Dirty In 30 Seconds (GAME)

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– Today… we’re gonna get dirty.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good! Mythical! Morning!
– We have made an appearance… – …in the upcoming film “Dirty 30″…
– Woo-wee! …starring our friends Hannah, Grace,
and Mamrie. It was a lot of fun. I mean, we ended up spooning each other
on a couch, but it was… – …it was still fun,.
– That was you?! – (laughing) Yeah.
– Whoa, man. I gotta rethink things now. – You were in the back.
– (laughing) – How did you not know it was me?
– I was not paying attention. I blacked… – …it all out, man. We always have fun…
– Me too. …with these three ladies, so we thought
we would bring them on the show and have some more fun as we play
Getting Dirty in 30… Seconds. – Please welcome to the show Hannah Hart!
– (canned applause and Link cheering) – Grace Helbig! And Mamrie Hart!
– Woo! (clapping) – Come on in, ladies!
– (Hahhah) Ahh, oh. – I see you guys all dressed the same.
– (ladies) Yeah! Or slightly different.
What are the chances? – This is our look, man.
– Yeah. This is how we get… …dressed up to promote a movie
that we made. – (everyone offscreen laughing)
– Yes, exactly! – This looks like good, clean fun!
– It’s actually gonna be kinda dirty. – Are you ready to get dirty?
– Yeah! – In 30?
– Okay, here’s how this is gonna work. We’re all in different positions right now,
like a volleyball team. And we are going to rotate, so I’m just the host for the
first round. Here’s what’s gonna happen. The host is going to ask a question
to the two of you that are in this pool right here. It will be dirty- or 30-themed.
I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m gonna find out in a second,
along with you, okay? – (Mamrie) All right.
– When you think you have the answer… …you hit the buzzer. Then a 30-second
clock starts. At that point, the person who hit the buzzer says an answer.
If you get it right, the other person… – …gets some… dumped on their head.
– (interjecting) DIRTY! Okay? But if they get it wrong, then the
next person has a chance to get it. And it goes back and forth for 30 seconds
until somebody gets it right. If somebody doesn’t get it right,
you both get dumped. – (Mamrie) Oh!
– Oh, good. Mamrie and I have never… – …been dumped at the same time.
– I know! So [great]. – Are you ready for Round 1?
– Yeah! – Are you ready for Round 1?
– Not at all! – Let’s do it!
– ♪ (rock music and a gong) ♪ I’ve got my bucket. Hannah, you’ve
got your bucket? – I’ve got my bucket!
– Oh my god! – It’s gonna be nice!
– It’s so sloshy! – Link looks so excited.
– Okay, here’s your question. – (Mamrie) Oh no!
– (Grace) Okay. In the United States, you must be
at least 30 years old to be a blank. – (buzzer) (buzzer)
– President. – (incorrect buzzer sound with mouth) Ehh!
– A… solid member of society. – (Rhett) No!
– Uh… rent a plane. – (everyone laughing)
– (Rhett) No! 17 seconds! – Uh, rent a car!
– Um, to be, oh no, an army general! – 10 seconds!
– Nurse! – Uh, to be a decent human.
– (Rhett) No! – Uh, to be a DJ.
– No! – To be in our upcoming film, Dirty 30?
– No! – (incorrect buzzer)
– Um, too old to beat this? Ugh. I’m sorry, ladies.
The answer was senator. – (multiple gasps)
– Senator! – And that means ya both get dumped.
– Oh my god! (repeated) – (screaming)
– (Hannah) Happy [dumping]! – (screaming)
– (wet splattering) – (Link) Ah! That’s just mud.
– Oh, gosh. Wow, that’s dirty. – Ah, it’s warm and cold at the same time!
– (Rhett laughing) – Do it already!
– Close your mouth! – No! Ahhh!
– (wet splattering) – (Rhett laughing) Oh! Oh!
– (Mamrie) Oh, it’s so [peat-y]! – A lot of face coverage on that one.
– I missed your whole face, Grace. – Yeah. That space bun did its job.
– The bun blocked it. – Congratulations! Okay!
