Dietary Sources of Alkylphenol Endocrine Disruptors

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28 thoughts on “Dietary Sources of Alkylphenol Endocrine Disruptors

  1. Thank you for such relevant topics…
    The breastfeeding portion of this was quite insightful, however I do so wish you would have shown bullet points for consideration in ways to negate these negative influences…breastfeeding is vital to the child and mother and we all must come together to support; there are entities in the world that wish to put an end to incredibly healthy interaction between mom and baby. (There is a very sick push against moms & babies)…
    I stopped using anything plastic with food, I save glass jars and use those…until I find out that handling the plastic storage containers transfers those chemicals, I re-purposed them for organization around the house.

  2. I remember similar delays with the discovery that phthalates found in cosmetics, paint and plastic toys disrupted hormone levels especially in children who hadn't yet gone through puberty. The US and Canada banned the inclusion of these chemicals in products for children but thanks to lobbying from the toy industry, enforcement was delayed for several YEARS! Working in that industry at the time and absolutely disgusted by manufacturers who continued to fight testing and fight enforcement. :p

  3. One other threat to people’s safety when consuming sea foods is watch out when eating fish and similar foods from the Pacific, the waters there are polluted with depleted uranium because of the Fukushima disaster and the radiation in some of the tuna and other fishes have an unsafe level of radiation, far greater than background radiation. Avoid any foods from anywhere is the Pacific Ocean even swimming there. Don’t forget also the BP disaster that followed and the deadly chemicals released to the ocean during the time of that disaster. Anything from that part of the world should be avoided.

  4. Just go vegan, it is the only safe and healthy way to go now.
    Watch a movie called "Forks Over Knives."

  5. What’s the primary source of endocrine-disrupting industrial pollutants in our diet?

  6. So now this VEGAN is going after fish and Chicken… amazing how a brain tumor can make you spout liberal VEGAN agendas…  come on  dude your siting SURVEYS…not scientific data…

  7. fenugreek (methi) is very easy to sprout in a tray of potting soil at home–even in the winter. high in phytoestrogens, and a lovely flavor. i keep a bonsai tray of methi on my kitchen counter. very pretty and very tasty.

  8. I wish Dr. Gregor would win the Nobel peace prize his work with letting the world know about nutrition has saved millions from a very harsh early death ! It would be 1000X  better then letting that war monger OBAMA win it . How disgusting will that go down in history

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  11. I asked a chemotherapist doctor what I could do to improve my health. She quietly took me aside, and whispered that she had recently gotten rid of all her plastic containers. Plasticizers, the chemicals that make plastic flexible, are often hormone disrupters. Very tiny amounts affect the body. Plastic touches all our foods…we cook in it, store food in it, drink from it, etc…..

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