Ditte Young, How to deal with allergies (WITH SUBS) in a horse, høsterkøb Denmark, June 2015

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Hi, my name is Ditte Young and I’m at Ærtebjergård in Høsterkøb, with Maja and Mezzo. Isn’t he lovely. And what I’m going to do is, I am having a long conversation with him, so exciting right Maja? Yes And what I’m going to ask Mezzo, is in relation to health issues, that I understand that he has pollen allergies, why he has it? What he needs? And how has it occurred? And so on. So now I ask him, while we are having a conversation live and while I’m filming him. And how does he experience the pollen allergy? Well he definitely experience that it tickles like hell, excuse my language, in his nose. Yes That’s the first thing, that it bothers him. And I ask if it goes on his bronchi or down his lungs. No, it is as if it’s stuck, it is very nasally on him. Yes So I do not experience cough or breathing difficulty with him. No but he does this .. sneezes right Yes or like this .. He gets a reaction, and you did say it yourself that there is apple blossoms but he also gets an reaction from pine needles, I feel. Okay Is there anything else? And that’s a part of my sensitivity, he says, that I feel like that inside me. What he experience, because I ask if anything affects him since it occurs within the last year, Maja. Yes Because he’s such a sensitive prince as he is, then I experience that when his surroundings becomes stressful or he feels unsure of his ego and that also means his right to exist, so Am I allowed to be here or am I not allowed to be here. I also experience that it’s affecting his allergies. Yes, that it gets worse. It gets worse. And I would say that a good advice is that you as the owner have the hold of, well of course you can be here just like everybody else, with all your body and with everything that comes out of your mouth. And here it’s also important that you as the owner is the good authority in quotes, that you have a hold of your right to exist as well. And that is no matter where you are. Because I feel that it isn’t just a question of pollen in the spring, it could also be if there is dust inside. Yes It is generally pollen and dust and also dust allergy. Yes, okay. I clearly feel that. And I ask him if he needs, do you know about homeopathy? Homeopathic drops? That’s what he gets now, that is this nature he gets. He does? Perfect And he has also got some homeopathic medicine. Right now he gets antihistamines. And he gets some nasal spray. I don’t feel that the nasal spray does anything fantastic for him, if I have to be honest. No, I don’t think so either. No, but I do not really think it works, nor do I think it functions. Then stop. No it doesn’t work. No it doesn’t work. What about the antihistamines? He gets plenty, 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening. Well those work better I would say, but he points at the Homeopathy, and then this can seems pretty ridicules right? Yes Have you considered cranio sakral therapy? No but can you get that for horses? Yes, you can. What about acupuncture? What does he say about that? That doesn’t give him enough. No. I would say. I think the acupuncture would be fantastic for his left front leg as we just talked about or his shoulder on the left front leg. But compared to the allergy it requires so much more and that’s the whole nervous system it requires and that’s why I thought about cranio sakral therapy. Yes, okay. Because here you can go in and work with the nervous system too. Well then we’ll try that. I have used it myself. You have? Yes and my children have also used it. That’s great, you can get that. I didn’t know that you could get it for horses. Yes indeed. I have to learn more about that. Yes all right. It would be nice if we could get rid of that nasal spray because he’s really tired of it. Yes and you don’t really feel that it works anyway. No, because this week has been really bad for him. All right, I’ll turn this off again. I hope you think its fun to follow, see you out there, bye.

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