Doses of Vitamin D,E and K ― Deficiencies, Excesses and Generic Name of Vitamin D,E and K By ― Dr Sf

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Attention please , yes from yesterday we started vitamin Had we finished Vitamin A okay today we are going to talk about vitamin D As you know Vitamin D we can get directly from sunlight mostly in the morning, So let’s start from the deficiency of the Vitamin D There are two type of Deficiencies in vitamin D First is Nutritional rickets and second one is osteomalacia Not osteomyelitis , OsteoMalacia some time the deficiency of Vitamin D can cause Renal Rickets so, This is the deficiency of vitamin D So what is physiological role and action of vitamin D so vitamin D can improve absorption of Ca and ps it is essential in the formation of the bone and tooth Vitamin D also mention our Nervous system So i’ll mention all are deficiencies and physiological role about Vitamin D So some generic name of vitamin D Like calciferol D2 Second one is : Cholecalciferol D3 Third one is : calcitriol ( ACTIVE VITAMIN D ) Here, calciferol D2, Cholecalciferol D3, calcitriol ( ACTIVE VITAMIN D ) so listen carefully here doses of calciferol is 5 µg doses of D3 is 200 IU , means cholicalciferol and doses of calciterol is 1 µg ( very very less ) so this is the generic name and doses of of Vitamin D so now we are going to talk about adverse effect or excesses of Vitamin D Adverse effect and excesses of Vitamin D feel like Adverse effect is Itching dryness burning irritation and Erythemia The toxicity of vitamin D is is poor appetite second one is nausea vomiting frequent urination these all are symptoms of hypercalcimia so the toxicity of Vitamin D can cause Hypercalcimia so what is the symptom of Hypercalcimia : Nausea, vomiting , frequent Urination and poor appetites Now we are going to talk about Vitamin K vitamin K so what is the Physiological role of Vitamin K it will be prevent our internal bleeding in female it will be reduce heavy Menstrual cycle or flow so, here is some Generic name of Vitamin K and that’s are first one is : Phytonadione Secont is : Ménaquinone oe Naphthoquinone And thires one is : Menadione So, doses of Phytonadione Ménaquinone , Menadione is So Phytonadione we can use 50-100 µg Menaquinone we can use 50 µg And menadione we can use also 50 µg now we are going to talk about , What is the deficiency of vitamin k Heart Disease Vitamin K can cause weakness in bone so so that’s called Weakend bone Bone okay ? Vitamin K can do decay of tooth okay A warning sign of Vitamin K or deficiency is Bleeding and bursing from gums and nose so Vitamin K can cause gingivitis and epitaxis Nose Bleeding What will happen when some body take Vitamin K in excesses So Excesses of Vitamin K Excesses of Vitamin K can Cause like general symptom like Nausea Abdominal cramps Diarrhea Headache chronic symptoms like Liver cirrhosis And Hepto-splenomegaly Vitamin K is important for our nervous system So, i’ll mention some Neurological disorder when some body take vitamin K in Excesses So like : Ataxia Papalledima And Diplopia Do you know what is these ? So ataxia is : lack of volumentery coordination of muscle movement Okay ? Papilledema This is very important neurological disorder When we took Vitamin K in excess Then , In CNS The presser will be increase and optic nerve will be disturb , okay ? And eyeball will be swelling Okay ? So, in in papallidema eyeball will be swell Swelling okay ? This is the papallideama Yes , yes please ? Diplopia – Diplopia is Di means – Double and plopia means – vision So patient will see double. So Now we are going to talk about vitamin E Okay ? So what is the Physiological role of Vitamin E ? So Physiological role of Vitamin E is very important for Blood It’ll be help in supplying oxygen to the blood Vitamin E is prevent Blood clot It’ll be slow cellular aging Support in slow cellular aging So, Vitamin E will be help in the aging also There are the some generic name of Vitamin E So generic name of vitamin E that one is : α tocopherol so, α- Tocopherol We can use in 10 mg Okay ? so deficiency of Vitamin E As we know vitamin E Supplying oxygen to the Blood So some Degeneration changes in IN CNS Spinal cord Mainly Skeletal muscles and Heart Because of Oxygen will be reduce in the blood Hemalytic Anemia Also the deficiency of vitamin E, Excesses of Vitamin E Abdominal crams, loose motion , Loose motion is the important Okay ? And nausea vomiting headache is generally symptoms Okay ? One More important of Excessive of Vitamin E is : Increase risk factor prostate cancer and Blurred Vision Okay ? So this is the Fat soluble Vitamin ADEK General discussion is finished !! General discussion is finished !!

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