DIY Disney Mystery Treats! EASY, Halloween Twist, & Allergy Friendly! // Disney Food DIY

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Today we’re going to be making some allergy friendly Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington chocolate mystery treats, so let’s get started These little treats looks so amazing and they’re full of fun little mystery candies and treats inside Perfect for Halloween. This is a great. Last-minute DIY If you’re looking for a fun treat when you’re having people over for Halloween Or if you just want to enjoy something sweetness Halloween, this is a great last-minute really easy delicious treat it doesn’t take that long to make it’s easy to make a bunch of them and they’re fun even to make with the munch people or for a bunch of people So let’s get right into the things that you will need the items that you will need to make These chocolate candies are a chocolate melting pot. Or you can also do this on the stove some chocolate today I’m going to be using white chocolate You’re also going to need a mold for Halloween. I’m gonna be using this nightmare for Christmas Jack Skellington mold you can find these at Walgreens or even Target and since it’s getting really close to Halloween All of these items are on sale. So this will be a super easy cheap DIY You also need three spoons two little bowls Some parchment paper and for the mystery insides we will be using Rice Krispies purple and orange food coloring tiny Oreos and fun Halloween colored sprinkles I’m also going to try to make a s’mores flavored little chocolate So I’m also going to be using marshmallows and vanilla wafers first up We want to plug in our melting pot or get your stove all heated up to melt your chocolate So while this is melting up you want to make sure your melting pot is on melt and we’re going to dump the chocolate in And now we wait a few minutes for the chocolate to melt make sure to periodically stir your chocolate to make sure it doesn’t burn As like chocolate continues to heat up we’re going to get our little inside toppings ready So the different fillings are going to be doing our Oreo the different colored Halloween sprinkles rice crispy Insides and then we’re gonna attempt to do a s’mores one But we’re gonna taste these all after so you guys know which flavors are good bad It’s really fun to kind of make them make them a mystery If you’re having a Halloween party, if you’re doing the last-minute little thing, this is super easy Fun Halloween little treat to make so I wanted to try something a little bit special with the rice krispies Specifically they are kind of plain and I feel like with the white chocolate they might blend in so I’m actually going to make some Orange ones and some purple ones just so when you bite into the white chocolate, there’s all that color inside So we’re going to try to mix those up first while my chocolate continues to melt because once that’s ready I wanna make sure we get it in the mold quickly so we can put it right in the fridge so it can cool down We can add all the toppings and eat them So I’m going to separate some of the rice krispies into my first bowl and some into my second bowl and I’m going to put the tiniest little bit of food coloring in it So we’re gonna see how well this mixes in save our spoon here He’s all like they’re just dusted really cute Little drop just to make sure they look orange enough let me know down below in the comments if you guys like these DIY food videos if you guys do you don’t know I decorate cakes I can do maybe a holiday cake Or I could you guys I make some Disney holiday cookies if you’re interested and I will definitely get them earlier in the month So you guys have time to make them? I just want to make a little last-minute Halloween treat sometimes right before you go out and get all the candy It’s going to have a little snack and little party friends over. This is something easy to make like right before Now I’m gonna do a purple so I’m gonna do three drops That’s why did for the orange if you guys are following along If you guys would also like to see my Halloween costume make sure to follow me on instagram you guys can see all of those pictures of Halloween all of other pictures of these yummy treats if You guys make these treats make sure you tag me on Instagram because I would love to see them One more drop to each I did four drops of food coloring in each one if you guys are following along with this So we have our orange rice krispies there and then here are purple rice krispies Now that our toppings are all ready to go let’s finish up our chocolate and get these made if you would like you could also add food coloring to your Chocolate and swirl them make it tie-dye make it really really fun I want to stick with the white because it’s Jack Skellington and I feel like the pops of color inside will be super super fun as well Let’s give this chocolate a stir Sure, I’m taking a little scoop of chocolate and you’re just gonna put a little bit into the mold just to get the design on So we can put the stuff in the middle. So here I want to tap it around Just to make sure that it fills the entire Design on the bottom if you need a little bit more a little bit more in there and just tap it That gets all the air bubbles out And then that makes you like with the whole design is covered and filled in So you’re gonna want to do that to all of them? Take a little bit Get it Machoke it’s kind of thick for some reason. It was having some problems melting. So your