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Welcome to the Electricity
of Life, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™
at Thunderbolts.info What is the role of electromagnetic
fields in health and healing? Today, various electromagnetic therapies have
gained unprecedented acceptance and use, and scientific studies continue to affirm the
influence of electromagnetic fields on life. In Western medicine, the tradition
is for various specialists to treat supposedly
disconnected parts and organs. But the leading proponents of
electromagnetic healing propose a new way of seeing the human
body and all living organisms. One of the leading pioneers in this rapidly growing field
has been Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist whose book series ‘Healing is Voltage’ describes his groundbreaking
research into the electrical circuitry of the human body. Today, in part 1 of this two-part
presentation, Dr. Tennant begins by sharing his own remarkable challenges which
catalyzed his scientific journey. I always begin my discussions
with the disclaimer that I’m not speaking
with my Texas MD license. I’m speaking with my Arizona MDH license. Arizona and Nevada have special
medical boards for Integrative Medicine and homeopathic medicine
and I’m licensed under that Arizona Board of Integrative and Homeopathic
medicine and that’s the license that I have this conversation
under and not my Texas license. Well, I’m trained as an
ophthalmologist and did traditional ophthalmology with a focus on
cataract surgery for 30 years or so. I had a lot of fun being an
ophthalmologist, I was able to do a lot of things that changed the way off
the ophtalmology is practiced. I had a great deal to do
with bringing intraocular lenses into this country,
and the use of them. When I was trained, we would
simply take the lens out of the eye and people would end up
wearing really big thick glasses. Of course, those allowed you to see but they
were fairly disabling because everything looked 30% too big and 30% too close and
it was hard to walk or drive or whatever. So I was one of the early people
that put lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and then there were
some problems with the European lenses that we used in the beginning,
so I modified those and got lenses to work better and then began
to teach others how to do that. So that was one of the fun things I did. When I was trained, we kept patients in the hospital for
two weeks with both eyes blinded, and of course the elderly tend to become disoriented and even psychotic if
you keep them in bed and blind them for a couple of weeks. So I developed a way to make a watertight incision so
that they didn’t have to stay in bed and we could actually get them up and walk them immediately from the
surgery table and that changed a lot of things as well. And also we had a problem with people,
the elderly going into the hospitals. You know, elderly people have a tendency to get a
particular pattern of living, they eat certain things that agree with them and that keep their
digestive and urinary processes working. There are foods that upset
them and so you put them in a hospital and
change all of that. They commonly get sick just
from being outside their normal environment and often
fall and hurt themselves. One of the things we began then to
work on was outpatient surgery. So being able to operate
on cataract and then have people go immediately
home was a great benefit. And we helped, along with my
anesthesiologist and internists developed the techniques for
that and taught how to do that. And I guess, the next thing I did in
ophthalmology that was kind of fun is, I did the majority of the research for the
laser that’s used in LASIK surgery. So I did about 90% of that research
for the company called VISX. But during that process of
doing the laser surgery, we didn’t know that the laser
wouldn’t kill viruses. And so I was using the laser
to carve the scar off of the cornea of a fellow from
India that had leukemia. And it carved the scar off well enough but
it also released viruses from his cornea. And that went into my nose and into
my brain and I got encephalitis. And so I got to where I could see
a patient, know what was wrong with him but I couldn’t remember
how to write a prescription. I also developed spastic
movements, so I’d be sitting there and all of a sudden
I’d do something like that. Which doesn’t work really well if you’re
operating inside somebody’s eyeball. And I had overwhelming fatigue. And so for all those reasons, I
had to quit work at the end of November of 1995 and so I slept
16 hours a day, had two or three hours a day in which I could
understand a newspaper and then like a light switch, it’d go off and I
couldn’t understand it anymore. I went to the best doctors I could find in
Boston and New York etc, etc and they all said well, you have three viruses in your brain,
we don’t know what to do about it, good luck! So during that two or three hours a
day I could think I had to figure out how to get myself well and
so I began the journey of trying to figure out how I might do that and
one of the things that resonated with me was that every cell in
the body had the same hardware. Even though cells look quite different,
just like a laptop looks different than a desktop computer, they still
have all the same basic parts. And I thought well, if I
can figure out how to make one cell work I can
make them all work. And so I started down that road and I
bought a bunch of cellular biology books which I hadn’t read in 30
years and began to read through them and one of the things that
resonated with me it said that cells have to run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. Well, I didn’t really remember much about
pH except it was acid-base balance, but as an eye surgeon I didn’t really need
to know much about that for 30 years. And so, I began to study
pH and discovered that pH is simply the measurement
of voltage in a liquid. If you think about a copper wire used to turn the
switch on and electrons flow; you turn the switch off and they stop, but in a liquid it can either
