100 thoughts on “Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

  1. … it needs more than an appel. 🍓🍅🍒🍏🍐🍆🥑🍇🥜🌰🌽🥦🌶🥥🍎🍏 it's the food!!

  2. Of course the saying was coined in the late 1800s when everyone was already eating an organic diet, smaller portions with few if any additives in their foods (except for canned food) and most people were eating lots of fresh organic produce grown locally! Even if they were eating meat and had baked goods every once in a while, their diets were FAR CLEANER than what the average American consumes a day. So an apple a day then, may have been all that was needed to see difference in their health. Of course the study ignored this very important factor.

    Today the average American would probably need to eat Apples an entire day and nothing else each week to make a difference if he was eating the standard chemical laden dehydrating cooked junk food diet the other six days to make a difference.

  3. My doctor says he feels guilty for charging me for check ups. He says I am his healthiest patient currently.

  4. I'd like to see a comparison between the standard "apple" with 40+ pesticide treatments a year versus bio apples.

  5. Yes, Red Delicious apples are cheap, but they are the Iceberg Lettuce of apples. They are inferior in flavor and textures to almost every apple out there. The Honeycrisp has become very popular, and it is a good apple, but I contend that a Honeycrisp is just a rockier version of a Macintosh, which is still the best for balancing tartness and sweetness. My all-time favorite is the little known Ida Red (a child of the Jonathan and the Wagener). Sadly, the Ida Red has a very tiny window of peak flavor and texture, especially texture, as it gets mealy quickly. Supposedly it keeps for a long time, but "not rotting" is different from "tasting good". I haven't been able to find an Ida Red for over 30 years now. It is no longer an apple for me, but a memory of an apple.

  6. What is amazing apples is how well they store . I have Fuji apples now that taste fresh picked …..easy to eat an apple a day

  7. I eat an apple every day, also eat raw food exclusively. After 18 years of eating this way I have only been to the Doctor once in 18 years and that was for a shoulder injury.

  8. to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, within the current economic system, a patient healed is a customer lost https://youtu.be/GvkchZADaaA

  9. I've been having sex with an apple a day – Am I doing it right? I seem to be keeping everyone away, including the Doctors – feeling absolutely chipper though, ^oo^

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  11. Now talk about why apples brown, and how that process is actually good for us. GMO Non-browning apples were recently approved for sale in the US. I wonder what the effects of that will be?

  12. Is a black hole created when a doctor manages to grab an apple? And does Dr. Greger eat apples?

  13. would eating applesauce containing 100% apple yield the same results? Raw apples give me oral allergy syndrom

  14. I'll take apples over statins. My mother ruined her old age by using statins which wreck her leg muscles.

  15. My absolute favourite fruit since very early age! Just more than one a day… my most addictive food 😋 (weird, hey? But can’t help it… love it!).

  16. It does. Apples are so expensive, after eating them everyday, I had no money left to pay doctors so I could not visit them.

  17. How do you differentiate people who eat an apple a day that may generally have healthier behaviors and more aware of what they eat than people who don’t eat apples?

  18. on the other hand make sure u keep eating cooked food
    so u do have to visit the doctor every now and then
    god forbid they'd get unemployed

  19. I consider an: “apple a day keeps the doctor away” as an a priority fact needing no research to convince me of its truthfulness. This is one instance when I will take a pass on the empirical method. But, it should also be logical and common sense knowledge that an “apple a day“ cannot erase the sins of a bad diet containing garbage such as processed foods, unpronounceable chemicals, and of course meat, cheese, eggs, milk and all animal flesh/products/secretions! Also, as beneficial as one apple
    in-itself is, we can think of it as an analogy for plant. Apple=plant-based died. And now I will leave you with the famous quote: Two apples a day keeps 2 doctors away! Except for Dr. Gregor, of course, who seems to be drawn towards those of us holding an apple!

  20. Then poor people must be the major consumers of apples since they never go to the doctor. This is stupid.

  21. The fallacy here is that visits to the doctor and good health are in some kind of mathematical inverse relation. That should be insulting to the people who listen to this quack, because he clearly thinks you are idiots.

