Do I Have Pink Eye or Allergies?

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Do I have pink eye or allergies? If your skin is itching or your nose is running
in addition to the red, watery and itchy eyes, you have allergies, not pink eye. I do not have allergic symptoms like that. You could theoretically have an allergic reaction
in your eyes, such as when pollen blows into your eyes or a cat rubs against your face,
but you usually know what those allergens are. That doesn’t tell me what I want to know. If it is in just one eye or not the other,
and you did not just pet a cat you’re allergic to and rub that one eye, it is pink eye. Allergies
typically affect both eyes equally. Pink eye can affect both eyes. If you take anti-allergy medication and the
symptoms go away, you have allergies. What treats pink eye? If it is caused by bacteria, usually antibiotic
eye drops, if viral, the doctor will decide, if caused by mechanical irritation, take out
your contact lenses and see the doctor to take whatever is rubbing against the eyes
out if tears don’t wash it out. I’ve heard you can flush the eyes with water. Sure, and that’s a good idea if it is caused
by chemicals or smoke, though contact with any thing with a material safety data sheet
should get you into an ER. I cannot think of anything I’ve worked with
that required an MSDS. Wood working with lots of sawdust getting
into your eyes can cause irritation and pink eye, without being an allergy. You can try
soothing eye drops to treat that too, or see a doctor to clear it up. It sounds weird that I need to see the doctor
to take something out of my eye I cannot see. If you’re pink eye is only due to minor
irritation, the doctor can prescribe soothing eye drops, and if it is an infection, prescription
eye drops. You said pink eye could be caused by irritation
like chemicals and dust – things people can be allergic to. If you have allergies, cool compresses usually
feel better, while bacterial pink eye usually feels better with a warm one. Except that I need to be careful not to get
the compress in contact with the less affected eye. Always wipe from the inside of the eye out,
use clean wipes to wipe them and not your hand, and wash your hands a lot. You don’t
want to spread it. You cannot spread allergies, just pathogens. Just your luck, you have an allergic reaction
to something that infected you with bacteria too. You can, after all, have both. That would be a new definition of a bad day,
and good reason to see the doctor.

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  1. Their voices… all I can think is "This text is being read aloud" 😂 like if u know what I'm talking about.

  2. Can I just say though an allergic reaction that makes the eye itchy and red (like me with cats it's been red for two whole days) it doesn't always affect both eyes cause when I react it is only ever my left eye and it's like that for a lot of people I know


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