100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to Reckless Medical Memes #11

  1. I stood up for a better view during my wife's c-section. EVERY nurse in the room freaked out and reached for me until the anesthesiologist told them I was okay and had asked if I could stand. Lol

  2. Mike: Eat a doctor a day to keep the apple away
    Me: I'd eat that doctor everyday 😏😊😳😳😳🥴🥴🥴🤭🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫

  3. Humans are the only animals that could pass out just from the thought of what is happening. It also shows you the gravity and importance of a child to a man (women aren't doubted in this respect whilst men often are) when he is so nervous or excited at the prospect of being a father, that he literally passes out.

    Also, as someone who works in the technology industry with phones it is really interesting to hear how similar the steps are for doctors. Where we might run a diagnostic to determine the battery life, or perhaps clear the data of certain aspects to maintain good function, doctors literally troubleshoot their patients.

    Its all about whittling down the options by asking questions or trying things that give you a sense to where the real issue is coming from. Problem is, sometimes you just have to do a factory reset.

    Also, also. I've never taken medicine in my entire life. I've always been of the mindset that it is more natural to allow myself to suffer and that this will engender a faster recovery. I've also been lucky enough to never have to go into hospital for anything major/never had any illness or disease.

  4. 6:08 also you don't take in as much of the educational content of doctor Mike's videos if you're tired, so it kind of defeats the purpose. Sleep, people!

  5. I had my yearly check up a month or so ago and I have a bad history in my family of cervical cancer, I’ve also recently switched primary docs, she was the FIRST medical professional to tell me it was very likely because the HPV vaccine wasn’t being used yet… This doc calmed so many of my anxieties that my other doc didn’t. So thankful for great primary care doctors!!

  6. The headache meme was so accurate!! My son has chronic migraines and we go through a list of possible causes each time

  7. "The best way to prevent skin cancer is to stay out of the sun, shade, covering yourself.."

    Yeah, those certain mofos that wanna make fun of us goths for using parasols out in the sun smh

    Not gonna risk skin cancer just to fit in with your perception of "normal" lol

  8. Idk, the coronavirus didnt spook me cuz when I first learned about less than 500 ppl were affected and it came from the middle of China. Awareness is good but hyper awareness to me just didn't make a whole lot of sense. Now that I understand it's a new form of the virus and it's either your body fights it off or you die I understand the hype. Yet statistically, the majority of us will be fine, especially with all the measures that are in place. I think it's good the measures are in place based on the nature of the virus and not the number of infected. I didn't realize it all worked that way and I think we can take comfort and security in that the WHO is prepared for these types of scenarios.

  9. Dr. Mike: make sure its something you're good at aNd make sure its something that makes money

  10. Dr Mike: Please sleep I want you to watch my video when you wake up fresh-
    Me awake at 3:30 AM: No I don’t think I will

  11. 7:00 – Yeah no. There is no proof on the HPV thing and there is tons of proof that humans modifying things they don't comprehend and refuse to test long term always leads to greater harm. https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/76199/new-study-explains-why-its-uncertain-if-the-hpv-vaccine-even-prevents-cervical.html

  12. Dr Mike: "I don't think it's millennials that are whining…"
    Me: "Yeah!"
    Dr Mike: "I think it's Gen Z!"
    Me, a Gen Z: "wait what"

  13. I didn't get the HPV shot, only shot I didn't get, I was the first group of teenagers going for the vaccination, my mom said to me, I don't want you to be a guinea pig, I need more information, But if you want to you can get the shot and I will go with you..

    A couple months later I learned that there were problems with infertility.. and weeks after tge first call for vaccination I got an ovarian cyst..

    Not from the shot though, because I didn't get it, but If I took the shot and then got the ovarian cyst I probably would've thought it was from the shot..
    So it was probably for the better..

    I can't recieve vaccins now due to 7 different illnesses but when my immune system will get a tiny bit stronger, I will probably get it…

  14. Another great way to avoid the sun is to use your umbrella. In the summer time I just pretend that it's a parasol (and that I'm wearing a hoop skirt).

  15. 100% on the gen z making millennials look bad… I have to explain the time line of generation to people because they are my age complaining about millennials.
    I'm like "dude, we are millennials"🤦‍♀️

  16. Can I just say, I've been fainting my entire life, mostly when I stand for a long time, or when I get really nervous or anxious about something. I googled the condition at 1:47 because Dr. Mike's explanation hit close to home, and I was shocked to discover I match most of the symptoms and triggers. Is it possible that I have this condition? I didn't know there was a name for it. I've been to several doctors since I was a child (this started happening to me when I started elementary school) and they've all said I'm perfectly fine. I've explained what and how I feel when this happens to me, but I was never diagnosed with anything. Up until now I used to just refer to this as my "anxiety thing" because I didn't know what to call it.

  17. I'm red headed and burn so easily that I've started carrying around a small umbrella for not only rain but sun as well lol my pathophysiology professor gave me a weird look during a class outing once when I applied sunscreen then took out my umbrella 😂😂😂

  18. How about the stuff from Goop paired with help from medical professionals??? I don’t see how eating healthier, knowing about your body, and doing specialized meditation hurts…

  19. Question about fevers. I know it's your body fighting off the virus and in most cases, students at schools in US aren't allowed to go home if they don't vomit or have a fever. I had a student the other day at school and he looked AWFUL but because he didn't have a fever the school refused to send him home. Is there good reasoning for it? If you're sick, you're sick.

  20. Hey can i ask you for help ?
    A boy jump on my back when we were going daun a hill with his shane and I feel off it I can't move good can you tell me something that can help?
    (Mom don't think i,m for hospital but I still feel really bad pain )

  21. ? about fevers, I have a 9 yr old and literally anytime she's had a fever and been seen they immediately give ibuprofen. Why? if body is naturally fighting off whatever with the fever.

  22. I don't understand why people are freaking out over the coronavirus when the flu viruses have killed way more people and your not seeing anyone freaking out over that. The two people from the Chicago area that had the coronavirus were released from the hospital a couple days ago and are doing fine. The media really needs to give it a rest, they are causing people to over react and panic to try and get everyone to keep clicking on anything with the coronavirus written on it. You should legit be more concerned about influenza than you should about the coronavirus.

  23. I never understood why people HAD to watch videos right when they're posted. They're not going anywhere…do your homework, study, and sleep before watching that video.

  24. Hey @Doctor Mike ! I've recently been diagnosed with crohns disease and csnt find many good videos explaining what it is, do you think you could make one ?

  25. Mike: story about headache research
    My doctor to me when I’m visiting for my headache for the 4th time: ibuprofen!

  26. Man, Dr.Mike has attacked the pumpkin spice latte community, the anti vaxxers, the essential oils community and now the gen zs! Lol what's next?!

  27. The way we knew grandma was having a stroke was because she missed her mouth when eating & drinking. Someone call 911 for Dr. Mike!

  28. Dr Mike: I don't think it's Millenials that are whining

    Me: where are you going with this?

    Dr Mike: I think it's Gen Z

    Me (a 19 yr old Gen Z): Ok yeah, that's fair

    Nice English joke at the start btw 🤣

  29. My friend: Why are you drinking coffee at 8pm?
    Me: You know how cammolie tea makes you sleepy?
    Friend: Yeah…
    Me: That's coffee for me.
    Friend: How-
    Me: ADHD.

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