Dr. Jim Parkerson and Dr. Thomas G. Sternberg discuss Allergies

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My name is Jim Parkerson and I’m a physician
in the allergy department at Graves Gilbert. For general allergy control, the biggest thing
is to take your medicine if you have it. Don’t leave it up on the shelf. Also, if you do a lot of outside work or do
work outs outside if you’re a runner or whatever, look at the pollen count if the pollen counts
really high maybe work out inside that day or choose later in the day. For environmental allergens one of the most
important things is if you notice that you have symptoms keep the windows in your home
closed. A lot of people don’t think about that, but
you’re still going to go outside and get exposures when you’re outside, but making your home
a safe sanctuary from those allergens does help. Buying an appropriate furnace filter, one
that is at least a merv 8, which is the rating for those furnace filters, will help to collect
any pollen that does get into the house when you’re coming back and forth so you don’t
continue to recirculate those pollens and then finally in your car when you’re driving,
make sure you put your air conditioning on recirculate and don’t drive with the windows
open because if you’re allowing air to come in from the outside that’s going to be a closed
space that you’re having a large exposure. If you work in a facility that you know is
one of your triggers like you work at a metal factory and there’s a lot of dust and dirt,
as soon as you get home from work change your clothes off because that gets that trigger
away from you and therefore you’re less likely to flare up. Also, if you know mowing the lawn bothers
you really badly, wear a mask while you mow the lawn so that it doesn’t rile you up too
much. As far as dust mites specifically, the big
thing you want to do is make sure you go to the store and purchase the covers for the
dust mites and then wash your sheets on the hottest setting you’ve got once a week. Those two things usually are the best way
to control dust mites. There are other things, you want to make sure
the humidity in your house stays relatively low and that you don’t have a lot of things
gathering dust, so keep the clutter down. If you’re renovating your house, choose hardwood
floors over rugs, blinds over drapes, those kinds of things. A lot of people have children that have asthma
think they can’t participate in sports, they can’t be active because of their asthma. That’s actually the exact opposite of what
we want. We want your asthma controlled so you can
participate in the activities and sports because we want you to be as active as you can be
because actually being active helps you long term with your symptoms. I find it the most rewarding is when someone
comes in with whether it’s asthma or a rash or whatever and they’re basically telling
me, “I can’t live my life. This has made my life miserable” and you give
them a treatment plan and it works and they come back and they’re so happy because now
they can live their life again. A lot of times they’ll tell you, “I didn’t
realize how miserable I was until now I feel good again”. Or they’re just, “I’m so excited I can run
again or work in my wood shop” or whatever it might be.

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