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My favorite oil! DigestZen – not because I enjoyed the flavor of it! It’s a very herby oil. It’s got ginger, fennel, coriander tarragon, peppermint anise and caraway. It has a mild licorice a flavor. So I don’t really enjoy the taste of it to be honest. I kind of knock it back because of the effects that it actually has on my Gut. It was the first oil I fell in love with! DigestZen is really a blend that was made to ease all kinds of stomach discomforts. Everything from morning sickness… Indigestion. Reflux. It’s really good for anybody with food intolerances. Maybe you have a little bit too much of a certain food that their stomach doesn’t normally agree with, which is where I use it. A lot! Also great for bloating. Regulating bowel movements. That would be things that are happening on both sides – at both ends of the spectrum – that you don’t like! It is actually great for moderating both of those back to harmony – homeostasis. Is great for gut pain and discomfort. Which is what I get a lot of the time. So the best way to use it – is to massage it into your stomach – wherever it is that the pain is. You want to mix it with a carrier oil before you do that (fractionated coconut oil). You either put a couple of drops of the DigestZen in in your hand and at least two big drops of the coconut oil (If you’re an adult). Dilute it much more heavily if you’re working with a child. A tablespoon (Fractionated coconut Oil) for a young child. (per drop of Essential Oil) A teaspoon (of Fractionated coconut oil) per drop of Essential oil for older children. Massage it in, a great way to use it is to make up a roller bottle. You can make one for children and one for yourself so that you’ve got the right Dilution. Then you just roll that around your stomach. The other way to do it, Especially if you do like the flavour – is to put a drop into a glass of water (like a tea). Some people like to have it as a tea. A glass of warm water or hot water. I have used it for sinus discomfort. I’ve actually put it in a roller bottle and put it around the sinus track. Apparently putting it in your navel when you’ve got sinus discomfort is also a great way to use it. So enjoy!

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