60 thoughts on “Do Natural and DIY Tea Tree Oil Cleaning Products Disinfect as Well as Bleach?

  1. Dr Greger you need to do a series on boron for the many illnesses it can treat, look up nothing boron about boron on ncbi or pubmed, it can treat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, among others, and its only found in fruits and veggies, not in animal products 💪🏻

  2. I really like seventh generation products. I use their diapers on my little guy, and have used their cleaners. Works great!

  3. I've always heard that the vinegar receipe goes like this, vinegar and liquid soap. Club soda would dilute the vinegar power because it's essentially more water.

  4. Anyone know what would effectively get rid of mold in a bathtub/shower besides bleach? I’m in Florida, so it’s almost a way of life dealing with it!

  5. Take a look at Norwex, their philosophy is cleaning the house with very few chemicals, mainly using water with their silver impregnated cloths. I am a consultant in the UK but Norwex is all over the world. I only use water now and I use their washing powder which is chemical free.

  6. Thank you! I'm hoping this will be a multi part series. I am soooo looking forward to more of these. I use norwex (microfiber) with water and sometimes my homemade with DoTerra Ongaurd essential oil. (I use 1/4 cup rubbing alcochol, distilled water and ten drops of EO. ) I only know what these companies claim so unbiased tests would be wonderful. I worry about what I clean with and how it effects my family. Adding to a statistic I read that cleaning service workers and housewives were more apt to get cancer.

  7. Dr.Greger, do you have any study of spraying vinegar, waiting 5 seconds, then spraying with hydrogen peroxide?
    I saw a study years ago, but can't find it now.
    This formula was said to be even more effective for Novovirus.

  8. how bad is alcoholfree beer? it has a lot of calories in form of carbs, so i would presume it would spike bloodsugar the same as soda would. but i guess its a better option than soda since it does not many contain harmful chemicals.

  9. It would be interesting to test thyme. Some companies, such as Cleanwell (sp?) already use it in hand sanitizers.

  10. Thats why i buy all my home products online with Melaleuca ( an other name for tea tree oil )!! They are cheaper then the bad stuff and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria/germs. They smell good and changed my life and my families!! They dont only use tea tree but lots of other plants and oil like Thym. My baby could drink the concentrate with no worries 😊👌

  11. I drink 1 teaspoon of bleach every day and I saw improvement in my joints pain don't believe what he said he is antibleach

  12. Really hoping there will be a follow up on this one. I currently use half vinegar, half water, and some lemon, pine and thyme essential oil to wipe all of my surfaces, cooker, bathroom, etc etc. I also use bicarb too. And don't want to buy bottled products as I'm trying to cut back on plastic use.

  13. i didnt know chlorine was bleach what the fuck are they doing putting bleach in our drinking water fuckin idiots killin all the b12 n shit.. obviously not how you manage water.. cant they just aerate and filter it?

  14. I've been cleaning the bathroom and shower with green tea extract, cause I got tired of being nauseous from the bleach… Vinegar or citric acid/lemon juice works miracles on lime scales and should basically also disinfect.

  15. ''Essential oils may disrupt normal hormonal
    activity'' 'https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321262.php
    You can use Hydrogen peroxide or Sodium bicarbonate .
    At concentrations of 5% and above was found to be the most effective with 4 log(10) (99.99%) reduction in FCV titers on food contact surfaces within a contact time of 1 min. The virucidal efficacy of sodium bicarbonate was enhanced when it was used in combination with aldehydes or hydrogen peroxide.
    PS.In Greece where I live we also use olive oil soap ..witch is enough efficient

  16. Bleach is a severe asthma trigger for me, just a few minutes in a room with it and I have chest pain for hours afterwards. So, I've just had to use other products for years now. I figured a few extra of those .9's on the end aren't worth it for me, but good to hear the bleach free brands can work just as well.

  17. Can you please do a video on the health benefits of eating fresh parsley?

    We know about kale & spinach, but what about parsley?

  18. But should we aim for 99% or higher in normal household situations? Hospitals, people who prepare chicken or those who have impaired immune systems may need high standards. But the general public? I for one get eczema from essential oils. And what about leaving the skin biome alone?