  22. Well, to be fair, if you get an Apple product a day, you won't have money to afford the doctor, therefore he stays away

  23. I love the sarcasm about eating an apple being too much work. Trust me, where I live that is very true for most people. They would rather take the pill and be done with it. Unfortunately it much easier to dial up Dominoes than it is to make a salad for folks here.

  24. I would like to see some warning in videos when you recommend stuff to diabetics, that transplant patients get a different kind of diabetes similar to Type 2 but the anti-rejection drugs do more damage that what type 2 does, cellcept, prograf and prednisone , each medication does it's own damage, we all know about prednisone , but Cellcept and Prograf , one interfere with the pancreas , the other interfere with B cells, so transplanted patients who have diabetes caused by the drugs, will never be able to reverse the diabetes regardless how hard they try, as none of the diets work because of the drugs, I hope all the doctors who recommend diets and other things should have a warning that these diets do not apply to transplant patients.

  25. And hey Doc, 3:00 If even the cheap apple of 1890 was organic non-gmo when the original study was done to create their old popular expression.

  26. Good thing people aren't eating an apple a day or apples would cost $40 an apple and pills would cost $1

  27. Technically it doesn't cost more to eat an apple a day than taking statins because drug costs are extra but you have to eat. So the apple is just replacing other food you would have spent money on. So net cost for an apple a day should be zero.

  28. Will a big piece of sugar keep the doctor away, hmmm 🤔 Think you'd better ask the dentist while you're at it.

  29. When I bite into an apple it always always gets stuck in my teeth. I think they should remove them stem, and replace it with a toothpick, and make the toothpick look like a stem 😝

  30. I eat an apple every day for at last 20 years and I haven´t visited a doctor all that time.
    Although, I have to add the fact that I have never been a smoker, no drugs, no alcohol, just rock ´n´ roll.

  31. Can you put some video on how to cook veggies and beans and legume ? As lots of people are changing from meat to veggies need good delicious recipe as you can’t eat raw or salad everyday.
    ( also benefits of onion seeds called Klonji in India )

  32. Apples make me insanely hungry. I can eat an apple of any size, and it makes me feel like I haven't eaten in days.

  33. Yes, lots of chewing with apples. I cut one up into bite size pieces into my oatmeal and it almost made it overflow. So, so much stuff! A very long breakfast indeed, but hey, no one said it was going to be easy, this staying healthy thing.

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  35. Why do complex things like eat plants when you can just pop some pills, what else is health insurance for…

  36. If you're eating an apple a day, then chances are that you are substituting it for some other food, and you ought to subtract off the cost of that food in the cost/benefit analysis. Probably this is beyond the ability of the researchers in the article to quantitatively measure this, but it is still a real effect.

  37. Apples are a part of the dirty dozen. They are toxic waste unless organic. Don't buy conventional apples !!! You might as well drink varsol , it's just as bad for you.

  38. If an apple a day does keep the doctor away, imagine what one could do with a bushel of apples and the doctor's wife!

  39. Back in the day, apples were 50x more nutritious than they are now. The quality and nutrients of food have declined over the years. Back then they didnt have access to doctors, so they ate super healthy..fruit veggies oats beans potatoes, peanuts etc. Health is a Choice in most cases, food that either heal or kill….SO, be careful what you put in your mouth. Dont wait until your hooked on medications to start. Eat to live, not live to eat. Fiber and water will fill you well, get plenty of both.together. dr greger is a smart man. Hes not afraid to speak the truth. May God bless dr Greger

  40. Western medicine has failed..they need to go back to the roots. Greed is an ugly thing, and God knows all of it and he will judge accordingly. Most poor people are healthier stronger and thinner than rich fat overfed people. This countrys problem is abundance. They have too much so they blow it on drugs boose mcDonalds chinese food etc. Money makes people more unhappy, its the root of evil. It is a tool to get things you NEED. Like food, water, house, clothes, soap, toothpaste… this teenage generation is supremely spoiled rotten, and they need guidance and council.

  41. You don't have to be a scientist to know that fruits and especially apples are very beneficial to the health. Fruits are is very convenient food.
    Nearly all of them can be eaten raw without any cooking. During their season are cheap for everyone. Many fruits can last for days or even weeks without any refrigeration.
    However most people of the western civilization prefer the meat. To be honest meat is more tasty for me.

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