Don’t Eat These Fruits If You’re Allergic To Latex | #SpinaBifida

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Hey everyone, welcome to #spinabifida. I have made so many videos
talking about latex allergies, telling you what things have latex in it, like newspapers, and
toothbrushes, if you haven’t seen those videos, a card will pop up or I’ll put the link down below. Go watch them, because
it’s really shocking how many things have latex in it. And I thought up until now, I pretty much knew it all when it came
to my latex allergy, and then I found out that
fruits are trying to kill me. I was watching a Try Guys video and Eugene was with his mom ranking
fruit and I believe it was the tomato where
a little information card popped up on the screen saying that people with latex allergies could have a reaction to tomatoes. I immediately had to pause that video and Google search it, because I’ve never in my entire life have heard anything about this, I’ve never seen
the Spina Bifida Association even talk about it on their latex list, and what I’ve found on Google shocked me, because it’s not just tomatoes, it’s a lot of other fruit that I
consume almost daily. So, before I get into the
fruit, I wanna preface from what I’ve read, it’s
not that you’ll immediately have an allergic reaction
if you eat these fruits, it’s if you have a latex
allergy, you’re more likely to react to these fruits
because of your latex allergy. I don’t really understand
the science as to why that happens, but there’s
apparently a strong correlation. So let’s get to the fruit. The first one, as I
mentioned, is a tomato. I don’t eat tomatoes a
lot, but I love ketchup, but so far I haven’t
had a reaction to this. The next one, also shocking, are bananas. Also, this is the last piece
of fruit I have with me at the moment, so don’t
expect me to show you anything else, we’re on a budget. Pledge to my Patreon if
you’d like to help me with that budget, shameless plug. I don’t eat bananas all
the time, lately I’ve been trying to include them in my diet. I also don’t know if plåtano counts, because plåtano’s related to a banana, they’re not the same thing as bananas, but I eat way more plåtano,
so, am I gonna die? Next, I’m gonna read off the little list that’s in front of me, there’s apples, carrots, celery, chestnut, kiwis, melons, papaya, raw potato, who’s
eating a raw potato? Passion fruit, fig, melon,
mango, kiwi, pineapple, peach, and then, avocado, but as everyone knows, I hate avocado, so I’m
probably allergic to it, and my body was trying to help me out. Also, just avocados are disgusting, and I don’t care what any of you say, stop eating it, it’s not good,
you’re lying to yourselves. So this just blew my mind, because a lot of these fruits are in a lot
of things you regularly eat. And then tomatoes, tomatoes are in pizza, tomatoes are in everything, but that’s it. So, if you have a latex
allergy, you may develop an allergy to some of these fruits, and maybe if you have latex allergy and you’re allergic to these fruits, it might be in correlation
to your latex allergy. So, just be safe when eating
these things, I guess. Welp, that’s all I have for you for today on #spinabifida, thank you for watching, if you like my work and
wanna help support me, the links to my Patreon and PayPal are in the description below,
definitely check out my Patreon because I have
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until next time, bye! (upbeat music)

28 thoughts on “Don’t Eat These Fruits If You’re Allergic To Latex | #SpinaBifida

  1. SBA does talk about it, they have a list on their website. ☺️ And the reaction is because bananas and all those fruits share similar proteins as latex. I'm not a know it all 😇 I'm just some guy with Spina Bifida who has been to 9 national conferences and paid attention when professionals much, much smarter than me said words. ☺️ Anyway, I myself can eat all the fruits, except bananas and kiwi, those will kill me if I don't have an epi pen. Also, you're wrong about avocado. 😂😂😂😂☮

  2. I was 8 years old when I had my first very noticeable reaction to latex (a balloon). At that time I didn’t really notice any reactions to fruit, other than bananas. I’m 42 now and I’ve had a reaction to quite a few fruits and nuts. I don’t know if the nut thing is related to the fruit thing. I don’t at all know how the whole thing works, but it appears that maybe the more you are exposed to these things, the more you might become allergic. I also have a few friends who started out being allergic to nothing, and then over time being allergic to quite a few things. I just ate everything until I had an allergic reaction, because once you’ve had a reaction, why would you go there again? It’s been suggested to me to have an epi pen. I don’t have one, but it might be a good idea. I don’t know what all this means, these have just been some of my experiences.

