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first at four we are kicking off a very special event as help me Hank tests the test now there are hundreds of at-home do-it-yourself kits out there that promise accurate results but do they work consumer investigator Hank Winchester spending the day testing them against the professionals so Hank what’s up first and Karen we are testing at home cholesterol test kits you know we worked with Henry Ford Hospital here in Detroit to get the real numbers and then we use these test kits to see if they’re actually accurate your cholesterol your numbers they give you an important glimpse into your health why is cholesterol so important because it’s associated for risk for heart attacks and other stroke and other vascular disease okay right now I’m here at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit it’s here where they run cholesterol checks on thousands of people every year when we get these results what are we looking for well you’re combining those results which is the total cholesterol and then the good and bad cholesterol the HDL and the LDL could a home test be the answer today we compare my labs from the hospital to the results we get from two over-the-counter home tests the first check cholesterol home test which will cost you about fifteen dollars and the cardio check analyzer which costs one hundred and twenty dollars are these home tests and others like it accurate you’ll see the results in a moment okay so here’s the cool part we’re now in the lab where they’re testing my sample my cholesterol tests it goes into this machine and then boom in just a couple of minutes we’re gonna have the results here from Henry Ford dr. John Kerry shares my results with me I would be considered a good candidate to keep an eye on my numbers either working with my doctor or using a home test the first test we use is the first check cholesterol kit we get the sample but I’ll tell you the directions in this kit are complicated so I did the finger prick it worked the second time but now I’m having trouble getting my sample out of the little syringe once the test sample is collected I’m beyond disappointed to learn I will not get an actual number get your number just by matching your blood imple with the color on the side of this chart so you’re not getting a real number here but what the car do check analyzer I’m not only impressed but amazed by the ease-of-use and also the accuracy pictures I like a picture helps explain what you have to do this home test has my overall cholesterol score at 240 just a few points different from what we saw at the lab at Henry Ford yet dr. Cary says you should be cautious when using any sort of home tests more than likely if I bring that to you and you’re my doctor you’re going to tell me what let me do my Wow but it worked this the other one not a big shock the expensive tests worked it so you know about a hundred twenty thirty dollars but if it’s something that you need to test regularly then and you don’t want to wait in the lab or the waiting room not a bad investment this thing a piece of junk yeah and we’re gonna address your cholesterol issue on a different story we’re working on it no more no more fried chicken alright this is just the beginning though of our live event day you know we’re talking about lead in water it’s a big issue from Flint to Detroit Public Schools well what about the water in your own home is it safe so we’re testing homes all over Metro Detroit using these lead test kits do they actually work surprising results 5:30 carbon monoxide Awareness Week we know that’s a silent killer so we have several different test kits bought all over Metro Detroit firefighters helping us with that test and it’s six o’clock home breathalyzers keychains devices for your car do they actually work all that begins live tonight at five o’clock all right we appreciate it good stuff you Hank

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