Does Being Allergic To Cold Affect My Diet? || Vlogmas Day 19 [CC]

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Does Cold Urticaria affect your diet? Yes. [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Hello! Yes, weird filming spot, I know, but this is warm,
and I’m gonna talk about Cold Urticaria again. Hi! I have a condition Cold Urticaria and
it basically means that I am allergic to cold. That is why I am wearing all of the snowflakes.
Being allergic to cold affects my whole life, hence why I talk about it a lot. And one thing
I haven’t talked about is how Cold Urticaria affects my diet. Obviously, when you are allergic
to something, you avoid that thing. So I avoid eating cold foods, drinking cold drinks, and
handling cold foods. Avoiding eating these cold things will stop me from having itchy
mouth, itchy throat, and wheezing to an extent, and itchy hands from preparing or holding
or even getting the thing. I avoid things like ice cream, yogurt, salad straight from
the fridge, cold pasta, cold leftovers, refrigerated sandwiches- you know from the meal deals in
most supermarkets, milkshakes, iced coffee, etc. and when I say I avoid these things,
sometimes I feel rebellious or I just want something, or I am hungry and that’s all that
there is, or I’m out somewhere and I need to eat something and the only thing I can
get is a refrigerated sandwich. It is not the end of the world if I eat these things,
I just have to be wary of the consequences and be willing to accept them, and not complain
about it. Although I will complain about not being able to eat as much ice cream as I want
because I love ice cream. Anyway. Secondly, the medication that I take to manage my Cold
Urticaria affects what I can eat. So for example, with fexofenadine, that is affected by grapefruit.
I know, weird right? Well I’ve already spoken about this this month, and I will put a card
up there if you want to know more about why, and what happens, and what that means. It’s
a fun video I promise! Also the absorption of it is affected by heavy metals, which is
something that you don’t really think about and you don’t really thing you might be eating,
but a big one is indigestion relief. They contain the heavy metals that affect the absorption
of fexofenadine, so I think it’s aluminium, it says on the packaging in very big capital
that I can’t eat anything- or I shouldn’t eat anything, or I should be mindful of eating
anything that might give me heartburn or indigestion. Do I have a list of those foods? No I don’t,
that would be too easy. No diet will cure allergies. The only way to avoid allergies
really is an elimination diet which basically means don’t eat the food that you’re allergic
to, or at least try not to. People with multiple allergies, or unknown allergies, or mast cell
disorders, they might like to try special diets, so the autoimmune diet which isn’t
necessarily an allergy diet but lots of people have recommended that I try it. I’m not going
to. Or the low histamine diet, or the low FODMAP diet. There are so many diets out there
that might or might not suit your needs, but because I’m just avoiding cold, and my other
food allergies, I don’t see the need to limit all of my food. That’s not necessary at this
point, but if it ever becomes necessary, don’t worry, you’ll be the first to find out. I
wouldn’t recommend any specific diet, especially if it’s very restrictive if your cold urticaria
is well controlled or if it’s your only allergy, I just don’t see the point. And I did touch
on vitamin D being a useful supplement for if you have urticaria of any type, and I still
haven’t got through the research on this, I will at some point. But I think if that
is the case, or if you definitely have low vitamin D, just take a supplement for now,
or make sure that you eat foods that have high vitamin D. We don’t need to exclude things
that we’re not allergic to at this point. That is how cold Urticaria affects my diet,
I don’t know if that’s how it affects your diet, but there we go. Don’t forget to like
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and it’s 25 videos in 25 days. This is number 19 and boy am I proud of myself for getting
this far. See ya!

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  1. Remember that time at my wedding when I managed to cater for all of your food allergies, and even provided room-temperature drinks, and then completely ruined it by forgetting that giving you raspberry sorbet for dessert would trigger your cold urticaria? Ooooops! 😳

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