Differences between Cold and Allergies

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Cold and alergies. They share an awful lot
of the symptoms so now we’ve got a graphic to look at some of the
similarities here between the two of them and I want you to comment on
these and talk about them. First of all, allergy symptoms stuffy or runny nose,
sneezing, the eyes, the skin hives, the rash, the shortness of breath, it’s
all in there that’s that all— From your perspective that all looks good for
allergies?>Those are usually pretty much those symptoms usually those red
itchy watery eyes are pretty much the home are clear runny nose
some people get hives and skin rash is associated with it and it’s generally
seasonal.>Okay, so let’s look at colds now because I think what happens is a lot of
people confuse the two between allergies and colds and to be honest they’re
pretty similar here in many ways with the the nose, the sneezing, what’s the
difference then between the two?>I would say probably the difference
between the two is with a cold usually pretty aware when it starts there’s
usually some feeling of malaise just not feeling well you know may start with a
scratchy throat not so much that itchy watery eyes that you would see with an
allergy, colds will usually be accompanied by cough, congestion and then
that overall not feeling well and pretty much getting worse and then
pretty quickly getting better within three to five days.>You have a cold here, are you ok?>No, I don’t, maybe the air conditioner.

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