– (empty thumping) – Round 2! Let’s rotate! – ♪ (rock music and a gong) ♪
– Okay, it’s Round 2. – Yeah.
– (Grace) Rhett versus Hannah. – Let’s play fair.
– (Link) Got a mud bucket. Link has his bucket. Mamrie has her bucket.
And we’re not gonna tell them what’s… – …in these buckets.
– I thought it was dirt! – Different every round.
– Different every round. Mamrie, you look like you just got back
from the gameshow Survivor. – (everyone offscreen laughing)
– You did not win. – I got…
– Okay, Rhett and Hannah. – Are you ready?
– (Rhett and Hannah) Yes! One in five Americans have suffered from
and infestation of blank. – (buzzer)
– (Grace) Hannah. – Lice?
– Wrong! – Roaches.
– Incorrect. – Bedbugs?
– Correct! (bell dinging) – Ohhhh!
– You got one! – You are so lucky! You are so lucky!
– (Rhett) How did you… – How did you know that?
– I grew up around a lot of dirt. – (everyone laughing)
– Okay, that looks like Rhett’s about… – …to get dirty.
– I gonna say “herpes” next, so… – Make sure you go right on that face.
– Oh, wait. Sorry guys. – Should he do both buckets? – Oh!
– Yeah, no! No! Just one! – That’s a good idea!
– (laughing) – (Mamrie) Oh my gosh!
– Okay. Whenever you guys are ready. – Ready, steady…
– (everyone yelling) – (wet splattering)
– Oh, it smells good. – (Mamrie) It smells great!
– What is it? – It smells really good.
– He’s just a little pancake. – It’s pancake syrup!
– You got maple syrup? – Mmmm… It’s really nice.
– Your hair… – Look at these beauty secrets.
– I got it on my knee a little. – Your hair protected your whole face.
– Yeah. You don’t need hair gel… – …any more for the rest of your life.
– Should I touch it? (everyone babbling) Oh, good. Peace is restored to
the earth. – (laughing)
– What is that? Is that Mrs. Butterworth’s? – Oh, brand deal.
– (Hannah) Aunt Jemima? Mrs. Butterworth’s: she tastes better
when she’s on you. – (laughing)
– You heard it here first. ♪ (tock music and a gong) ♪ – Round Number 3!
– Yeah! – Contestants.
– Yes. I’m fine. How are you doing? – I don’t wanna be dirty like you.
– (everyone laughing) Well, you said that you hated yellow,
so maybe it’s better to change the… – …color of your shirt.
– Yeah, it’s not my color. – Good news, guys.
– (Link) I’m gonna go with green. – I sniffed it, and I still have no idea.
– (everyone laughing) Contestants, the dirty dancing in the
move Dirty Dancing… – Awww!
– …is a mix of grinding and blank. – (buzzer)
– Waltz? – (incorrect buzzer sound with mouth) Ehh!
– (Link) Uh… tango! – (Hannah) Ehh!
– Foxtrot! – (Hannah) Ehh!
– Um, slinking. – (laughing) Slinking?!
– Hip hop! – Ehh!
– More grinding! – (Hannah) Ehh!
– Ballroom dancing! – Ehh!
– Grinding and pushing! – Ehh!
– Lifting! – Mmmm-stroking!
– Ehh! – Hip hop!
– (confused) Ehh?! – Um, ballroom?
– (even more confused) Ehh?! – Sexy — sexy dancing.
– (incorrect buzzer) – Ehhhhhh!
– (Link and Grace) What is it?! – Salsa!
– (laughing) You said tango! – I said tango!
– Oh no! (laughing) – I thought you were gonna get it there.
– Who guessed salsa? – Lifts the girl over the head?
– Oh, I wish we had salsa to… – …dump on them.
– I know! – Lost opportunity!
– I thought that that’s what was… – …gonna happen.
– (Rhett) Okay, Link, why don’t… – …you go first?
– Why don’t I? – Yeah.
– (Mamrie) Yeah, all right. – (Grace) That yellow…
– Is it cold? – I don’t know! (laughing)
– This is payback! – (Grace) Oh my god. Oh!
