Dog’s allergies

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

So, skyline. You wanna play fetch ? Yes !!! Yes !!! You really want a ball ? Yes, I really wanna play !!! He’s really excited. Then, go fetch !!! (Chewing her pizza ) while her dog runs at the ball. AUUURRRRUUUUAAAAAAAAAA !!! *Bites* (Barks sickly) *Dog Vomits* Eww, you puke my delicious pizza, idiot !!! Skyline, are you okay ? Oh no, skyline was closer to chocolate !!! Dogs are allergic to chocolates !!! Well, I was too late to throw the ball away. But, It’s kinda of your fault, because you couldn’t make him to pay attention not to near me. Sorry for that, chocolate. (Pukes loudly)

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