Does Mold Cause Asthma?

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Hi my name is Mani Bridgeman with your mold fact of the day. your kitchen and bathroom are two the most commonplace for mold growth in your home today
we’re going to talk about how stuffs like fans and vents at your home
can help improve air quality when choosing a fan you want
to look for one that is quiet energy-efficient the home ventilating
Institute for HPI has issued ratings for many new fans so comparing ratings can help you figure
out the best quality fan for your home when choosing a fan for your bathroom
there are several different factors to consider first you should find a fan that is
strong enough to pull excess moisture from the air typically around 25 litres per second
secondly a noisy fan can deter people from using
it and just because it sounds like it’s working doesn’t necessarily make it more
efficient when selecting a kitchen range could be aware that it must move more
care than a bathroom fan ranging from fifty to a hundred and
forty litres per second in addition to this charging air out
towards your range should extend over the stove it should also be known that Island
exhaustion it would not be as efficient as one mounted to the wall your fan act like dirt magnets future
static electricity and this can prohibit airflow and add to
the growth of mold fot more information on how to eradicate mold from your home please visit and make sure you like us on

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