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Hi I’m Dr. Mary Sauer. I’m a clinical
pharmacist at North Memorial Health. So I work with anybody who takes medications whether that’s seasonal or every once in a while or every single day of their lives.
Most people that I work with have diabetes, asthma, are transgender and are
needing hormone replacements, they’ll have high blood pressure or high
cholesterol and all of these people generally are taking some sort of
medicines and that is where my role fits in. I usually tell people their doctor
knows how to diagnose and treat illnesses. I know the medicines very well
and they know their body better than anybody so when all three of us partner
together we start something called shared decision-making and this is a
process that allows us then to create a specific care plan for them so that they
can reach their health care goals and so my goal is to make somebody an expert in managing their medicines so that they can ultimately feel better.

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