chocolate those that just keep heating up Just keep stirring Mine’s gone as melted as it could be so Let’s put our little treats inside I think first I’m going to do some of the Rice Krispies But I’m going to use the spoon because I don’t want any of them to go on the outside Of the treat like I don’t need to be able to see them on the outside some make sure they’re all in the middle there Except see you. Just want to put a little bit There in the middle if you’re making a lot want to make sure you have some left over Do one with An Oreo in it tap it down just a little bit but you don’t want it to ruin the design and then we’re gonna try to do while our s’mores once I’m gonna put a Vanilla wafer tap it a little bit and I’m gonna break up one of these Halloween marshmallows Then we’re also gonna put some of our little sprinkle little candies in there When you bite it, there’s gonna be a lot fun colors There that’s cooling so cool I’m gonna fall it’s crispy so mom, I feel like that’s gonna be the best one that’s the Rice Krispies All right. Now they got all the yummy goodness in them We need to put more chocolate on top and then into the fridge they go So now if this next part you wanna make sure the chocolate covers all of it. You wanna fill it up nice and right now You’re gonna want to tap it Again, making sure all the chocolate goes down to the bottom covering all of your little treats So you’re gonna make sure you tap all of them Again, one more time. Make sure you get over here bubbles out Keep the designs all cool and really take it to the fridge All right, so Overall, my chocolate that I used was not Melting properly so we had a couple of them Not hard and right. I think it was the white chocolate that I was using Wasn’t to the right temperature and something happened, but I did have these fine that turned out absolutely Perfect. They look so so good you can actually see one of them you can actually see them a little mystery inside but at the same time it looks pretty Cool. I’m happy with them again. I feel like I need to maybe melt the chocolate a little bit longer I feel like that’s what may have happened, but they still look really cool They have a fun texture to them and I’m very excited to try them So we’re gonna do a cross-section Of each one and I’m going to give them each little taste just so you guys can see what they’re like This one is a Rice Krispies one This is one of the rice krispies ones and it has a little orange raised Krispies inside looks really good Let’s give it a taste. Oh My gosh, you get the nice creamy chocolate and then you get the crunch of the rice krispies I love the pop of color. This is really good. A cutter reminds me of a crunch bar. Oh So good. I definitely recommend the Rice Krispies in them. Our next one. Looks like these s’mores one that I tried to make. Oh Yeah, oh yeah look it even melting a little bit Your their s’mores when you can see vanilla wafer and the marshmallows in there really colorful as well Doesn’t really taste like s’mores the vanilla wafer and it is really cool because it has that crunch Sometimes you get like a big chocolate like this. It’s too much chocolate. So kind of separating it makes it pretty good Our next one you can see here is the purple Krispies in it. I just want to show you guys a cross-section of it though So good no cheerio. Some of these moments aren’t believe this one’s sprinkle one We can serve sprinkles they’re let’s give this one a teeth. Oh Wow, oh well, yes, you know That one’s really fun and the sprinkles had like a cool flavor to it awesome Next up is our Oreo one. Oh Yes Don’t warrants delicious If you guys make these put the rice krispies in it and Oreos, oh my goodness And our last one to try just has plain sprinkles in it. Let’s give it a taste Mmm, this one works cool. You guys can see in there a little strength of orange Whoa, that’s a really cool texture. But like you hear crunching I am really really happy with the way the peas turned out They were absolutely delicious and I love having all the little mystery things in them So if you’re doing a Halloween party If you just are having some runs over you went out a little bit of disney into the party You can make this really for any holiday. You can put Christmas little sprinkles inside You can color the rice krispies of red and green. You can really do this for any Event, it’s fun to guess what’s inside because you don’t know it just it’s a lot a lot of fun So I hope you guys enjoyed this fun Halloween Disney DIY treats Make sure check out my other Disney DIY food videos links it down below also Make sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter for fun pictures of these treats along with more DIYs tips and additional pictures from behind the scenes Have you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and it makes you happy and happy Halloween I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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  1. These look so good! I’d love to see more food videos! Maybe I can make some for another holiday since we’re kinda busy the rest of this week. Would jell-o jiggler molds do the same thing with the chocolate?

  2. Yeah!!! You did the Disney DIY… Great yummy video.. you did an amazing job on this… I can't wait to see more… You're the best..

  3. Your very lucky you can express yourself with Disney stuff I wish I can but my parents don’t let me they say it’s baby stuff I just wish I was you😖😭😭

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