be an electron donor or an electron stealer. And by convention, if a
liquid is an electron stealer, you put a plus sign
in front of the voltage. And if it’s electron donor, you put a
minus sign in front of the voltage. By convention also, you take
the voltage and you convert it to a logarithmic scale from
zero to 14 and call it pH. So plus 400 millivolts of electrons
stealer is the same as a pH of 0 and minus 400 millivolts of electron
donor is the same as a pH of 14. When you read then that cells have
to run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45, that’s a synonym of -22 to -25 millivolts
give or take a millivolt. So I said oh, cells have to have
voltage to work, that makes sense. And so all of a sudden, this new way of
thinking about things was obvious to me. The next issue was how do you measure it. Well of course, if you take a standard pH
meter, it has a switch on it, you can switch it from pH or millivolts, whichever one
you want to to have it read out and you simply stick the probe in a liquid and it’ll
tell you what the pH is or what the millivolts is and/or convert it
to the logarithmic scale of pH for you. So I said well, how do you measure it in the body,
and I found that a chap named Nakatani was the first person to use modern electronics to measure
acupuncture circuits and published it in 1951. So I got his rather rudimentary equipment,
started measuring and where my brain should be running at -25 millivolts, I found it was
running between -2 to -4 millivolts. So then I knew why it didn’t work,
it didn’t have the juice to do it. So the next issue is well, what
am I going to do about it? So I began to do some more reading and
found that a Russian chap had figured out the waveform that would more efficiently
transfer electrons to cell membranes. I began to try to learn about
that and discovered that there was a Russian pediatrician
named Zulia Valeyeva-Frost. Zulia Veleyeva married the chap from
London named Frost and moved to London. And she was in the process
of teaching people how to use this Russian device to
transfer energy to cells. So I called her and I said hey, I’m
interested in what you’re doing. And she said well, as luck
would have it, I’m teaching my first seminar in San
Francisco in three days. I said, sign me up, I’ll be there. So I went to that seminar and I got
the Russian device and began to recharge my cells and in about six weeks
or so, things began to get better. The other thing that happened about
that time was that I was on an airplane and there was a nurse sitting
next to me from the Dallas area. And she began to tell me that
she had lymphoma, had this big tumor around her neck and
scattered throughout her body. And that she’d gone to Mexico and
in a matter of days the tumors were gone, even though MD Anderson
had told her to go home and die. So I went down to visit with the docs that helped her
to see how in the world they did that and that was sort of the beginning of my journey along with this other
business of the electronics to figure out how to get well. And one of the things they taught me
was that essentially all tumors are associated with infection in your
teeth, particularly root canal teeth. And so she had gone down and they had
pulled her root canal tooth and cleaned up the infection in her mouth and in a
matter of days her tumors were gone. And she sent me not only photographs but
she sent me her medical records from MD Anderson when she came back and they
proved that her tumors had disappeared. So I had a root canal tooth here in what’s called the
spleen stomach acupuncture circuit and so my Docs here in Dallas said there’s nothing wrong with that
tooth but I had also developed a bleeding disorder and so I went back down to Mexico and had the dentist,
that had operated on this nurse, work on me and when she pulled that tooth, there was so much infection
in the bone, it splattered all over her mask. And yet I had no symptoms as far
as the tooth was concerned. But 48 hours after she pulled
the tooth, my bleeding disorder was cured and
that was rather amazing. And then over the next six weeks or
so, my brain started to work again. And so that’s how I started going down this road of
figuring out how the body really works and what the role of voltage is in the body, because it’s obviously
so different than what I was taught in medical school. One of the things that I was led
to try to understand was acupuncture. Actually, that was part of a bigger picture in
that I was sitting in my chair at home and I said to myself well, obviously traditional medicine
that I was taught, told me go home and die. And so that obviously
wasn’t working so well. But sometimes chiropractic works, sometimes
it doesn’t. Sometimes acupuncture works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes essential
oils work, sometimes they don’t, etc etc. So there are all these
various medical models that sometimes work
and sometimes don’t. So my thinking was, if I could
figure out, there has to be a common denominator that
goes through all of these. Otherwise, because I mean if things work,
there’s, it’s because it’s following some basic laws, some basic rules
of how things are supposed to work. If I could figure out what that common
denominator was running through all of these different , then
I knew how to get myself well. And it began to become apparent
to me that the voltage piece was the common denominator
for all of these things. Now, obviously it becomes very complicated when you start,
particularly someone like me who has no background in electronics or even in physics, I had, you know,
freshman college physics and that was my background. The issue is how do you figure
out what the common denominator here is and I began to go down a
different road in that, I began to understand that there’s no
such thing as a bunch of little balls of electrons spinning around
a charged ball in the center. It’s been known for probably
75 years or so that that’s really not what an atom is but
we still teach that. And so I began to read and talk to, I
fortunately was able to talk to some various people who had gone down that road
before me and began to understand more about what an atom is because if you
