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What do you want to do right after you’ve ridden the Millennium Falcon? You want to have lunch here at Docking Bay 7. I’m going to show you everything you need to know from the perspective of a plus-sized person or someone with mobility or accessibility concerns. Welcome to Pammie Plus Parks. I am Pammie, your plus-size fairy godmother and today we’re going to take a look at all the seating available for Docking Bay 7 and we’ll take a look at the food, we’ll see how easy it is to move around the restaurant as well if you’re in a wheelchair or ECV. And if there are any sensory or cognitive concerns you may want to be aware about, we’ll share that with you. Docking Bay 7 is just across from Smuggler’s Run. Over here is a ramp and then off to the side over here, there are some stairs. There is some outdoor seating. As you can see, it’s got very sturdy, nice wide seats and the tables do have umbrellas. Let’s have a quick look at this menu. They have Smoked Kadu Ribs, which are just basically sticky pork ribs. Roasted Endorian Tip Yip salad, which is marinated chicken with mixed greens. Yob Shrimp Noodle Salad is chilled shrimp marinated noodles and vegetables. The Felucian Garden spread is vegan…. it’s plant-based kefte, herb hummus, tomato-cucumber relish and pita. Braised Shaack Roast is beef pot roast, cavatelli pasta, wilted kale and mushrooms. And the Fried Endorian Tip Yip is crispy chicken, roasted vegetable, mashed potatoes and herb gravy. They also have a kid’s menu of the Yob Shrimp noodle, Youngling Salad tastes of Tokondana and Fried Enorian Tip Yip Youngling Meal. They have a couple of desserts as well, Oi Oi Puff is a raspberry cream puff. Batuu Bons, which is chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse. They also serve breakfast here as well, but we are going to be enjoying lunch today. It does look like it’s pretty good. They have some nice specialty drinks too. Alright, let’s have a look at the Docking Bay 7 lunch and dinner allergy friendly menu Gluten free, wheat allergy friendly. There’s 3 entrees there. Under milk allergy friendly. There’s four items there. Tree nut allergy friendly has six things available. Egg allergy, there are three entrees. Fish and shellfish…Holy cow…there’s tons of stuff in here… looks like it’s basically the whole menu. Peanut allergy friendly ….Wow… lots of things are peanut allergy friendly! And there’s even fish allergy friendly and soy allergy friendly items. They also have an allergy free menu for breakfast. I’m just going to give it a little scan here for you to take a look at it. I am really impressed with all of the allergy friendly options on their menu. Tons and tons of great stuff! They’ve done a fantastic job of putting together a menu that works for so many different people. Good job! Let’s go in and get something for ourselves! Just inside the entrance, there’s this gate that you can enter if you’re in a ECV, wheelchair or you have a stroller. I usually like to go to lunch early. It’s 11 AM and I’ve been in line for about 10 minutes already and there’s a really long line ahead of me. I would imagine if you’re planning on eating here if they have mobile ordering available, I would definitely take advantage of that. Mobile ordering isn’t available today it’s a pass holder preview day. But yeah, you definitely want to see if you can get mobile ordering if it’s available because this is quite the line at 11 a.m. Here are the registers and just above them you see the menu boards. This is the area where you pick up your food. This counter space reminds me very much of Satu’li Canteen in Pandora at Animal Kingdom. Here’s one of the different workstations that are located throughout the restaurant. One of the cast members here is able to take trays from you dispose of food. And if you need help finding a table, they can even assist with that. There’s a number of different options for tables here. This one’s a lower table which is wheelchair and ECV accessible. It also has stools that move in and out. There’s a lot of counter seating for people who are dining on their own. I’m at one of the high top tables, sitting on one of the chairs. I had no trouble getting into this chair and I am actually wearing my backpack right now… … my backpack is adding another eight to ten inches of thickness to my body and I still fit the seat. If I didn’t have the backpack on and sat all the way back in the seat, there’d be even more room. There are even larger dining table areas for bigger family parties. This is what the infant high chairs look like. Even this fixed booth seating area has a table that will pull in and out from the booth to accommodate people of all sizes. The high ceilings in this restaurant and the hard concrete surfaces make noise bounce around a lot in here. It can get very noisy but on a day like today when it’s not too terribly busy, it’s actually not that bad. There are little pods like this There’s a pod door that doesn’t close, and seating in here that’s a little more and closed off and a little bit quieter. There’s actually four tables in here…. …but there are people sitting in the table on the far right so I won’t film them. I wanted you to see these empty tables… …note that the tables are pedestal tables that can be pulled in and out away from the fixed booth to make room for people of all sizes. On the edge of the dining room they have something they call a hydration station. You can use these hydrators to refill your water bottle or it’s