Dr. Nyenhuis helps her patients understand and manage their allergies

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My name is Sharmilee Nyenhuis and I’m an
allergist immunologist at UI Health. I focus on taking care of patients that have multiple different
types of allergies including allergies to things in the environment, foods and drugs.
They’ve often tried multiple over the counter remedies or basic antihistamines but those
have been ineffective for them. But another group also includes patients that actually
just want to know what they’re allergic to. So often when we identify that somebody
is allergic to something or they have asthma we have to definitely retrain them in how
to approach things in their environment as well as making sure that they’re taking
medications on a regular basis. UI Health does offer, not only great patient care, but
it also offers the ability to participate in groundbreaking research. We offer the opportunity
to be a part of many different asthma clinical trials. One of the treatments that we do for
allergies as well as asthma includes something called allergy shots and that is something
that actually can potentially cure the allergies. It really provides a lot of joy for me to
be able to know that what I spent all these years training to do actually is impacting

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