don’t understand what energy is, what an atom is, even how the universe works,
you can’t understand how a cell works. And so I began to consider that
there were alternatives. So one of the things that was a great
influence on me was the work of Schauberger, the Swiss water
specialist who had figured out how to make a flying saucer
that was fueled by water. And he was captured by Hitler as
you probably know and made to make as, you know, work in there
that in industry for the Germans. He understood very well that
there are things that spin right and concentrate into a point, concentrate
the energy into a point which of course we call implosion and there’s
something that spins left that starts small and gets bigger and then
disappears we call an explosion. And that those are the two
basic kinds of energy. Schauberger’s work with water
and energy was very influential on my road down trying to
figure out how the body works. The other thing that was very
powerful was to read the work that cells, I mean that
muscles are piezoelectric. And so I began to consider and
in a and I was initially wrong. I thought our muscles were wired up the way 12 volt
battery is, you know, you take the cover off of a 12 volt battery and there are a bunch of one-and-a-half
volt batteries all wired together in there. And I thought, that’s the way our body
was wired up, that we had our muscles were just one big battery that
provided power for the cells to work. But then I began to notice that there
were patients that had normal total body voltage, as I measured it, but there would
be one circuit out or one organ out. And I said well, then I have to be
wrong about how we’re wired up. And I began to consider that acupuncture
meridians were stacks of muscle batteries wired together into one
single column that provided power. And I was talking with one of
my colleagues, Dr. Evans, about this and he said well, have you read
Tom Myers’s book Anatomy Trains? And I said no, I never heard of it,
and he said well you should read it. So I get Myers’s book
and Myers is a massage therapist who had
access to cadavers. And he would use blunt dissection and started
dissecting the fascia and discovered that it would go all the way from the toe to the head
or all the way from your hands to the head and surrounds muscle, a battery stacked one on
top of each other which is exactly what I had come to the conclusion we had to have in the
body, but he’d already done the dissection. So I started with Myers’s work. Now, unfortunately he stopped at
the neck and a lot of the stuff I was interested in like the eye
was obviously above the neck. So, but I started with his work and I got anatomy apps
which fortunately allowed me to look at if on an acupuncture 2D drawing, there’s a line that goes from
here to here, what muscle goes from here to here? And I could go to the app
and figure that out. So what I was able to do was to
develop a road map, an atlas of the muscle battery packs and
come to the conclusion that acupuncture meridians are simply
stacks of muscle batteries surrounded by a common sheath, or
as common stocking, of fascia. And the other thing that had been reported
is that fascia are simply semiconductors. So of course, you know better than I,
a semiconductor is a collection of molecules that moves electrons at the
speed of light but only in one direction. So that made a lot of sense so then
the fascia that we have surrounding our stacks of muscle batteries is
simply the body’s wiring system. So now we have a battery system,
we have a wiring system. And that helped me begin to
understand why things that didn’t seem to make sense
actually made perfect sense. So for example when I was
sick, I felt like somebody was sticking an ice pick
in my left big toe. My spleen was swollen and hurt,
my stomach hurt all the time. I lost the vision in my left eye, the
macula of my left eye and I couldn’t think. Well, in any other form of Medicine you’d
never put all those things together, but it turns out that that everything I just described
has the same power supply. Duh, all of a sudden things make
perfect sense and that same circuit goes through, guess
what, this root canal tooth. So it became apparent that
dead teeth in a circuit act like a circuit breaker and
just shut the circuit off. Root canal should never be done. The dentists are the only
physicians that think you can get away with leaving
dead tissue in the body. No other doctor believes that. And that’s what you do with a root canal,
you drill a hole on the tooth, you reach in with an auger, turn it, rip out the
artery, rip out the nerve and kill the tooth. Then you stuff it full of putty and assume
that it’s going to stay sterile. Well, that’s nonsense. It’s still attached to the blood supply and lymphatics
at the roots, so there’s certainly a way for bacteria to get in there and a root canal
tooth is no different than having your big toe die. If you leave it there, you die
of gangrene. Your appendix dies. You leave it there, you die of peritonitis. A root canal will kill you just
as certainly, it just takes longer. So the fellow that popularized root canal
procedure was a dentist named George Meinig and I think he spent the last years of his life
trying to get dentists to quit doing them. He wrote this book called ‘The Root
Canal Cover-Up’ and even before Meinig came along and wrote his book, Weston
Price would take in, pull teeth from somebody who was sick, embed it
under the skin of a rabbit and within the week the rabbit had the same illness
as a person who owned the tooth. And he did that hundreds of times. And so, the concept that dental infections
cause systemic disease has been known a very long time but the dentists have done a
good job of trying to keep that covered up. There’s actually a popular Netflix
movie that’s running right now called ‘The Root Cause’ and this
fellow catalogs his journey of being an athlete and then
being disabled after he gets a root canal and then doing all
this stuff trying to get well. None of it works until he goes and
gets rid of the root canal and then he’s back healthy again which
is exactly what happened to me.

