12 thoughts on “Doctor explains allergy to cold weather

  1. Not having to constantly cover up those horrendous hives, and feeling that healthy, smooth skin is great! Besides from the hype surrounding it, there’s a really good chance that Shane Zormander's can help you as well, and expect to be hive free within weeks, not months.

  2. I have the same allergic reaction too. I’ve had it for 7 years. It’s really tough because I always have to cover up in the winter. Hopefully I grow out of it and hopefully your son does too🙏

  3. Your poor little guy is not alone! I know how he feels, it's an annoyance, I was allergic to the cold when I was a young teenager. I got red itchy hives and swelling and in some cases it was harder to breathe and I also had wheezing. I would make sure to bring something like reactine before going outside. I hope his symptoms decrease as he gets older like it decreased for me. I think people all over the world can have these symptoms regardless where they live. I grew up in Canada, by lake Huron but the first time my cold allergy occurred was during my summer vacation in an outdoor swimming pool in Germany.

  4. My husband is 60 years old and his first episode was about 4 years ago. If he gets out of the shower and the AC is on it can trigger hives and itching. One time this happened and he came to me and said he felt sick and there were a lot of hives on his back and stomach. He told me that he thought he would go to the ER. I almost didn't go with him but decided I would. Am I glad I did! We didn't get 3 miles from our house when it was like a profuse explosion of vomiting. Of course I was driving. He said he felt imminent death. He had me to call our daughter so he could tell her that he loved her. The ER dr gave him Epinephrine If I remember correctly. This allergy can cause you the same reactions as with a bee sting or a food allergy. Please know that this can happen at any age and, at any time.

  5. Ive had cold uticaria since before they had a name for it. I missed so much school, had to stay in at recess, can't eat cold foods/ drinks, ac or even cool weather during summer nights, not just cold. 1st time I was 7 years old swimming at the beach & 5 minutes in my body began burning like on fire. Then itchy bright red & very noticable hives all over, way worse than that girl. Plus my hands/ fingers swell to the point they turn purple & white and you cant even bend them and the burning pain is beyond anything ive ever felt before (& I've had 2 babies naturally, no meds) by the time I reached my towel though I seen spots, vomited then passed out. That became a frequent occurence for me seeing we lived in New England. Ive been laughed at & called a liar, even by teachers. Its terrible! No matter how much you layer clothes it NEVER helped & I can't use a cool compress or ice pack to this day and ive sprained, broken, and fractured tons of bones. I was and still am a prisoner in my own body and home.

  6. I hate this….I get hives too in cold weather n joint pain sometimes….My body is itching bad asl🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. I don’t get the same bumps as the boy, but I get acne always in the winter ? Can someone please tell me if that’s the same allergy ? Excuse my English

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