  19. Thanks for sharing! I’ve wondered about seventh generation cause I use lots of their products cause I’ve seen other sources say it’s good. I always feel better with a Dr. Gregor approval 🌱

  20. I found when I was a little kid that I'm allergic to beach. If I was doing my chores and cleaning with it, anywhere it came in contact with my skin would break out with a rash. I wonder why you don't cover over allergies from bleach and other common household cleaners.

  21. But how does it do on mould? I tried water, vinegar, alcohol, and drops of TTO for that and it didn't work. I used a very mild bleach water and it killed the mould. I don't like using even mild beach, and I have used vinegar and water, but also have used 7th gen disinfectant thyme product as well. I don't like the smell that much, but its better than TTO. I've never liked the smell of that.

  22. I'd be more interested to know if thyme oil cleansers disinfect norovirus specifically. I worked at a hospital years ago that kept having repeat norovirus outbreaks until they switched back to bleach based cleansers from environmentally friendly ones. I don't know if the environmentally friendly ones contained thyme oil or not.

  23. Warning=listening to this guy can make you afraid to eat/use/do just about anything and everything. This will lead to a very poor quality of life. Do what you enjoy and try and get over the fear of death. The following link will help you to accomplish this and there's no charge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nooxNMTWhrg

  24. What about straight vinegar. That's what I clean my house with now. How does it compare?
    And also straight hydrogen peroxide?

  25. If the bleach solution was about $3 and the natural thyme solution was $7 and the diy tea tree oil was under $1; it'd be great to see how the diy tea tree oil solution performed if $3 of tea tree oil was put in the solution and how different it would be if $7 of tea tree oil was used in the solution. That would've been more useful to see. I mean a drop or two of tea tree oil that leaves a few percent of bacteria alive is still effective on a cost basis considering the other solutions cost 300% and 700% more. It seems that might be the way to go if it is indeed effective.

  26. is the bleach used in the study straight bleach or diluted? because I could definitely see a respiratory problem with constantly using straight bleach to clean your house.

    Also wondering about a DIY thyme oil effectiveness or DIY tea tree with a stronger tea tree component.

  27. So glad to see you do videos on cleaning products and other non food health topics! So many concerns and there is so much misinformation out there. Couldn't find intelligent discussion on the actual science… Until now

  28. What's the thing with the club soda? It is just water with some carbon dioxide, that will soon evaporate when you stir it with the other ingredients. Why not just dilute the vinegar with water? I do not think that the carbon dioxide would sofocate the bacteria, but I'm not really sure.

  29. On my ceramic clawfoot tub I was ignorant and used bleach. Bleach left a rusty stain that I thought was impossible to remove. The landlord was about to throw out the tub until I discovered a DIY concoction of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and BAKING SODA. I made this paste and applied it to the tub and let sit for 40 minutes. Last, I rinsed it down. Behold! the tub was pure white again! It removed the stains that the bleach was making. It's as though the bleach was "burning" the ceramic surface. This begs the question what about Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking soda DIY to the test?

  30. Bleach is effective. Add about a tablespoon to a large spray bottle with water. After cleaning grease or soap scum off, spray to disinfect. Spray in the tub or shower, turn on the exhaust fan or open the window, close the door and leave it until it's dry. If it smells funky when you come back in, it did its job. Rinse, and if it's bad, do it again. You should get a more pure bleach smell like a swimming pool, rather than a funk. Adjust the sprayer to spray not so fine, more of a stream as to not atomize it so much. Don't breathe it, and if you get it on your hands, immediately apply lemon, or lime juice, vitamin c powder or grapefruit seed extract. It will immediately negate the smell and slick feeling from your fingers. Don't ever use it full strength!

  31. I wonder y DIY cleaners using coastal soup or sal suds soap was not mentioned but o well maybe next time..those seem to do a very good job with no real smell . ^_~
    If u read this ty but I don't reply to anyone seeing as I have less drama that way.

    Reply if ur dense lol. 😛

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