62 thoughts on “Do We Overshare on Social Media? (Ft. Kevin Plachy) | The Valleycast, Ep. 96

  1. Wow i actually love that the ad read was in nature and was so beautifuly shot gave me something to look at, i actually didn't skip this one!

  2. Y’all I’m fans of yours, but three white men saying they don’t care about politics shows how much privilege you actually have. You don’t have the government actively trying to take away your rights. I don’t like politics but I have to care. Our system is designed to serve white men, so what happens doesn’t actually threaten your rights in any way. Glad you’re paying attention, don’t stop even if Trump gets booted.

  3. I guess if you dont pay the ransom, you dont get any content. A channel for those with money only, nice guys reaaal nice.

  4. i think the difference between eliot's couple vlogs and start up relationship vlogers. might be that eliot and his gf already had youtube carrers, and online identities before they started doing the videos, its not their whole income, or business.
    people who start yt as family or couple vlogers dont have other yt identities and carrers outside of those vlogs. without the vlogs, chances are they wont have much

  5. I like the serious discussions, but can we get back to the funny sometime soon? Like, I get it. Big changes, and processing still is happening, but you all were a highlight to my week with your comedy. As much as I like all of you, you're not my go to for introspection and reflection. That's not in your strongest skill set, no offense intended. It's just not the brand, ya know?

  6. Oh Joe. I guarantee if his fatigue is that bad it doesn’t matter that he’s younger than you. I have major fatigue from MS and it’s the worst feeling ever. It’s nothing like “being tired”.

  7. I have a take as regards the title: I don't think we overshare, I think we share more but also the things we share have less context. It's hard to say because fundamentally it's just a larger scale version of town gossip ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. Do the political podcast! I’m just like you both (mildly ignorant but somewhat interested) ((that’s kind of a good name too)).

  9. Addison's sucks, and is often not diagnosed until quite late because it's rare enough and the symptoms start out generalized enough that there are so many other things it could be. Shoutout to Boo for being a great companion for our friend through rough times and good ones.

    People need to understand that veterinarians and veterinary staff have some of the highest suicide rate in North America – because we see what pups like Boo go through, and what their owners go through to try to help them. They aren't in it for the money (in fact, new veterinarians get paid less than teachers for being a GP, specialist, dentist, etc, and having tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, with 6-12 years of university under their belt).

    Get your pets checked, folks. And listen to your veterinarians.

  10. I found this episode super thoughtful and engaging; from Kevin, to the ads, and the discussion in general. Big fan of this one, and this style of episode overall.

  11. Elliott: we are taking a week to go around the country
    me: I know you're not coming to the east coast you don't have to lie 🙁

  12. This episode was great. The vulnerability was courageous and admirable. Regarding future podcast….Politics = divisive. Yikes guys, risky. I think a different type/theme would give better returns. Topic for an episode is great anytime but for a whole new podcast series on this channel seems off brand and somehow limiting. But the podcasts have been great so far so I have faith

  13. My dad always says with the social media censorship conundrum is to ask this, "Are social media sites platforms or publishers? A platform is one thing and a publisher is another. They each have different rules and regulations for censorship. Define what social media sites are, have it written as public knowledge to define how we treat social media." So, what is Youtube, a platform or is Google a publisher of content? It's that grey area that must be defined.

  14. I'm 25, and I've had many diagnosed and undiagnosed chronic illnesses for more than 15 years now. I completely related to the beginning of the podcast. After never finding answers, the most beneficial words I can give to anyone else dealing with a similar struggle is to stop trying to diagnose and treat, but instead learn to cope 🙏

  15. I think Kevin is super cute. I think I saw him on Mike Falzone's channel on random little shorts. I was super happy when he joined The Valleyfolk team and when I saw his edits I thought they were super funny. He is very talented, and I am interested to see him on camera more but I know he's really good behind the scene too. I am interested to know his long term goals, will he stay with The Valleyfolk forever, or is this a stepping stone to something else.

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