only applies to consuming foods with cholesterol? What if you have higher cholesterol due to genetics? This means your at high risk due to elevated levels? Or are we assuming things balance out with higher dinner intakes regardless to what your total cholesterol is? See how this can confuse people?

  19. Stop spreading filthy lies to support own agenda you quack! Research from last century … biased and fixed. Disgusting!

  20. All of these studies are misleading from the start because the people eating animal products are also eating carbohydrates with them.
    Animal products in the presence of regular carbohydrate consumption is where disease happens. Animal products in the presence of little to no carbohydrate consumption is where you get perfect health and no supplements needed. I was vegan for 4 years and every aspect of my life was declining and I looked like Dr Gregor. I tried the carnivore diet and got my life back.

  21. And why Babys or kids get cancer? It a Baby to much meat or is it the mother which eat to much meat? And why get so much people not cancer also when get older and diet in the 90?

  22. this video was really bullshit, and that % what you telling about is ridiculout absolute shit ever… mostly your videos are weird, dont understood what idiots can give here 500like… maybe 500idiots vegans, every one know the good cholesterol from bacon and eggs is base for TESTOSTERON…. so what bullshit you typing about cholesterol converted to estrogen? really funny stories…

  23. why not tell the people of all your health issues you are experiencing now and have been for the last decade…. Dr. Greger? Any broken bones that arent healing properly you would like to fill us in on?….Doubt it…all is wonderful in Vegan land lol

  24. With all due respect, how is this worth 5 minutes of my time? Association and correlation are pointers that something should be investigated, but they don't prove anything or identify cause. "Maybe it's….we can't be sure…." is not giving facts, proof, or new information. I eat whole food, plant-based already but can't see this video as anything but another attempt to discredit several major industries, without any real proof.

  25. Cool vidoe! Thanks for making it! Going vegan part time, even with vegan junk food "meat" patties reduced my friends cholesterol. The doctor told them to keep doing what they were doing because it was lowering. They basically ate more plant products and fewer animal products.

  26. Not everyone can be vegan, I went vegan for a year (whole foods plant based) and developed really bad IBS. I never had that and now I have to deal with it! At 16! Legumes bloat me badly and so do a lot of other plant foods, I need to eat animal products otherwise I have no other source of protein :/ I'm allergic to nuts and soy also. I feel way better eating animal products, I'm not always hungry and I rarely get bloated since cutting down on some plant foods. I swear someone better not say I did veganism wrong because I didn't and would often use cronometer too.

  27. Are there any studies made between eating meat with antibotics, grain fed, in cage, gh vs grass fed,cage free, no antibiotics, no gh. People are healing themselves from all sorts of health issues by adopting a carnivore diet with good meat.

  28. Hey everyone!
    I just got my blood tested and was shocked when I saw that my LDL was 135..isnt that too much for a vegan? And how is that possible?

  29. There is a questions on my mind for a long time. How efficient is human De Nuevo Lipogenesis ? I know it’s not 100% like 9 gram of sugar don’t convert to 4 gram of fat but I would like to know the % of efficiency. Thanks

  30. My grandpa from El salvador lived to be 94 years . He ate eggs with pig lard with beans everymorning strong ass coffee . For lunch a chicken stew and for dinner a piece of steak for most of his life. No heart attack or cancer he also smoked many years. He died from kidney damge from cumiding prescription . He would of lived to 104 years if he never went to a dr i bet. I guess theres more to just being vegan or a meat eater . Now a days theres so much more y people are getting sick

  31. It’s too bad all the info we get to try to convince people to be vegan comes from experimenting on animals which is exactly what Veganism is trying to end.

  32. Today for example i ate dark chocolate, coconut oil and kefir, i ingested at least 22 grams of saturated fat .. I thought all of this is very healthy

  33. We are adaptable as a species… the Inuit consume 95% meat in their diet and have no cholesterol problems. The problem is that we as a modern society have created unhealthy meat animals to consume, thus in turn is harmful to us. Most meat I consume is from animals that I have hunted (deer, squirrel, rabbit, etc), which is much healthier.

  34. "Higher Cholesterol Is Associated With Longer Life"

  35. You mite want update your grafts that one looked like the study their used for the sad diet.Try starting around 2017 onwards

  36. We are made from cholesterol….it power ALL OUR HORMONES our immune system….lowering cholesterol is PROVING TO NOT PROLONG LIFE…let that sink in.havent finally admitted plant based eating is not healthy long term and back eating animal products my life has drastically improved…maybe it's the 9 holes eggs who knows

  37. Researchers rarely say things in a definitive way. This leaves the impression that their conclusions are merely suggestions. Wouldn't it be more effective to plainly state that eating meat, dairy and eggs cause cancer?

