[DISCOUNT] – Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter for Allergies

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Allen is proud to introduce the smartest
quietest most powerful Allen ever the EPA state’s indoor air can be two to
five times more polluted than the outdoors contributing to health concerns
such as allergies and asthma the Allen breed smart air purifier makes cleaning
the air simple just set your brief smart to auto mode and let Allen’s smart
sensor technology go to work the smart sensor measures pollutants in your air
automatically adjusting air flow to protect you while saving energy and
extending filter life when the light is blue the breed smart is maintaining pure
air and low energy use when an increase in pollutants is detected air
purification levels increase and the smart sensor light turns orange if a
significant increase in pollutants is detected the light turns red and the
brief smart uses turbo mode to quickly purify your air as the air is cleaned
the smart sensor light returns to blue and purification levels lower to save
you energy both powerful and quiet the breathe smart uses Allen’s whisper max
technology a specially designed fan and air chamber that purifies large amounts
of air while maintaining a peaceful environment it sound mimics the
frequency of pink noise which studies suggest to be more pleasing for sleep
than white noise as it reduces irritating high frequency sounds while
maintaining relaxing low frequency sounds the Allen breed smart air
purifier uses an easy to replace filter to purify and freshen the air in your
home polluted air first passes through Allen’s washable pre-filter to capture
large particles in the second layer air moves through a unique HEPA style
material the tracks and captures dust pollen pet dander mold spores and other
airborne pollutants Allen offers a variety of easy to replace filter
options so you can find the perfect filter for your environment
other features include an ozone safe ionizer which charges particles in the
air causing them to clump together for improved filtration the smart filter
life timer measures how you are using the breathe smart and tells you when
it’s time to replace the filter the breed smart air purifier includes
Allen’s lifetime limited warranty for a lifetime
worryfree operation

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