Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss | Dandruff Hair Fall | Responding To Your Comments

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Peter 1967 a the Gordon Ramsay of
pharmacy Peter thank you for your comment I’m a massive fan of Gordon
Ramsay actually I think it’s because of the white coat maybe that’s why you said
it but maybe I’m not as angry as him I don’t think I’m as angry I’m a lot nicer
than Gordon Ramsay speaking of Gordon Ramsay if anyone
hasn’t seen it the hot ones episode 1 today the hot wings that really spicy
watch the one with God runs in it is hilarious you won’t be disappointed
trust me hey guys welcome to another episode of
responding to your comments what we’re waiting for let’s dive in LJ oh you can
dandruff cause hair for LJ thank you for comment this is actually a really
popular question so hair growth from a dandruff irritated scalp can be weakened
because the cuticle so the outer surface isn’t protecting the hair as much so
it’s more likely to get damaged and break off so why would advise everyone
with dandruff even it’s really really difficult I understand is not to itch if
you each it’s gonna break more hairs there’s gonna be more hair falling yeah
and you’re gonna get really really worried so that’s my top tip and then
also try and treat the dandruff irritated scalp I made a video on this a
couple of months ago I think it’s had about four hundred five hundred thousand
views I leave a link here for you many people have found it helpful and so
watch it follow my tips and hopefully we’ll help Brandon Nano my doctor threw
me out my blood pressure was too high for him said come back when it’s lowered
hundred thanks for your comment I hope your blood pressure situation is fixed
now how high was it how was Italy this doctor said to leave did they do many
tests did you maple pressure tested do a 24-hour tests on you maybe it was high
because of white coat syndrome you know when a health care professional digital
pressure sometimes it is rather elevated compared to when you do at home when
you’re more relaxed and more comfortable so you’ve kind of got two options get a
new doctor or go back to your doctor and say I’m not leaving a few things my
blood pressure Lora Island great video but what about
talking to your nurse often it’s nurses in primary care starting metformin Laura
thank you for your comment I actually thought at this exact point you said
once we edited this video this was on a metformin video that we made
while ago and I thought to myself why didn’t I mention nurses more you know
nurses are the backbone of front mind of the NHS and actually more often than not
for diabetes stuff you will see a diabetes in their specialist they’re
like the backbone of diabetes treatment in the UK nurses have various different
helpful and needed roles and I truly appreciate the work do they do I myself
I work with many different nurses every day I work with plants nurse
practitioners like Jo for instance in the birth control video I work with
specialist nurses many different nurses and that knowledge is so useful they’re
always so helpful so if any nurses are watching thank you for all your hard
work cockney John having to use two spreads
to primary and hailer simply reduces the overall yield of the devices that means
you have to obtain or pay for another inhaler device after wasting some 20% of
the actual medication within the cylinder ignore the advice in this video
shake well make sure that the inhaler device is clean and clear and enjutsu
iced coffee John thank you for your comment this is a really good comment
actually and you’ve actually made me aware of something that I didn’t
actually think called before so the fact is 90% of people don’t use their
inhalers why whether the technique is wrong or they’re not crime when your
inhaler if you’re not doing these things right you’re not going to get the right
amount of medicine into your lungs and will give you worse off disease control
and you might actually have to visit hospital services or your doctors more
often because your asthma is in control and so when you prime your inhaler the
Chamber’s didn’t get filled properly so when you use it you’re gonna get the
right amount of medicine into your lungs now here’s a bit to answer your question
so you only actually need a primary inhale the first time use it when it’s
brand-new or if you haven’t used it for a while and what I mean by a while is it
will say in your information leaflet how long the while is that you need to prime
it again but here’s the secret bit that not a lot of people know about so when
you get an inhaler it will say for instance it has 200 doses and it has a
hundred dose it has 120 doses so that means it has 120 plus 200 plus insider
but the manufacturers all add a few extra puffs in there so you get that for
free I guess and that is for priming it’s not
actually on the counter thing so when you press it it will actually move for a
few goes I don’t if you have a nervous is when you’re using a halo it will say
like 200 but you have to use a few times for it to go sort of one ninety nine one
nine eight and down down down so they are for priming so you’re not actually
wasting anything and you’re not wasting your money technically Amarnath BK blood
pressure and diabetes are both based disease is created by corporates for
their income I’m gonna thank you for your comment I myself I’m probably the
rest of the healthcare community will disagree with you on this you know it’s
been proven high blood pressure damages blood vessels it increases your risk of
heart attack strokes heart disease kidney disease and many more and even if
you actually if you reduce your blood pressure to a normal level there’s a 30%
reduced chance of you getting a heart attack or a stroke and it’s a same with
diabetes you know if you have uncontrolled diabetes you’re a higher
risk of blindness you’re a higher risk of kidney disease heart attacks strokes
and loads more and the evidence is there there’s years and years of evidence that
show this that’s why we control the use of diseases so what I will do is that
leave you some links in the description below to some useful articles about
blood pressure or high blood pressure and diabetes when it’s uncontrolled and
maybe some research articles as well so that you can check them out and that’s
the end of this week’s responding to your comments episode I’m really loving
the interaction that we’ve got going on on YouTube and if I didn’t get back to
your comment then leave another comment and I try my best to get back to your
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42 thoughts on “Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss | Dandruff Hair Fall | Responding To Your Comments

  1. Patients always ask me if dandruff can occur in other areas also apart from the scalp?. Looking forward to herbal medicine video. No pressure 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  2. With so many providers in primary care what exactly is the role of a pharmacist vs nurse vs gp. Should pharmacists focus more on research and development?

  3. I like your videos but I do not like when you change your place second after second that confuses me and stop ones concentrating on the contents of your video darling

  4. Please Abraham ..I am a big fan of yours and I am requesting you to tell me about how to get rid of pimples on my face….I have messaged thrice

  5. I tried CBD for my anxiety issues and it actually cured my severe 20 year dandruff. I have told all my friends and family, they are blown away. Explanation please?

  6. Hey there! First of all thanks so much for sharing all that wonderful information! Now I have a question. What are those tiny black specs I'm seeing in my urine? There are no pain or other symptoms though! Is it something to concern about?

  7. Late to watching this video! Nevertheless it was a great video and I never knew that about the inhalers having a few extra doses!

  8. I’m 19 year old and my hair has been 3 years falling out I visited different doctors and I did blood test and the result was that for the thyroid (there is something in my body want to attack my thyroid ) I think the doctor meant that antibodies want to attack my thyroid and he says in the future My thyroid level will be low. Also, I did blood test for the ANA and the doctor told me that level of the ANA is a little bit high. But both Doctors said that is not the reason why my hair is falling out.
    Pls help me if you know anything that can help me to stop my hair from falling out.

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  11. Sir my age is 17 year and I'm facing hair fall problem so can it's normal or can it's telogen plz reply me…… Many tension on my mind

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  13. i used to have horrible dry scalp, but i started using head and shoulders and it really helped alot. but when if i ever dont have time to shower and dont get to for a day it starts itching so much. is this normal?

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  15. I have dandruff and hair fall.when my hair is falling at the end of it there is dandruff …it's from inside the scalp

  16. I have never had dandruff before. But ever since I have gotten lice. I had dandruff 😰😰😰 I wish I never had it. My hair was super healthy before

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