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Hello, my name is Brian Kelly and I’m an
allergist here at Boys Town. I completed my medical school training at
the University of Missouri in Kansas City. I then moved on to Milwaukee, where I completed
my pediatric residency at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and my allergy/immunology
fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I did join Boys Town in 2017. The occupation of becoming a physician is
probably one of the most important in the world, in that we get the opportunity to work
with people and make people feel better To me that’s an awesome responsibility and
a great opportunity for me. Allergy encompasses a lot of different disease
processes. There’s a wide spectrum. From very complex to fairly non-complex disorders. We’re able to do things that are different
from any other specialty in that I get to see kids and adults at the same time and be
able to provide care for them. My son has significant allergies and asthma. Being able to work in the field and understand
the field, helps me be a better parent. It also makes me a better doctor because I
understand a lot of what the patient’s families are going through. I can relate to families better and be able
to discuss it better on the parent-to-parent level as opposed to the just the parent-doctor
level. I am definitely somebody who likes to collaborate
with families. I always try to ensure that they understand
where I’m coming from and we create a plan together. Seeing a patient improve and get better is
the best validation that a doctor can receive. Boys Town Allergy and Immunology is a great
place. We are kind of a big one-stop shop. We have four great allergists here now and
we are able to provide all of the allergy and immunology you might need, here in one

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