Does Pine Pollen Have Side Effects? What you need to know before taking it

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Does Pine Pollen have side effects?
Stay tuned in this video to find out. Hey, I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and I want to talk about side effects for pine pollen. You know, any powerful
substance that you’re working with, there is the chance for side effects. Now because this is a natural herb, side
effects tend to be significantly less than what you see with say,
pharmaceutical drugs of any type. But that doesn’t mean that side effects
and the possibility of them can’t exist. So first off, we’re talking about pine pollen and
some people do have allergies to this as as a pollen. Now, just because you have seasonal
allergies doesn’t mean you’re going to necessarily have
any problems with this. Most people are going
to be allergic to, one it can just be the mold that often
goes along with the pollens. By the way, our pine pollen is steam sterilize,
whereas most of it out there, every other company is
radiated from what we gather. So just something to know
about that. But in ours, it’s steamed distilled to make sure
that this mold is not a problem, but you’re getting allergies out there
and there. It can be from the mold. It can be from all kinds of other plants
and trees that are releasing polling into the air. So just because you have that doesn’t
mean you’re necessarily going to be allergic to pine pollen. So we do
recommend you give this a shot. Take a small dose to begin with. If
you have allergic reactions, you know, this isn’t like an anaphylactic shock. I’ve heard no cases of anyone having
very serious side effects from this, but it’s going to be just like watery
eyes, itchy throat, a runny nose, a rashy type of appearance. That kind of thing could possibly
happen if that is the case for you, that’s too bad. Pine pollen is not
going to be the herb for you. However, some people, even if they have
allergies with the powder, have been able to take the tincture
without those because it is an alcohol extract. You’re leaving
the pollen itself behind. Some people have been able to have
good effects from that. Some people, actually, I’ll just say this
myself… the pine pollen tincture, because I do so much to
support my testosterone. I actually feel like
the pine pollen tincture, which is more directly androgen
boosting, is a bit too strong for me. I take that and well my libido can go
through the roof to the point where it’s distracting and not necessarily
something I want all the time. So there can be like an
excessive amount of that. Although pine pollen is mostly used by
guys, it can work well for women as well. Now to tell the story of my wife. I wanted her to experiment
with pine pollen because it
can work really great for women as well, especially if they
know they have low testosterone. So I told her, and this is what we recommend when
women are trying this to take one to two drops per day, not dropper-fulls..
drops. My wife did not hear that. So she’s taking a whole squirts of pine
pollen and she ends up getting acne on her shoulders because of it, which is kind of a sign of a
little excessive testosterone, right? This is what we see with guys that
go through puberty, often see acne, not just on the face but
elsewhere in the body. So I thought that was an
interesting side effects. So that’s another thing that
it, if you’re taking too much, it can be too strong and kind of drive
those androgens a bit excessive and you may see acne in weird places.
So that is a possibility. One of the big effects that people
take pine pollen for is for its sexual benefits. So related to testosterone support
specifically, we noticed with pine pollen, a lot of guys will have more morning
wood or stronger morning wood. So much so that we talk about having a
morning would guarantee. Nothing works for everyone. But it works for a lot of guys and a few
people we’ve seen reviews and customer comments coming in and saying that
actually has the opposite effect for them. So I don’t have any percentage, but a very small minority of guys seem
to have less erectile ability when taking pine pollen. Uh, what that’s about? Probably taking too much for
them or it’s not the right herbs. A lot of herbs work on a bell-shaped
curve sort of response, right? So we often think.. Oh, if
some is good, more is better. Not always the case. But with pine pollen, I mean we do recommend up to a megadose and a dose is very variable but sometimes more is less. So you’re
taking for a certain effect. There may be a sweet spot
that works for your body. Unfortunately we can’t tell
you exactly what that is, but we can give you some
recommended starting places, but there may be a point where you’re
taking too much and it can have the reverse effect that you’re looking
for. One other thing I’ll mention, and this is especially
true with the tincture, we do recommend cycling
it. That is take it, but then take some time off of taking
it. A simple way to do this as five days on, two days off, or take
a bottle over a month span. Then take a week or two off after that. And the reason we do this as anytime
we’re working with something strong on the hormone system, it is good
to lay off a little bit. So our body does not get used to it. This in general helps you have
a little bit better effects. So really this is kind of..
all this different side
effects that are possible or that we’ve heard about. But once
again, this is a minority of people. Most people just take this
and get the great benefits. And often when we’re talking side effects,
we talk about side benefits, right? So you may be taking it for one function,
let’s say like the testosterone, but you just notice your energy
or your recovery improves. There’s a lot more detail about pine
pollen, about the tincture, the capsules, the powder over at lost empire and we’ve got plenty
of other videos on this topic. This is one of our most
popular.. actually It’s the most popular herbs in the
different forms that are available.. for good reason. This is really helping people in our
modern day world where there’s endocrine disrupting chemicals literally
in the very air that we breathe, let alone our food and water and
everywhere else. We need some support. Nature here can really help us
along with that. So check it out, head on over to lost

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