Dr. Collette Spalding on Seasonal Allergies

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

[♪♪♪] I am Colette Spalding, I am a part of the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. I am an allergist immunologist. So for our seasonal allergy sufferers, we recommend, if you know
your season is in the spring, that you start your allergy medicine,
your over-the-counter antihistamine, at least one to two weeks
before the season, as well as an intranasal steroid so that it builds up in your system. We also recommend keeping
the windows and doors closed so that the pollen is not coming in, and that you take off
your shoes before you enter, and possibly change your clothes
before you lie on your bed so that the pollen is not sticking
to your bed or your couch. And those simple tips are
a beginning way to kind of remediate your allergy symptoms
during the spring or fall. [♪♪♪]

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