Do You Need a Gimbal?

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Alright, first things first, for those of you who are just interested in the test footage for this video,
jump to this timecode now and you can sort of skip the whole intro. I’m out
here today and I’m testing out the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, I think it’s called. A
short time ago I did a couple of clips on my iPhone 11 and sent them to some
friends and they were like, “wow, the video quality is really good on that” and they made me
think, I wonder whether or not I could get more of my content done more
easily using just my phone rather than using kind of heavy camera equipment and
you know something that’s a bit less portable. But then I started thinking
well what about stabilization and stuff and what I want to do today really is
just compare the stabilization of the iPhone 11 Pro and the stabilization of
using the same phone but with a gimbal. Let’s get this set up. The great thing about
this is it comes folded up like this so it doesn’t take up too much space.
It is an extra thing to carry with you but if the results are good then it’s
definitely worth it. So hold this like this and the first thing I
need to do is get the phone placed in here with the DJI logo to
the top and the camera to the top left of that but roughly in the middle and hook
this over. The first next thing I do on here is line up the back so you’ve got
the back sort of balanced properly as well. I think it’s one of the things that
isn’t always mentioned in videos relating to setting this up is kind of
getting these two aligned so they’ve got the same distance between these two
spots here. Then we need to roughly balance the phone so that it’s not kind of
leaning to one side when I let go of it which it massively is at the moment see
when I let go of that it’s hugely going to one side let’s try like that okay so a
little bit a bit more. Yeah, perfect. If it doesn’t move like that that’s
absolutely spot-on so now if I turn it on it should just go up. Then switch it to landscape mode. Good, now we’re ready to go! Thanks very much for watching. If you’re
interested in the Osmo 3, I’ll put links in the description. If you’ve got
any questions, put them in the comments. I try and get round to answering them within about 24 hours if I know the answer. Thanks a lot and I’ll see you
soon. so before we set up this we were asked
you to run now if I want to try and keep up with you right no you’re not really
in there in the right game you’re your beige jacket because what I want to try
and do is just sort of keep up with you with the camera and okay couple of takeaways someone’s running
you know a lot of the stuff that DJI put out about product there can be they’ve
conveniently got people filming on skateboards but the reality is everybody
can ride a skateboard and I just kind of think in normal usage you trying to keep
out of it the time I keep stealthy behind me

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