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Discovery of Allergies Asa: Hey Casa, I got you some flowers. A token of my appreciation for being such
a good friend. Casa: Oh no! Asa: What? How rude! Casa: It’s not like that. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m allergic to flowers. Asa: Huh? How can someone be allergic to something so
beautiful? Casa: Well, it’s not actually the flowers
but their pollen that causes the allergy. Asa: I’ll take these flowers away from you,
don’t want the pollen giving you an allergy. I wonder who discovered allergies. Was it Louis Pasteur? Casa : Let’s find out! Casa : Louis Pasteur was one of the people
who researched immunisation in organisms. But the term allergy was coined by a pediatrician
named Clemens von Pirquet, in 1906, while he was working on his research on the theory
of allergy. He claimed that the immune system is reactive
to certain things. Asa : What kind of things? Casa : Things like pollen on flowers, or some
foods. Sometimes people are allergic to shellfish
like prawns and shrimps or even peanuts, sesame seed, or milk. Even stress can cause an allergy! These are called allergens. Asa : Woah! Must remember to avoid stress. But, why do we have allergies Casa? Casa : The body’s immune system develops a
defence mechanism to protect it against diseases. If there are germs or microbes in the body
the immune system produces antibodies to fight them. Asa : Oh! Casa : But, sometimes the body’s defence
system has a reaction to allergens. It tries to block off allergens by producing
immunoglobulin E or IgE, which attaches to cells called mast cells. This causes the release of various substances
including histamines. Sometimes the reactions can be very bad. Then, we need to go to a doctor. Asa : Wow! It’s good to know our immune system works
so hard! Casa : Yes! As the famous Roman philosopher Lucretius
said, “what is food for some may be fierce poison for others”. Asa: Huh? Casa: Forget it.

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