– (everyone yelling) – (Link yelling)
– That is horrible. – Oh my god, what is it?!
– It’s slime! Yeah, it’s like Nickelodeon slime,
I think. – (laughing)
– What?! – Okay. Grace, are you ready?
– Okay. I’m ready. – Is it edible? (spits) Nope.
– (Grace screams) – (Rhett) Right on the bun!
– (Grace screaming) – (Mamrie) Oh my, there it goes!
– (Grace laughing) – (Link) Look up, girl! Look at the sky!
– (Mamrie) Uncover that face! – (Link) Look at the sky!
– (Hannah) Look to the sky. – Can you breathe?
– (Rhett) It’s like a broken frozen… – …yogurt machine.
– I feel like I’m in my own… – …personal carwash.
– (Rhett laughing) – Somehow your bangs protected you!
– Look at her face! – (everyone laughing)
– (Link) You look like a knight! – (Rhett) She looks like a knight!
– You look like a freakin’ knight! – (everyone laughing)
– What?! – (Rhett) Look at Link!
– Do I look like a knight? – You look like The Mask.
– You look like a really unsuccessful… – …member of Blue Man Group.
– Blue Man Group! – What do they do?
– Grace, what forcefield does… – …your face have? Seriously!
– (rhythmically tapping) – I don’t know. It’s the foundation I use!
– (laughing) ♪ (rock music and a gong) ♪ All right, Hannah. This is your
last chance of getting dirty. – Yep!
– (Grace) Join us, Hannah! – “Join us!”…
– (everyone laughing) – …said the weird alien babe!
(Rhett) “Join us, Hannah!” – (everyone laughing)
– Don’t ever look at me like… – …that again!
– 2016 look. – Okay. Here we go.
– Okay. – You’re gettin’ dirty.
– (scared) Uh! – Ready?
– (Mamrie and Hannah) Yes. Traditionally, on the 30th wedding
anniversary, you give a gift… – …of blanks!
– (buzzer) – Wood!
– Bronze! – Diamond.
– Silver? – Paper.
– Coal? – Steel!
– 30 years, blanks. – Gold!
– Uh, ruby! – Emerald!
– Amethyst! – Uh, uh, sa–!
– Sapphire! No, ah! Ee, ah, ee, ah!
Ooh, opal! – Blanks.
– (Mamrie and Hannah) Blanks? – [How many] blanks! Guns!
– (everyone laughing) – [Song!]
– (incorrect buzzer) – (everyone yelling)
– Oh, and the right answer is pearls! – (Mamrie and Hannah) Ohhh!
– You coulda got it, but you didn’t! – Pearls!
– All right. Are you ready? I should have just named the
Crystal Gems! – We should dump Hannah first.
– Okay, lemme see how this works. – She’s got some catching up to do.
– Hannah, close your eyes… – …because this is powder.
– (Hannah) Okay. – Okay, welcome to our fun club.
– And don’t breathe. Like we thought you
couldn’t look whiter. – (everyone laughing)
– Hold on, I just wanna… – Thanks, guys?
– …little bit of… – Little bit of mud.
– (everyone laughing) – (Grace) Just to make it stick!
– (everyone yelling) – You look chic.
– (everyone laughing) – (Grace) You look like Elsa from Frozen.
– You look like Helen Mirren! – ♪ (Let it go! Let it go!) ♪
– (Rhett) It has a nice [look]. (Grace) And you need a dry
shampoo anyway. – It blended right in.
– It still doesn’t feel fair. You just gotta shake off like a dog
and you’ll be fine. – Here you go, Mamrie!
– (scared) Mmmm! – (Grace) Watch your eyeballs.
– Mmmm! Ooh, it feels nice! – (laughing)
– I liked it. I liked it. Oh my god. It’s like the first snow
of the winter! – (everyone laughing)
– “The first snow of the winter!” (Link) Dumping on just you.
Wow! – Mamrie, you look delicious!
– Thank you. I liked it. I thought it was really
kinda pleasant. – Have we stumbled upon a therapy?
