Dr.Anthony Fauci: Coronavirus Now At ‘Outbreak’ And ‘Likely Pandemic Proportions’ | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Dr.Anthony Fauci: Coronavirus Now At ‘Outbreak’ And ‘Likely Pandemic Proportions’ | MSNBC

  1. If you smell rancid smelling beer it's probably Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan's MSNBCannibal Corona Virus Zombies coming to puke CoronaBeer on you and turn you into one of them!! Run away from the smell of beer!! U have been warned!!

  2. This is the time, we need to support Bernie because we all need Medicaid to face the Coronavirus. Some of our fellow citizens don’t have full coverage.

  3. Has #TrumpTheWannabeDictator claimed that this guy is a fraud and a Deep State lizard person yet? Has he claimed he knows more than this "fake" expert? Has he called him a Democrat hoax yet?

  4. I hope this FAKE doctor got permission from the Vice-Clown to contradict the real CLOWN about the FAKE VIRUS on the FAKE NEWS CHANNEL !!

  5. Trump if your listening the virus is coming to the White House and you know who it is? You see it every time you walk by a mirror 😳💥🤏🏿

  6. We would be in much better shape to confront a health crisis of this magnitude if we had Medicare for All. Bernie for the win.

  7. Trump to immediately fire Dr. Fauci claiming that he is secretly working for the democrats to bring him down and hurt his feelings.

  8. #101 30701 this is the patent number to the Corona Virus sold to China by the Obama administration THANKS GOOD GOING!

  9. If our nation's number one coronavirus expert tells us we're heading for a pandemic I'll take his word for it. Be prepared and pray that we didn't have to do it.

  10. Trumps is acting like Doctor Who wheres the duct tape when you need it tired of carrot top giving a opinion super glue his dentures then duct tape his mouth

  11. time to close the USA boarders and allow only domestic travel. no one that is USA citizen "Thou shalt not pass," like gandalf said.

  12. Trump and the Republicans are in lying about the Corona Virus. Trump and the Republicans are going to get us killed.

  13. What happened to it being low risk and it’s just a flu? This pos just lies his way through life. Put that scum bag on the front lines without a mask since he keeps telling people masks are useless.

  14. Pandemic: An outbreak must be 12 weeks old, have resulted in 250 deaths in its country of origin, and at least 20 deaths in a second country.
    COVID-19 has been a pandemic for quite awhile.

  15. We should have halted all international travel late January.
    Or at least tested all from international flights.
    Containment is impossible now.
    Remember this….most deaths from the 1918 Spanish Flu happened in fall….

  16. hey clown baby what you say?? fake news?? this baffoon is so unequipped for ANY office it stinks, it looks like, smells like therefor it must be crap.

  17. Anthony Fauci is a crook. He was telling America not to worry this is not a pandemic for 2 weeks. why are you still putting him on the air? New rule if you're a medical expert and you give advice that turns out to be wrong you should no longer be allowed on the air because no one's going to believe a word you say.

  18. They've gone to the starched white lab coats .. during Q&A, some wearing the necklace ID tags as a garnish … it's slightly blinding to view

  19. How many Americans will now go bankrupt because they couldn't afford private health insurance to pay for their critical care of weeks in a hospital from the coronavirus? Great choice, die or bankrupt my family for medical care. Biden's status quo health care system won't help anyone but he sure has a strong stance on credit card bankruptcy, Wall Street Joe. Coronavirus affects mostly the elderly, 65 and above, oops their goes fox's viewers. Medicare for all Bernie 2020.

  20. “We’re not muzzling him, that would mean we don’t let him talk. We just disagree with what he says and report something different” – the current White House


  22. This is the Joker scenario from The Dark Knight
    "Tell everyone before hand and prepare them that there will be so many deaths and the public finds it acceptable." (It is projected that x number of people will die of the flu this year) "But something happens out of nowhere that people don't expect and suddenly everyone loses their minds." "Ha.hA,HA.ha,hA,Ha,ha,ha,……

  23. It's in the USA! Get prepared america! It's coming here to canada soon too! I'm four hours from toronto so I'll rather get it from there, or from florida on march break… I'm scared for my future now.

  24. …but …but …but …Doctor Donald Trump stated, just the other day that the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 will drop to about zero.

    Wait. WHAT?! He's NOT A DOCTOR?!?!?!
    …never mind.

  25. 6 out of 10 dead in Washington. 60% but at a nursing home.

    90,000 world wide 3000 death 3.3%. So Flu is 0.1%. that means about 33 times more deadly. But hopefully not all the sick people are counted. ??
    So by end of August we should know the real numbers, or at least a better count and percentage.

  26. Be sure to thank this obama hold over for this "likely pandemic proportions" that he brought in against Trump's orders https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/obama-holdover-made-the-call-to-fly-coronavirus-patients-back-to-the-us-from-japan-then-boasted-about-it/

  27. Here we go again, sensationalizing the NcoV19. It is a flu for goodness sakes! A lot of us will get it. Some will die from it, just like other flus. I wish the media would stop trying to panic everyone. Yes, many people will probably get sick. Some stores may well close. Stocks will fall for a while. They will rebound. About 85 percent of the people with the virus will have very mild reactions to it. The rest will have stronger reactions to it. Primarily older people or compromised people, just like other flu viruses. Maybe 2 percent will die from it. It’s a flu! People die from the flu. For goodness sakes. Don’t panic. Just prepare for the possibility that you may have to stay home for a few weeks.

