Do children develop allergies or asthma  How common is it| Dr. Neetu Gupta | KIMS Hospital

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hello myself Dr. Neetu Gupta consultant paediatrician and working as a specialist in KIMS global
Trivandrum. so how can you know as a parent that you child
is having allergies or asthma so some of the common symptoms of child presence to us is
number 1 if the child is having cold and cough and it is taking long time to recover usually
when the child is having cold varying infection usually recovers in 3-5 days or most a week,
but if your child is having started with a cold and cough and the cough is lasting more than
a week and it is nagging it is countiniouslt there dry irritating cough probably we should
think that your child is having allergy, number 2 is your child is well throughout the day
but night time he gets up at around 2 o’clock 3 o’clock and he has cough cough cough and sometimes
this cough is so server tit leads to vomitting that is another point. 3rd thing is your child is otherwise well
but your child when he runs fast when he laughs a lot when he cries when he does any vigorous
activity he starts with cough and sometimes he has difficulty in breathing also and because
of that the child is not participating in sports this is another point when you should
think of maybe your child is having signs and symptoms of asthma. 4th thing is when your child has frequent
weezing you know what is weezing when your child has one or two times frequent needs
of emergency visits frequent needs for nebulization you must think that maybe you should think
you should look for asthma specialist doctor. 5th thing is everyday in morning sneezing
running nose, nose block, and it is disturbing all the days, all the days in a month he has
these symptoms in the morning. 6th is when your child has dry skin, eczema
itching most of the time that is another precursor of allergy rhinitis in asthma. 7th thing is when your child has some intolerance
of some particular food in the form of eating the food followed by skin rash some difficulty
in breathing so that can also have a food allergy as a symptom

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