a great place to pop in for a free cup of water without needing to stand in line at a register. I kinda want to show you the fit of the booth here. I weight 327 pounds and I wear U.S. Women’s size 28 or a 3 through 5x. I am usually most comfortable in Size 28 and 4x. I have about a hands width available between me and the table I’m not right on top of the table. I didn’t have to squeeze in. I slipped in very easily. It looks like all the fixed chairs in here, including the high-top chairs and the lower chairs have the same amount of distance between the back of the chair and the table so they look to be accessible for plus size people. Okay, let’s see we’ve got here. We have the Fried Endorian Yip Tip and then this is a …. I don’t remember what they called it …. ….something mashed….. it is mashed potatoes with vegetables. There is a little bit of bit of gravy in the bottom, a light gravy. This is the Oi Oi Puff. Basically what this is is some sort of a raspberry puff dessert. This looks like wasabi. Do you know what that is? There appears to be a buttercream frosting and some sort of a chocolate wafer with the Black Spire Outpost symbol embossed on it. Then, of course, you have a little bit of the raspberry preserve off to the side…actually it is raspberry puree. I also got myself some Moof Juice, which is some kind of a citrus punch. And because I need a little bit of caffeine today, I also got myself a large Coke Zero. Okay This entire meal, two drinks, a dessert and an entree came to $34.01. The only flatware they gave me was this fork. You do get real dishes and real silverware but no knife. I’m gonna have to make this work. All right, first things first, it’s gonna try the Moof Juice. It’s flat. It’s not sparkling. Very refreshing. Definitely citrus based. Kind of a little bit of a grapefruit flavor, a little bit of an orange juice flavor …. a little bit of mango. I’m not really sure exactly all the juices in it, but it’s pretty tasty. Okay. Here’s the chicken…. The gravy that’s on here is sort of green The chicken is pretty good. It’s surprisingly tender and surprisingly moist considering it’s just a block of white breast meat chicken. The seasoning on the outsides a little bit peppery, but not bad. That green gravy/sauce is actually a little bit spicy. It’s yummy and I like it. I’m gonna try the mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes remind me a lot of a shepherd’s pie type of mashed potato. A little bit thicker and heartier… and it has peas and carrots mixed in with it.
Now that I’m thinking about it, that green sauce tastes a little bit like it has a slight jalapeno flavor to it and a little bit of cilantro. Not heavy with cilantro. I don’t like cilantro but I like this. Now it ‘s time to dig into this Oi Oi Puff. Inside the puff pastry is a little bit of a raspberry cream. The topping is a very light whipped topping that has a citrus flavor to it. That topping has a very strong tangerine-lemon flavor to it. This green stuff that looks like wasabi is actually cake. The inside of this desert is almost like a bread texture. There’s this raspberry cream right in here. There’s a lemony-tangy topping. If you like a heavier cake, if you like citrus flavors…that dessert is going to be very appealing to you. I tend to really love things that are chocolatey and a little more sweet but I just had to try it this because it looked so cool. Even though the custardy center of that dessert and the fruity flavors really are not my bag, it is really delicious and very well-put-together. It’s such a nice dessert for the quick-service restaurant. I’m very impressed with it. If you do enjoy those textures and flavors, that dessert is going to be out of this world for you. After having a couple of bites of the chicken and that green sauce, I think it’s actually a chile sauce. A green chile sauce. Again, it is flavorful…. but it is not hot…. seasoned but not hot. This is a nice solid meal. Mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, fried chicken … stuff that you’re familiar with But the seasoning of the chicken is really good. It’s really moit. It’s a nice hearty, thick block of white meat chicken. and that sort of green chile sauce with it…. …takes it up a notch. So you’re looking at things are familiar foods to Americans, but taking it to another level and making it that much nicer. So considering this is a quick service restaurant Especially at Disney. This food is …. above the cut. I think it’s really good and I’m going to enjoy eating here again. I’m looking forward to trying all of the other dishes. As I was exiting the restaurant I found this lovely courtyard area where you can eat outdoors that also has a wheelchair-accessible tables. Well, I have to say that was delightful dining experience, I really enjoyed the food I thought the quality was out of this world. I’m especially impressed with that wonderful allergy free menu. There seems to be plenty of accessible seating and every bit of seating seems to be plus size friendly … and that’s amazing! I hope all your meals are magical … in the meantime, check out all the other videos I’ve selected for you for Disney dining.

33 thoughts on “Docking Bay 7 Review | Food Allergy, Plus Size & Accessible | Disney Dining

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  2. Docking Bay 7 accepts the Disney Dining Plan and mobile ordering is currently available. Visit Disney's official website for full menu listings including allergy menus

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