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  42. Thank you for your great introduction to your field of medicine. It has been very beneficial.

  43. Does an empty unhealed socket or a healed over healthy bone former socket still interrupt the circuit? Also does an individual implant in healthy bone generally interrupt the circuit. Thanks

  44. Mr Tennant is seen in his photo wearing eyeglasses ! Surely if his claims about healing are true then why has he not healed his own eyes ? As for the root canals being the cause of Lymphoma's – many people have never had root canals and have no teeth and use dentures yet get lymphoma.Why is that ?

  45. this does not address the root cause of all human disease, everyone wants to get rich for discoveries that have little impact on the deep seated cause of disease. the root cause all sickness is blocked meridians. it is easy to unblock these meridians when you are knocking on heavens door, its likened to when you have to pull your own tooth without pain killers, it actually feels good to pull the tooth out than to bear the pain. the process is called Paidalajin its free and is on the internet now to learn.

  46. Hello, I live in Bangladesh and have a 10 year old son with a genetic disorder. His chromosome 15 has missing strands and so he has severe epilepsy, low muscle tone and no speech…can you please help me? If I buy this book then will I be able to help my son? What can I do? Please help me. Thank you.

  47. Many people think they have had root canals but if a dentist does it, you have paid for one but have not had one. Like a family doctor doing brain surgery. A root canal must be done by an endodontist. The only dentistry an endodontist does is root canals. It takes 2 visits to complete the job. So many people are suffering from botched dental work. I believe dentists can be held liable for that. So question is, did an endodontist do the root canal or was it botched dentistry. If you are examined by an endodontist, they will tell you how many root canals you have had. I was astonished on my 1st visit because I was told I had no root canals yet I knew I had paid for some. So lesson number 1. Your dentist must refer to to an endodontist, before competing their work. So if a dentist tells you you will need a root canal ask them which endodontist(s) they use. If they say you don't need one either change dentists or insist on having your root canal done by the endodontist.

  48. First, get your body's Ph to alkaline levels, go on an alkaline juice fast, educate yourself on how to do that, then your bio-electricity will function properly, healing etc, but far far more. Perhaps you will come to understand why your body can be like a crystal. Tesla knew, he did stuff to his body with electricity that no one would understand.

  49. This is why humans are frugivores. Fruit has the most angstroms. It is karma free. Has seeds that create more trees. Can in nature be easily picked with the hands and fingers (not claws). Is brightly coloured for different energy needs chakras etc. And is alkaline. Now obviousley im talking about raw organic wild fruit, nothing that has been farmed and sprayed with chemicals.

  50. Most of the common culinary herbs have anti-viral properties. If you are deficient in any one of the 60 trace minerals your body needs, and most of us are, your body will malfunction as all of these are electrolytes. In the case of plants, if the pH is wrong some nutrients won't be absorbed even if they are in the soil or growing solution.

  51. This is so odd that I found this video . I had a root canal done a few months back and have had random health problems start to happen to me . First a gland in my mouth started to swell when I would eat no pain or anything but freaked me out then from that I got health anxiety which resulted in heart palpitations. Had heart X-ray and bloods all came back fine anxiety mostly gone but my heart still isn’t right morning and evenings it does this weird fluttering thing I’m 38 and fit and strong but I am starting to worry about the heart thing . Iv had this feeling that the root canal could be the cause . This video has me thinking there could be something to it .

  52. The Beck Protocol

    Ionic colloidal silver is one element of the four-part Beck Protocol:


    Pulsed Magnetic Fields
    Oxygenated water
    Ionic Colloidal Silver https://youtu.be/ua8y-DRIlgo

  53. He definitely stumbled on some truth here, but, the assertions about pH being a voltage is simply not correct. pH of an electrolyte effects its conductivity and effects the voltage measurements of a galvanic reaction. Thus measuring the hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of a solution USES an electrical device to determine concentration, but the solution is not a source of electrical energy source.

    Yes there is a lot of research showing our cells respond to electric fields, magnetic fields, and EM waves. But he showed no connection whatsoever to his brain's encephalitis and a lack of electric stimulation.

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