Dr. Alana Jones—Nemours Allergy and Immunologist, Wilmington, Del.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] So allergy had always been
the most interesting thing that I learned in medicine. There are a few things that
I enjoy learning about, but I always came
back to allergy as the most exciting
and interesting thing that I would constantly want to
be reading about and learning new things about. Before I decided to
go into medicine, I did always know that I
would work with children. Getting high fives
from a child or a hug really is the best
part of my day. We have a very experienced
team of doctors and nurses who have been working in allergy
and immunology for years. Some of the conditions
that we treat commonly include asthma, particularly
allergy induced asthma, allergies in terms of
environmental things, such as seasonal allergic
rhinitis or pet allergies. We also treat many food
allergies as well as immune deficiencies. One of the newer approaches
to treating food allergies is prevention of food allergies. And recent research shows we
can have significant improvement in preventing food allergies. To try to prevent the
development of a peanut allergy is to do some allergy
testing while they’re still infants, four to
six months of age, and introduce that food
early on if testing is low or negative
to try to prevent the development of a peanut
allergy, which can change the course of their life. What I like about Nemours is
that it puts families first. And it works with families to
make a collaborative decision about your child’s health care. From a pediatric
allergist standpoint, there’s nothing I like better
than keeping children off of medications or reducing
the amount of medications they need by finding exactly
what causes their symptoms and what can flare up symptoms. A great day for me would be
watching what I do actually make a difference in the
lives of my patients, having patients follow
up and say, wow, what we did at the last visit
really made a difference. My child is doing
better in school, or they’re doing much
better at their sport because the treatment plan
that we had come up with are helping that child. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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