Dining Out with Food Allergies – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

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Have you guys heard about Mr. Hoover? Oh my god, and Ms. Sanderson? Yeah, oh my god. Wait, wait, wait, wait! I saw them kissing! ewww, oh my god, where? In the parking lot. But they’re old, they’re gross. They’re not that old! They’re like 30. They’re like 30, that’s really gross. So do you guys want to catch a movie or something? Oh my god, 12 Weeks of Summer is coming out! No, I think we should go to Zombie Nation! Yes, definitely. I don’t want to see Zombie Nation. 12 Weeks of Summer is so romantic. No, I want to see guns and guts, not kissing. Okay guys, don’t worry about it, we’ll just get something to eat first. Oh yeah, I’m starving. Me too, oh my god. I heard about this new place, what’s it called, Main Street Grill. Oh yeah I heard that place is amazing. Alright let me just check out the allergy information online. I checked out the website for the allergy policy because I just wanted to
see if it would be safe for me to go there because the last thing I want to do is to
be sitting there while my friends are eating… …and not being able to eat or having to leave. Is everything alright? Can you eat there? Yep, looks great, I’ll just talk to the waiter when we get there. Okay good. I’m starving! What are you doing? Just looking for my Twinject, I got it, let’s go. What are you guys getting? I don’t know yet. Their pizza looks pretty good. I think the pasta sounds really good. Hey, hey, so you guys out for a big night on the town tonight? Two words, Zombie Nation. Uhh, one word, no! Okay, you know what, it doesn’t even really matter. Alright, so do you guys know what you are going to order? I’m going to tell you right now, I’ve got a severe shellfish allergy, so anything that I order has to be strictly away from shellfish. Okay, uhm, do you know what you’re going to order yet? Probably the pasta. Pasta, okay, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to
go to the kitchen, I’m going to talk to the chef, and I’m going to see if that’s going to be okay for you, okay? Yep . Okay I’ll be right back. Alright I told the waiter about my allergies because communication is key. I want the chef to know and the waiter to
know how to prepare a safe meal for me. So have you guys decided what you’re getting yet? Yeah. Penne Penne, that sounds good. Hey, so I just checked with the chef… …the pasta is fine, he’s going to prepare it
separately for you. So do you want that? Yeah, that sounds good. That’s okay, alright. And for you? Now that I’m going out with my friends and
I’m getting older to go out by myself… …it should be my responsibility to make sure that everything
is safe for me, and take the necessary precautions. Having allergies is nothing to be embarrassed about and going to restaurants is manageable… …as long as you check their allergy policy, you talk to the waiter… …and you always bring your auto-injector with you so you
can have a good time with your friends. Planning a night out with your friends can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out. Research the restaurant in advance. Make sure to
speak to your waiter about your allergies. Ask to speak to the chef or manager directly if you have any doubts. If you’re not comfortable with their response, don’t feel obligated to eat there. Make sure your friends know about your allergies… …and always carry your auto-injector. Make sure your friends know
where it is, and how to use it. We all like going out with our friends, and having allergies
shouldn’t limit you from being a part of that… …and with a little extra planning, you can have a great night out.

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  2. This is the story of my life. Her shellfish allergy seems so much easier, then soy, peanut and tree nut. Also the acting in this wasn't very good it was kinda funny. Really nice video.

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