Do Antihistamines Help Headaches After Allergic Reactions? – David Feldman, MD – Emergency Medicine

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– So would you want to
take an antihistamine if you have a headache? And I think that antihistamines are one of
the mainstays of treatments for any allergic reaction, so especially out of the
emergency department. We check, what we go to pretty commonly are steroids and then antihistamines. And the steroids actually are
very powerful antihistamines and decrease inflammatory responses and the over exaggerated immune response that we’ve been talking about. And then the histamine is like Benadryl, that would be an H,
histamine 1 and a histamine 2 receptor blocker. It would also be things
like Zantac or Pepcid, which are specifically a
histamine H2 receptor blocker. And so definitely those
medications can decrease the histamine response. If they’re taken early, then you can be preventative for the headaches that are triggered by a histamine and debilitation reaction. But there are many causes of headaches, many causes of stress. An allergic reaction is stress on the body and if you have that, then you predispose yourself to headaches that can be definitely multifactorial. So antihistamines in of themselves are not the definitive cure for headaches after allergic reaction, but it’s part of the arsenal that we use.

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