– (Hannah) Should you try? – Whaaa! (spitting)
– I love it! – (Hannah) I’ve been shot!
– You’re embracing it now. Well, really because I’ve always
wanted to be a human biscuit. – Good round, Mamrie.
– Thanks. – (slap)
– (everyone) Oh! ♪ (rock music and a gong) ♪ – I wanna know what’s in these buckets.
– (Mamrie) Okay. Uh, your’e gonna smell what’s in these
buckets… – (Rhett disgusted) Oh!
– …right about now. It’s getting to you. – Oh, gosh!
– I smell maple syrup and… – I smell… dookie.
– (laughing) – Do you like fertilizer?
– I hope you like warm things. – Is it dookie?
– Is it fertilizer? – Shh!
– Where’d y’all harvest that dookie from? – It’s not the crew’s cookie, is it?
– Guys, let’s not stall on the dookie… – …any longer, okay?
– Oh, gosh. Round 5. On average, 67 different
types of bacteria live in a… – …person’s blank.
– (buzzer) Ha! – Mouth.
– Nope. – Uh, ears.
– Nope. – Nose.
– Nope. – Anus.
– Nope. – Hair.
– Nope. – Uh, armpits.
– Nope. – Eyes.
– Nope. – Back of… the back of your knees!
– Nope. – Toenails.
– Nope. – Oh… shoot! Beard!
– Nope. – Eyebrows!
– Nope. – T-toes!
– Nope. – Crevices.
– Nope. – (Grace squeals)
– Uh… d-d-d… um… – Five seconds!
– Uh, underwear! – Stomachs!
– Uh, nope! – Uh… liver!
– (incorrect buzzer) – Large intestine!
– It was bellybutton. – Oh!
– Bellybutton! Dang it! I said crevice!
The bellybutton’s a crevice! – It’s not a crevice. It’s round!
– (Mamrie) I don’t think so. The bellybutton can be a crevice
on some people! – You go first.
– Oh my word. Oh my god. Here we go, Rhett.
I didn’t do this. They made me do this. – (Grace disgusted) Ugh! Ugh!
– On the face! Go for the face! – (Link) Get the face! Get the face!
– I’m trying! – Oh, it’s so warm!
– (Link) What animal is it?! – Oh, it’s definitely an animal.
– What animal is it? – (Hannah) I don’t know. Ask them.
– Cow?! – (spitting) No! (coughing)
– (Hannah) Ready? (Hannah) Are you ready? Uh oh.
Sorry. Well. – Oh!
– Moooooo! – (everyone laughing)
– Ahhh! – (gagging) Oh no!
– It’s kinda like potting soil. – This is not good for any of us!
– It’s in my brain! – You look like Franekstein now!
– Ughhh! – (everyone laughing)
– Me.. me have potting soil! Make sure you can see how
dumb you look. – (laughing)
– There were no points… – …but we’re all losers.
– There’s definitely weren’t… – …any points to this.
– We’re the biggest losers. – Ugh.
– I need a water source. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You guys say, “You know what
time it is.” (ladies in unison) You know what
time it is! – I’m Sebastian.
– And I’m Jenny. – And this is Baby [Una].
– And we’re from Myrtle Creek, Oregon. (both) And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. Check out Dirty 30 in select theaters
and on Digital HD this Friday! – (ladies cheering)
– And click through to… …Good Mythical More, because we’re
gonna hang out with these ladies, because who needs to get clean
when you can just hang out… – …and talk to us?
– Yeah! – Good point, guys.
– “Rhett thinks Link’s hair… – …is food!” (laughing) Yeah!
– No, I don’t! – Oh, yeah, you do!
– (everyone laughing) – No, I don’t!
– Are ya hungry? – I’m not hungry!
– Smell it. What’s it smell like? It actually smells pretty good.
What’d you do to it? – Baaa! No it doesn’t!
– What have you been putting in it? – Ooh! No, no, no!
– Dookie and green stuff? – Cow poop!
– (laughing) – Cow poo-poo!
– Shampoop! [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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