  28. He said pandemic proportions, not that there’s a pandemic! We don’t call the other Coronavirus like flu and colds a pandemic now, do we? Stop the fear tactics!!! We’ll probs all get it, but most won’t die from it…just like the flu.

  29. Quote: “ By multiple definitions of what a pandemic is”. Be wise to that…
    Glad to see this scientist isn't allowing himself to be silenced by the vice poodle.

  30. Fauci, now positions himself directly at odds with WHO, which resists using the “P” word. Let’s see if he has to walk this back

  31. It can't be contained. It'll just become another winter virus that you'll have to get a shot for. So in the future you'll need to get your annual flu and COVID-19 shots.

    COVID-19 can't be stopped for the simple reason that it's just like the common cold virus. In fact, the common cold virus is a coronavirus. This is especially exemplified by the fact that it's very clear now that COVID-19 has very little impact on children; just like the common cold. Thus no amount of quarantining can contain it.

    Since the COVID-19 virus, like influenza, poses the greatest risk to older person with existing medical conditions, the COVID-19 and flu shots will almost certainly be rolled into a single shot.

    China has, so far, been KIND OF successful in corralling COVID-19 but the virus will come roaring back to China sooner or later. The only thing that can be done is to try to do like China and corral it till late Spring (at least in the northern hemisphere) when the weather will bring it to a halt. And then come next November a vaccine should be available to administer to the elderly who are the most vulnerable due to existing medical and health conditions.

  32. I hope they serve Chinese food at Trump rallies and at the White House. Chinese food delivered from Wuhan China.
    South Korea has drive-up test stations for the virus. The United States of America doesn't even have a working test kit!
    Thanks for making America Great Again. If anyone has to die from the virus, I hope Trumpies & Fox-Scum go first.

  33. I wonder how long he will have a job speaking the truth like that.
    Did he run that statement past Pence first?

  34. Tedros: “a pandemic is when the whole worlds population will be infected”

    Trump: “ Folks this is a Hoax, come April, it will disappear it will be like a miracle”.

    The first one is suppose to be the foremost respected Dr. Of the world representing global health and well being,

    The second is suppose to be the leader of the “Free world” the most powerful and advanced 1st world country in the world..

    Yet it seems they both have one goal in mind, insight fear when it’s to their advantage and then disperse false hope ( no actual facts) to the uneducated majority to when 1 of 2 things happens.

    1. The economy under their leadership is struggling.

    2. Funding from donors with special interests is reliant on their statements puts it in jeopardy.

    When the dollar is sick, Tedros and Trump are concerned, when it’s the population at large, the old saying always rings true, “a dollar can’t be replaced if there isn’t a poor man to make us another one”. What sick time to be alive (“no pun intended”).

  35. Sometimes you guys are obsessed with making something sound dramatic. People have been trying to get him to say the word pandemic for weeks now just so they can use it in the graphics it sometimes seems.

  36. No need to panic. Our great leader said that once the weather warms up a little bit the virus will go away.

  37. i made this comment to mike Pence announcement today : meanwhile pardon me 400 deaths a day from alcohol booze W H O says 3 500 000 pa globally 300 deaths aday from side effects of prescriptions [[[ JAMA 2000 dr Starfield ] its not an update its propaganda we want to ask all americans to have highdose intravenous vitamin C done [[[ many grams ascorbic acid ] immediately and ayur veda panchakarma treatment done thats not propaganda that real science

    usa is victom of congress treating alternative medicine as heresy Hippocrates used 400 herbs ayur veda and TCM know 1000s of herbs and spices which heal and prevent 28137 species of medicinal plants in god's organic garden and knowledge of how and how not to use m
    american herbalist guild Bastyr university aaemonline miu.edu ND degree etc prophet mohamed Pence favorite person said " blessed seed {{{ baraka black seed NIGELLA SATIVA }}} cures every diesease except death " google NIH nigella sativa
    in germnay YES NO TO GERMS BUT REMEmBER 95% OF BACTERIA ARE BENEFICIAL AND NECCESsARy " gut crisis " professor keith wallace in germany NATURHEILKUNDE

  38. I wonder why we can't just all walk around with gasmasks for a month or so, wouldn't this work? It might be much cheaper and simpler than all the other measures, not to mention the lives lost. Don't gasmasks protect against viruses too, at least the military grade ones?

  39. This news comes out and the stock market goes crazy. Let's me make some money today, maybe tomorrow it will get worse and I will make a killing.

  40. This is it , we'll all gonna die but up there in the kingdom of the lord only the worthy will pass 😉 see you up there

  41. The Politicians are saying one thing but the doctors and scientists are saying another. WTF🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Bla… Bla… Bla…

    BLUF: Either you live a healthy lifestyle, been planning and preparing or you have a good chance of catching this virus. It's not the city, country or any government agencies job to take care of YOU! The world is so pathetic and believe death will illude them. The true BLESSING, if this doesn't get you it doesn't matter, DEATH COMES FOR EVERYONE.

  43. What should horrify people about Coronavirus. TYT. https://youtu.be/ZQyg-6g1h6I. Oh no universal healthcare.

  44. That's how you win the fight against poverty. Don't offer public testing and wait until all the poor die…

  45. Spanish Flu took out 25 million people at least, basically drowning people's lungs in profuse fluid and peopme falling dead on the streets.

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