  38. Like always you are cherry 3:13 you can see upper that "in contrast, a decreased risk of prostate cancer was observed for high cholesterol intake".We need a bit of cholesterol,a bit of animal protein, in our diet for optimal health.When you abuse of something, it s normal to have health problems.Cheers!

  39. Epidemiological studies. The worst of the worst of studies that exists. The shittiest version of science research that is still sadly used today!

  40. Are nuts bad for liver and kidneys? Because a doctor told me that they contain lots of oxalate that sets on liver and kidneys, therefore they should not be consumed too much. Is that true?

  41. Love you and all your volunteers who work tirelessly on this channel. You all will definitely be a huge part of the vegan movement. Thank you for all you guys do🙏

  42. Hey, doctor, what else were the study subjects eating? Were they eating enough vegetables? Where they dozing on carbohydrates? How about telling us ALL the truth, instead of cherrypicking what fits your narrative?

  43. All plants are poisonous its a proven fact. Look at human evolution for a start. Vegan child abusing murdering mums who feed there baby's on synthetic man made plant poison all die due to being fed synthetic man made plant poison. Not one vegan baby survives. Were are vegan morals on that. As this is acceptable to the vegan community. How can vegan child abusing murdering mums accept animals life over there own flesh and blood. These vegan mums should be jailed for murder. We are made of cholesterol we need meat as its the best source of cholesterol there is. Meat does not give you cancer the chemicals pumped into meat does. Our natural diet is raw meat and organs and raw eggs and raw milk. Water is poisonous to humans. A simple test can prove this drink a sip or glass or 5 litres of water and you will be dry its not quenching our thirst its making us more dehydrated. Need further proof water destroys rock. We don't have high or low cholesterol as its what we are made of its our protein not protein that's doctors,nutritionists say as protein does give you cancer.

  44. I'm sick of hearing all of this wishy-washy business about cholesterol. Everyone from both sides of the argument touting their opinions as facts. However, I do appreciate the ambiguity of the role of cholesterol in cancer at the ending of this video.

    I'd like to hear an update about the lawsuit formed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in regard to the latest version of the U.S. government issued dietary guidelines and its stance on dietary cholesterol

  45. Hii.. do read this article. Its about controlling cholestrol

  46. Any response to Bart Kay’s dismantling of your claims about meat and…about everything? He says you’re “an absolute crackpot” and say you’re just a liar and stupid. He wants to debate you, are you willing to take that on?

  47. Only 20% of the cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from the food you eat!

    Your body makes the rest from raw materials already in it like fats proteins and sugars.

    So says Harvard Medical School an article February 2017 in Time Magazine.

    Recent Studies have shown that eating cholesterol and fat in general in the diet does not lead to heart disease or stroke but improve the cardiovascular system and does not lead to unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood.

    The study also showed that eggs have certain nutrients in it that actually lower inflammation in the body which contributes to a healthier heart.

    This study was conducted by a half a million people in China from China's top Cardiologist.

    The name of the article is.

    Eating an egg a day may help keep heart disease away.

    People who eat Eggs Daily had an 11% lower chance of cardiovascular disease and 18% chance lower of dying of heart disease than people who did not eat eggs.

    The benefits seem to be the strongest for a stroke as 26% had a lower risk of a bleeding- related strokes and a 10% lower risk of clot related stroke.

    This proves that cholesterol is vital in lubricating the cardiovascular system not clogging it up which is what the American public has been brainwashed with.

  48. But my keto carnivore diet tho…. My you tube guy said the cholesterol myth is real and stuff… And I like eating like that way…. So dr Gregger is WRONG!!!! The issues is sweet potatoes and CARBS! Stupid vegans! 🤥

  49. Thank you Dr.Greger! I had terrible pain from endometriosis and after 2 weeks of plant based eating, no more pain! I have been pain free for 9 months.

  50. I don't get it. Some nutrition scientists claim that dietary cholesterol does not raise the blood chelesterol (as formerly believed), while others (like Dr. Greger) say it does. Who the hell should we believe? Or is nutrition the new religion? Based on faith ????????????????????????

  51. Please cite the research showing eggs cause cancer. I tried to find evidence supporting this claim, but have only seen that the opposite is true in the literature.

  52. It is probable that the higher incidence of cancers seen with ingestion of high cholesterol foods is due to the injected hormones and antibiotics, and the pesticide laden whole grain-GMO feed that is fed to the chickens, cows, and pigs that we eat. What is the rate of human cancers with consumed animal meats that are raised organic and pasture raised and finished? How many of the studies you sited in this video are on organic and pasture raised livestock?

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