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Spring came early this year and for so many
people so did itchy dry eyes and some other allergy symptoms but there’s help. We have Kimberly Riordan a doctor optometrist
who is going to tell us about all of these issues and how to fix them and then we also
have a patient Diane Dyle O’Brian this morning to talk to us about. I see you’re wearing eyeglasses do you deal
with extra allergies because of that or talk to me about your problems. I think they’re about the same, I’ve been
dealing with dry eyes for, I didn’t know it was dry eyes but, the problem for about years
not months, but years and I went to the doctor, I went to this doctor, that doctor, and they
had me on um, a perscription medication for allergies and so I just kept getting worse
and worse and then finally I just sat down on my iPad and typed in i just, I’m in Florida
so I said Florida Eye Specilialists and I started reading and called for an appointment. So when it was just your eyes acting up, so
to me allergies its usually everything so that’d be I’m glad you did that obviously
and for you do you see that often that people think it’s allergies but it’s really not? All the time. Yep. Um a lot of people think, especially during
allergy season but all year long but they think allergies is the first thing so what
do they reach for, Oral Antihistamines, which actually make the dryness worse and that was
her case so she came to me with these symptoms and when I did the examination we found extreme
dry eye and blepharitis which is actually going to be made worse by Oral Antihistamines,
not made better. So um, we actually we can provide in-office
allergy testing at Florida Eye Specialists and that’s what we did for her we did in-office
allergy testing and we test for common allergies in NE Florida or in the region and she actually
wasn’t allergic to anything. It was all dry eye related. Wow, that’s so surprising. I was so shocked. I bet you thought man I wish I would’ve called
them earlier. Oh, I do. I really do. And she put me on a prescription eye drop
and a gel at night and a hot pack to lay on my eyes and so it was a short period of time
like the next day my husband and my son looked at me while I was having my morning coffee
and they said Wow what a difference. You know, I can actually see the white of
your eye and your blue eyes I’m so, I can’t believe it. So I got up and looked and I was very happy. And I’ve been happy ever since. So is there a way to tell the difference between,
or are they just so similar you just have to come in and get tested? They’re, well sometimes it can be straightforward
like you said, allergies often times you have a runny nose, sinus congestion, and itchy
eyes, then yep it’s probably going to be allergies. But when it’s more related to they eye and
the eyes are itching that’s the main complaint, it could be allergies it could be dry eye,
it could be a lid condition called blepharitis so seeing an eye doctor support we can help
differentiate what’s surely going on and help get you feeling better. Now what’s blepharitis? Now that’s a lid condition often caused by
normal bacteria but it can also be caused by a mite called demodex another differentiation
that the doctor will make and get you appropriate treatment to get you feeling better. I know this may sound silly but are certain
eyes more prone to issues, like people with blue eyes cause I’ve been told before that
blue-eyed people have more sensitive eyes. I guess they haven’t progressed over time
like people with darker eyes, I’m not really sure. Is that a real thing or a myth? Well it comes to what we’re talking about
dry eye and allergies you’re eye color doesn’t matter. So a lot of patients can suffer independent
of what you’re eye color is. Yep. What about sun damage? Is that the same thing? Well everybody can be affected by UV rays,
it is really important to wear sunglasses. Not only to protect the front of the eyes
from skin cancers, but the back of the eyes as well to keep a healthy retina. Well thank you for all of that, I know it’s
going to be a sunny day out there that’s why I was like well let me ask about sun damage
real quick too because no matter what you gotta wear those sunglasses. Well if you know someone who is suffering
with either eye allergies or maybe it is dry eyes you may find this information helpful. We’re going to share it on our morning show
page at and of course, if you have any of these issues you need to call
a doctor.

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