  3. It’s the sap in the tree. Natural rubber(latex) in the tree is sap in the tree like bananas.

    That’s why I dodge bananas, but I do fine with banana nut muffins.

  4. this is the first time ive heard about this, ive eaten things like bananas and kiwis before and never had a reaction. the only thing that seems to set off an allergic reaction for me is rubber like in gloves or balloons and that gives me hives

  5. I have a latex allergy also I have an allergy to peanuts and kiwi. In 1990 after my car accident my right hip came out of the socket and skin I had to have surgery in my right hip they put 11 pins on my Right hip I woke up in the ICU with tubes in my mouth they told I was allergic to latex so I had to becareful around latex and some foods. The only 2 that I am allergic is kiwi and peanuts plus the latex. My surgery was an 8 hour surgery I spend 9 months in the hospital and another year trying to learn how to walk again. It took me 3 years just to learn how to walk again and feel stable but it has taking me 20 years just to feel comfortable being in a car and it has taking me a little bit longer just to be able to drive. I also have survival guilt cus I saw the person that cus the accident take his last breath before he passed away. I have nightmares about the whole accident it does not get easier with time its always in back of my mind especially when it gets closer to the month when the accident happen. Survival guilt is the hardest thing to deal with.

  6. To answer your question at 2:21, I eat raw potato lol they're delicious and safe unless they've begun to turn green. Raw corn is also delicious lol

  7. Why do you always bash the Spina Bifida Association? It is such an AMAZING resource for people, like myself, who have Spina Bifida. They have an over abundance of information.

  8. “Tomatoes are in pizza!!” Haha that made me laugh and yeah I find that I’m allergic to all those fruits too! I just didn’t know why lol

  9. It's called a cross reaction. I am allergic to 3 or 4 foods and 2 types of plants (pollen) but I can crossreact with over 65 different foods and other things in my environment. I currently react to tomato juice, raw fish and raw potatoes even though I'm not allergic to those per se.

  10. Oh my god I just found your channel I have spina bifida also. I love your videos. It’s interesting to hear what other people with spina bifida have to say about it

  11. I don't have a latex allergy, but your mention of hating avocado reminded me of the fact I used to like it in veggie roll sushi but then I got a stomach ulcer while I was eating veggie rolls semi-regularly, and all of a sudden I didn't like veggie rolls anymore (like, I even knew I wouldn't like them BEFORE I tried them again! o_o)… but I didn't realize it was the avocado I didn't like until I tried guacamole for the first time a year or two ago while my aunt was in the middle of making some and I had the same "I don't like sushi" feeling when I tasted it.

    Completely unrelated but… enjoy my complete tangent? shrug

  12. Just now watching this lol. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a full on allergic reaction to fruit (except fresh cherries) but there are a lot of them that do make my throat really itchy so I stay clear from them…I never knew if that was a just minor reaction but now I do wonder if it does correlate with the latex allergy and spina bifida or if I may just be minorly allergic to a lot of them lol

  13. I'm allergic to passion fruit because of my Latex allergy and I can only have ripe bananas (I guess the protein it shares with latex breaks down as it ripens? I think that's what my doctor said. ) I haven't noticed any others.

  14. I'm latex allergy and I react to Bananas. And I can't stand raw tomatoes and can't eat alot of them period. I don't eat most of the other fruits.

  15. I have a latex allergy on rubber condoms, balloons I eat watermelon but I been itching every time I eat it but I really never had a bad reaction that would made me not eat it anymore. I don't like bananas but I know I'm allergic to the peeling.

  16. I cant peel potatoes the juice kills my hands…i love ur videos….its nice to see someone who has lipo like me god bless and stay beautiful

  17. yeah i have a latex precaution allergy myself due to having spina bifida sooooooooooo many things have latex in them

  18. I discovered my latex allergy when I was 12, and since then, I've developed a new allergy every couple of years, in order: pineapple, kiwi, papaya, banana, avocado, mango, potato, tomato, strawberry- although I definitely have a lesser reaction to cooked tomato and potato. On top of being gluten and lactose intolerant, there's not that much left!

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