74 thoughts on “Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Human Life Expectancy?

  1. Hello
    I like so much tour videos in currently Nutrition studying and I hop reach your email I hope to continue my PhD in USA can you help me please

  2. Please always check if the study did not include any food in ‘fasting’ days. Some use 500kcal. Just focus on hours fasted.

  3. Please always check if the study did not include any food in ‘fasting’ days. Some use 500kcal. Just focus on hours fasted.

  4. So basically, the study you discussed is crap and doesn't provide any meaningful Information? Why bother making the Video?

  5. Let's see a study that compares the human G.I. tract to primates that shows they are nearly the same and points out the obvious — that humans are not eating a species appropriate diet and have been lied to about what that consists of. Needless to say, I won't hold my breath for that video.

  6. So basically – maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t, because the evidence isn’t clear enough and I leave the video being just as confused as I came into it.
    I wish there were some conclusions or advice on these videos because I after 10 of these fasting videos I still don’t know if you think we should do it or not and in which way.

  7. For the people freaking out about being confused – this is just one part of his webinar on fasting. He does go into further depth with fasting and circadian rhythm (early intermittent fasting) as the best proven method. i.e. Only eating breakfast and then a light lunch, then skipping dinner and fasting until the next morning.

  8. Got excited for a minute when I saw "human," and thought you were finally going to get to intermittent fastings effect on human growth hormone 🙂 So far none of the studies have actually been on fasted individuals ( ex: milk on fasted days on this study), and the only type of fast is alt-day. We need data on actual fasting intermittently.

  9. Interesting video, Dr. Greger. From what you have said it does seem that alternate day fasting may help lengthen a person's life.

  10. We evolved fasting at times as all animals do. It may have been helpful then, but with supermarkets and restaurants, we got off track.

  11. Interesting but seems inconclusive, to many variables or differences…..Thank you, enjoying all the stuff you're coming out with on fasting!
    Vegan whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  12. Wow the last video wasn't enough of a downer? we needed another that was like 'well it might work, but the data is crazy and there's not enough, and the people running it were probably biased…'

  13. Could it be possible that fasting is only beneficial for carnivores as they are not putting that bad crap in their mouths, whereas fasting maybe harmful for Vegans as they don't need the dietary restriction?????????????????????????????????? Is that why you get a lot of youtube vegans swapping to carnism after fasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My observational study.

  14. It's a shame that this study was made under the fascist government of Franco. The poor ancients didn¡t have the chance to choice to avoid the study. Perhaps today will be voluntaries for such a test, but surely, the subjets would want to be payed.

  15. 2:30 Dr. Greger doesn't mention the amount of antioxidants on fasting days as a potential explanation for less hospitalisation in the fasting group. Aging has a lot to do with oxidative damage – and eating fruits (= antioxidants) should affect that.

  16. Um, the title of this video says ‘intermittent’ fasting, which is not the same as alternate day fasting. So what about intermittent fasting? Is there anything on that, please? Or OMAD?

  17. Have you ever checked into this story about a man who at age 27 over 350 pounds fasted for over a year on coffee, tea and water? It was supposedly documented by medical doctors it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this. Here's a link in case you haven't heard of it before; Watch "A Man Who Refused to Eat for 382 Days and Lost 275 Pounds" on YouTube

  18. can you intermittant fasting where you just eat one meal a day. an apple, an ornage and a bannana is all i eat during this one meal

  19. Asthma is an inflammatory disease. Most of my inflammation responses are from food…wheat and dairy milk being the top two. It look me until my early 40's to realize this…so, for anyone with asthma, eat plants only, then deal with the animal hair, grass, molds, smoke, fragrances, or anything else you would take an antihistamine for. The biggest culprit is the food we eat. My allergies and asthma now is almost non existent, and I really wish I knew this sooner.

  20. This trial doesn't seem unethical to try again. Just some people who want to calorie restrict half the time

  21. Please look at intermittent fasting like 16/8 or 20/4 or even 23/1 without alternate day cycles. Haven't heard you mention autophagy once, which is like the main benefit of fasting isn't it?

  22. Why talk about a study with COI and waste our time? Also 900 calories of sugar isn't fasting. You should know that…

  23. so, I still feel confused about this. I'm on my 30s but want to know if I can go for this to keep my weight in the line since I love eating a high starchy diet. Thanks!

  24. Disappointed to see ZDoggMD talk about Vegan nutrition and “bad science” in his video on YouTube,
    Sure wish Dr. Greger could set him straight. Would love to see a rebuttal or even better an appearance on his talk show.


  25. Dear Dr. Gregor,

    I have a very important question to ask and would be extremely happy about any form of reply!
    I recently did a complete DNA/microbiome test, where they tested my gut bacteria and other gut markers.

    My markers generally speaking pretty good. They found out that my microbiome is dominated by the "Ruminococcus" bacteria. However, it turned out that I am laking some bacteria that I find to be pretty crucial. They categorized by vitamin producing (we are talking about b12 and K) bacteria, which seem to be close to non-existent, or even non-existent in my gut. Regarding B12 it is Propionibacterium, Bacillus, and Lactobacillus that all mark 0.0. Looking at Vitamin K it is Enterobacter, Lactococcus, and Serratia with 0.0.

    My question is: Are the bacteria essential to build the vitamin. I know B12 is build by bacteria. So what if there is a lack of the bacteria producing B12. Can you counteract it with supplementation? I could send the report too, it's in German though. 😀

    I have been plant-based for about 5 years now, 24 years old, 183cm (6"0) and about 93kg. I do strength training so I would say I am overweight, but a body fat percentage of 18% could be true, Christmas is approaching…

  26. Is it possible that the experimental group ate more fruits since that was one of 2 food groups they could eat on fasting days, and that this lead to a better result?
    Or that they had better results because they consumed more milk?

  27. Starving then binging is not good for health or emotional state. Best to be in a routine of eating very basic same old food. If you start playing games with smoothies, nuts or nut butters, vegan desserts/confections, or sweet fruits, you can easily get into a craving binging scenario. Plain old whole starchy staples and vegetables is the best way with modest fruit.

  28. The title of the study is literally “alternate day *calorie restriction*”. Why call it “alternate day fasting” ?
    Again, *not* the same thing.

  29. Dr. Greger, you should make a playlist for convincing people to change their diet! Something I can send people a link to when they ask why I'm vegan

  30. This topic will be restricted / squashed just and treated with careful "tobacco science" by big food and big medicine…. and less healthy things like the meat and cheese KETO diet promoted …. More death and disease = more profit ..

  31. Thought one of the main points of your book was about keeping as active as possible so that you can eat as much calories whole plant foods to flood your body with antioxidants. Seems if you calorie restrict or fast than goes completely against this.

  32. I was over weight with diabetes and my intestines were literally rotting (chronic diverticulitis). I had a fatty cirrhotic liver. I felt like dying everyday. I started fasting for 24 hrs every other day. I started taking milk thistle, marshmallow root and a 20billion 9 strain probiotic everyday. I eat what I want when I want on my non fasting days. NOTE: by nature your body starts rejecting crappy food and leans towards richer proteins and good fats like avocados. No longer diabetic, no longer cirrhotic, no more diverticulitis flare ups and normal weight…..

  33. As usual, real science and research disagrees with “Dr.” Gregor.


  34. i swear this dude is one of the smartest people on the planet
    almost done with his "how not to die" audiobook
    the daily dozen is fantastic
    its life changing
    i love you greger
    keep shining your light 🙂

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